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The Rock Raiders Online Story


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Three years, have past after the Rock Raiders adventure on planet U. and when they came home they where honored as heroes, not only because of their courage, but also because they had found a new energy, to power up their planet, the energy crystals where studied, and tested. Until one day, the president for planet LEGO, ordered the raiders to return to planet U, and begin a grand mining operation on the planet. The Raiders reactions where both happiness, and fear. The rookies where exited to see planet U, while the raiders that had originally been there, where not so happy. They know about the danger and the threat, that just waited their return, and two rangers could feel that something where waiting their return, and those two where Chief, and the rookie, Cyrem. When the raiders returned to planet U, they notised that something was different. Cyrem and two other rookies where exploring the caves to see if they could spot any monsters, but they found non. But then, an earthquake began, and Cyrem then fall into one of the cracks that had open, he fall for hours, until something catched him. And Cyrem was not happy to see who his savior was, it was a monster, but it dident look like any of the monsters the rookies had been warned before. The monster took Cyrem, deep into the caves, until they came to a large door made out of rocks. What Cyrem where thinking then and there, was that this was it. He would become one of the monsters snacks. But he where suprised, when the monster dropped him right in front of a large red energy crystal. Then, a deep voice speaked to Cyrem, "Is this one of the Rock Raiders i have been hearing so much about?" "My, My, this is just paffetic, if this is what a raider looks like, then i dont need to worry about them anymore than bugs." Cyrem looked up, and saw the owner of the voice, he was horiefide by it, it was a colossal Monster, a monster that even could speak?!. Cyrem, could not even belive his eyes, nor his ears. "Now Raider, what is your name? can you even speak?" Cyrem dident say a word. "Well, not only are they incredible tinny, but they cant even talk. I dont even think he is intelligent enough to understand anything." Those words was not a smart thing to say, Cyrem was now angry, he began to slowly grab his laser ray gun. "Ha ha ha ha, are you wondering who i am raider? My name is the Core King, i am the ruler of thi planet, and you and the rest of the raiders are not welkome here." Cyrem then took his ray gun and blasted the Core King right in the eye, and said "We raiders are not stupid, and YOU Core King, messed with the wrong raider, and my NAME IS CYREM, you rock face." Then Cyrem fleed from the monsters, while the Core King roared "I shall get you for this raider, You and the rest of them, shall feel my wrath!" after that day, Cyrem was promoted to leader of the Raiders new soldier class. And the Core King, have not forgotten about him, or his shoot.

And that is how the story of RRO began.

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