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This is what was going through my head as I was making the Borg Raiders.

A bit of info: Pharsti, on the left, is 17 years old. Luke, on the right, is 21. They're in costume right now.

Major Edit: Everything posted in the topic is being mirrored in the first post. I take no responsibility if your bandwidth gets murdered when you open the spoiler.

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You said on the shoutbox that she's 17.

In my opinion, she's flat chested.

Have you ever seen the sonic caricter Rouge the Bat?

Oh and if I was you I would have put her in a sexyer pose. :D

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The Borg don't normally have hair on their heads, so I removed Luke's hair. Except for his goatee. Example of what Borg look like: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/.a/6a00d83451c3cb69e20120a510d7dc970b-800wi

I would have put more detail in the head but I honestly didn't feel like it. Pharsti isn't as disfigured because she's nanomech-augmented and can interface with the Borg systems much more easily. That's also why the whites of her eyes aren't black; the Borg systems just tie into the Vision Enhancement. Luke's a normal person and thus has to undergo standard assimilation procedures.

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You want pics Shadow? Fine. I guess I'll spend my entire morning in-between classes to make something. It's in spoiler tags because it's huge.

If I ever have a daughter she will be exactly like this.

By the way, feel free to critique my stuff. I know I need to work on the hands, but I already have a plan to fix them. And for those of you familiar with animation, my models aren't rigged yet, but I will rig them soon.

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Its come to my atention that you are very well at makeing 3D models, were as I am not. -.-

So I can not post a 3D image for a smart reply. -.-

The best I could do is use sprites to pwn you, but I am not that good at that eather. -.-

So I will wait for you to post your pic when you are good and ready. -.-

And I will not post in this topic anymore, untill you post an image. (not the creepy male ones) >:(


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Why would I feel bad? Shadow's just mad because I won't post swimsuit pics, and I think that's hilarious.

By the way, here's the base for the titular spaceship in a game my friend is making, Richochet. It has no real weapons by itself. What it can do is barrel roll to deflect enemy fire and kill stuff that way, or absorb the weapon of an enemy by using a tractor beam. The demo he made is pretty neat so far.

I made a pearlescent texture to show off the curves a bit more. If you've played R-Type, you can see a bit of resemblence, but this is no more than a 3D rendition of the finished 2D ship. I'm trying to keep it under 1000 polys (it has 732 at the moment) but it will get a little more detail very soon.

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This topic was made for the sole purpose of sharing some of my 3D crap with you guys and getting criticism so that I can improve. The topic does not fail. The posters, however, can fail. If you don't like it, or are creating fail, then gtfo my topic or simply don't post. This is more of a portfolio than anything, but maybe I should make an actual portfolio in the future so people can't whine.

If there are other modelers on RRU, then they can post their work since it falls within the purview of the topic. In fact, I recommend this since I'd prefer advice from people who actually know how to model stuff. Do NOT post any 3D work that doesn't belong to you, and do NOT post 2D stuff either. I'll get the Friendly Neighborhood Moderators to clean up the topic if you fail to abide by this simple rule which should be common sense.

Besides shadow, whatever happened to not posting unless I post an image? I guess you changed your mind. No worries.

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