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Gdb Viewer 2 Beta


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Ori seems to have changed hosts and all the links to his old site are now dead.

Haven't changed hosts; the data's still safely stored on my server. I've moved to a new domain, and haven't moved all my data around to match. I'll fix all the dead links soon :)

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Latest build: Beta 2 (adds SKB skybox support, DirectX issues not yet fixed)

Old builds:

Beta 1

Requires .NET Framework 4

Make sure to read the readme file to understand the controls.

If you launch it with a -window flag, it will run in a 640x480 window.

I am aware that some users are having DirectX issues, I am looking into this.

When I open the tool 1 window opens then another then the program crashes help please?
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Just to let you know origami guy, the checkpoints don't combine with the tracks. You can't view the tracks and the checkpoints at the same time! HELP! It won't work on the beta 1 version either, maybe i'm doing something wrong.

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Ok thanks anyway origamiguy, I hope your replacement tool will be even better. if you can it would be great if it was textured. I always love your tools! Thx for your reply! :B

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