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Offcial Drawing /artsyfartsy Thread.


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Here's a drawing I did a while back. I was planning on scanning it into Illustrator and Live Tracing it, but never did in the end.


Don't ask what it's about, I don't know myself :?:

Cire edit because all I see is Posted Image:

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Here is a sketch from a spaceship, that would supply the rock raiders with enough sandwiches for at least 3 days (rock raiders absorb sandwiches like a dry sponge absorbs water) ;):

I wasn't sure, which color scheme would be okay. Therefore I just used a pencil for some areas.

The final version will also be uploaded in this post.

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Recently I have been thinking about ways to make the forum a bit more active and wondered, which content fits better in a forum thread than a chat program like Discord and then I remembered this thread. There are some user-specific art threads in this forum (along the lines of "User X draws your avatar"), but this thread here seems to be intended as a general art thread for every user. Sadly it has been abandoned and so I thought that I should bring back some life to it. About my spaceship picture above: I still have it, but I haven't drawn a final version of it. Maybe I should do that.

I start with this picture that I have drawn last year and it is still one of my favourite artworks. To some extend it's inspired by the character Tracer from Overwatch.

But this isn't even my ultimate picture. Behold! (I put it in a spoiler, because it's too awesome):


Okay, I might have exaggerated slightly XD.


My artwork can also be seen in full resolution on my DeviantArt page (originally I created my profile to upload some L.M.S. Explorer pictures and my Insane Raiders comics).

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I thought about posting another example of my art or rather how my art is looking, when I am still working on it.
Here is an artwork of the character Jon Talbain (apparently the name is Gallon in Japan) from the video game series Darkstalkers.
I started drawing it, because I wanted to draw a werewolf character for a change.
btw: I also made an account on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/arthuriel

I have also an request to an admin or mod: could the thread title be changed to something like "Official RRU art thread*"? It would make it a bit clearer, what this thread is about (and wouldn't contain a spelling error).

*other title idea: "Official RRU art thread - post your art, drawings and sketches here!"


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