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In-game Coordinate viewer


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Alright, back on topic then.

I got a question (not specifically aimed at grappigegovert): Can we also track the coördinates and rotation of an AI with the viewer? I haven't tried this yet (with the DEMO), but if we can, it would help to understand an AI's rotation values more (by viewing how it changes with certain turns). Is the rotation for AI's stored differently than those of the players (in the .SPB files), like origamiguy said about rotation being stored in two different ways? It would explain the difference in values, as working with radians to set an AI's rotation angle gives a different output than with the player's vehicle.


EDIT: Wait, the viewer is based on player rotation, isn't it? Then, even if the viewer could be used from an AI's perspective, it would probably show the same rotation values. So I guess I take back what I said before on getting to know more about AI rotation values.

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