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1:1 scale L.M.S. Explorer (+ldraw/studio 2.0 file download) - 2020-08-30: fixed studio 2.0/ldraw file download link


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Here I repost most parts of a post that I originally made in another thread about half a year ago (and later on I found out that I posted in the wrong thread by accident XD) since it fits to this topic:

Many, many months ago I started recreating the rooms of the L.M.S. Explorer that you can see in the (extended) intro and outro. So far I recreated the hangar bay/room and the teleport room in LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) as a start*. Then I started doing the same with the reactor room from the outro and I haven't finished it, because the room and its inventory are at three different scales and I couldn't decide, which scale is the right one (I will probably pick the gates from the other rooms as a size reference and go from there).
Behold the scale madness!


*you may have seen the pictures in the Rock Raiders and Manic Miners Discord groups. Basically they are the basis for the models that baraklava is going to use or is already using for the Rock Raiders remake Manic Miners. Maybe I should also upload pictures of those rooms in a separate thread.

P.S. I wrote the post originally in the following thread: https://rockraidersunited.com/topic/7462-the-fmvs-contain-some-minor-issues/?tab=comments#comment-140602

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I mean, so far I think you could have this as a fully flyable ship even with the interior. I'm still trying to master lighting. That eats up GPU power real quick. Here's some lighting tests I did with an Outpost I made. I imagine long hallways from bow to stern with all kinds of room along the way. That engine room is looking great! 


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The interior lighting sounds like a cool idea : ). I added the post, because I posted it in the wrong thread many months ago. I haven't really continued the project, because the objects in the reactor are all at different scales and it's just a mess. Maybe I continue the project one day since only the reactor room is left.

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