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Negative The Second.


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Follow the adventures of Keith Sorvad AKA Negative II.

After inheriting a lair, super weapons, and henchmen from his late uncle, the first Negative, Keith began to try and be the best super villain he could be.

Too bad he doesn't have that much of a bad side.

Arc1: Flip-Flop Employees. There is no real arc actually.





Pages 3-5:

Scripts written.

Story boards drawn.

Pictures taken.

Pages 6-?:

Scripts written.

Story boards drawn.

Arc2: He Called My Backyard R'lyeh.

Scripts written.

Arc3: Those Damn Spiders.

Scripts 25% complete.

Character Bios:


Name: Kieth Sorvad

Nickname: Negative (II)

Position: Super Villain/ Evil Mastermind.

Bio: Nephew of the original Negative, Keith inherited all he owned including the title of one of the least known super villains the world has ever seen. Keith may try to act all tough and evil but he's all heart. He'll send someone to kill you, but he could never pull the trigger himself. He tends to talk very quickly and think a million things at once. A huge contrast to his dimwitted yet lovable assistant DitzyDoo. He's a bit of an inventor, always creating new weaponry for use in his cyborg army. He has no dreams of world domination, in fact the very idea of him having that much responsibility scares the heck out of him. He's happy ruling over the small volcanic island he and the rest of his henchmen call home.


Name: Caroline Matter

Nickname: <None>

Position: Secretary.

Bio: Don't let her girly-girl feminine demeanor fool you. She's a convicted murderer and has a thing for knives and stabbing out eyes. Her two favorite things in this world are cute adorable kittens and her knife collection. She's also an expert on throwing knives. She's even named most of her knives. Her absoluter favorite one is a trench knife she calls "Solly". Did I mention she likes knives? She doesn't act psychotic or even mildly insane, in fact if you never noticed her lust for sharp metallic objects, you'd consider her a very normal girl. But seriously, she f***ing LOVES knives.


Name: Jenkins "Battle-hardened" Vaduci

Nickname: Sarge

Position: Commander of the Cyborg army.

Bio: Jenkins suffers a rare disease that slows his aging considerably. He looks around 35 or so, yet in reality he's 187. The man legally changed his middle name to "Battle-hardened", but hey, he's justified. World War 1? That was a fun one. World War 2? It's a shame America didn't use more nukes. Vietnam? One of his favorites. Now he has command over an entire army of trans-human cyborg soldiers. He requested they are not born with the knowledge of combat. He wanted to teach them himself. He also requested they have personalities. He needed something to break. Because of his nonstop training routine these soldiers are possibly one of the deadliest armies on the planet.


Cyborg Soldiers

Bio: At the real age of 1 they are at the physical age of 25. They are filled with tech to help stabilize their life and remove the need to eat or sleep. Each one has his own unique personality and is allowed t customize his uniform as he sees fit. About 99% of them are pretty dim witted. Very few stand out as exquisite soldiers. But what ever you do don't tell Sarge this, you may loose your teeth.

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At first I'm like, "Interesting name. Must read topic."

Then I was like, "Ooooh, sounds like a fun scifi thing".

Then I read it.

My reactions proved to not be misleading.

I approve.

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Lol your post count is 404 error

Did you use Gmod? Alot of those textures look custom.

Yes I did, custom maps and models.

Some of the textures and models I edited/made myself.

I am going to edit the uniforms a little bit eventually to change the logo on the uniforms to the company's logo.

Too lazy to do it now.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Do you have any plans for an arc4?

Is so then could I make a suggestion for a new villain that would show up, he would be Negatives II's new rival.

So they would both be villains.

Does that make sense?

Do you still want to hear my idea, if not that I won't bore you with the details.

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Do you have any plans for an arc4?

Is so then could I make a suggestion for a new villain that would show up, he would be Negatives II's new rival.

So they would both be villains.

Does that make sense?

Do you still want to hear my idea, if not that I won't bore you with the details.

I already have an established rival, who is a villain, in the non existent arc1.

I'm halting production of this to finish the Derpy animation, and a secret project.

No telling when I'll start back up.

I also need to edit the textures and make each character more unique, and I'm not looking forward to that.

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