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Creating A Forum Game


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Forum games are a great way to relax after contributing to the rest of the forum. However to prevent topics turning into spam and to keep games fresh and unique, all new topics are moderated before they are visible to the community. It is recommended that you create something challenging and interesting to play. 'Command/Response' games, 'Describe this picture' games and story based games are good examples.

New game rules

  • Your game must be different to the other games already started.
  • Your game must not require posting in ALL CAPS.
  • No counting games.
  • No rating games.
  • No mash your keyboard games.
  • No link only games (User's replies must contain some actual written content).
  • No limited time games (games that finish after x amount of posts).
  • Your game must should not encourage posts containing just a few words.
  • Describe the game rules well.

If you game is not approved, you will be informed of the reason via Personal Message.

Note to Game Owners

If you are running a story based game where user's replies are important, please report posts or ignore posts that are random or do not work with your story. A moderator may delete such posts to keep the game's flow. If you change the owner of the game (to person who runs the game) please write this in the first post of your topic and reply to state that your game is now being run by another user.

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