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German Orient Expedition Audio CD

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I ordered this on Bricklink, seems to be fairly rare as I couldn't find much info on it, and nobody had bought/sold it on Bricklink before according to the price guide.





Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?nwmzsgm2cej8zqg


It's not of much use to me as I don't speak German, but I know we have some members here that do. Enjoy! I initially had some trouble with ripping the 11th track, but I got it on the third try. The others should be fine, but I haven't listened to it all so I'm not 100% sure. If there are any problems, just let me know and I'll try to rip the CD again.

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Oh - this is far from the only LEGO audio drama. LEGO made quite a few on cassettes, and some of them have been transcribed and translated already:




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I hope someone could manage to get English subtitles for this, because this is a rather interesting find.

Youtube has an option to do that automatically, just click the CC button on the bottom of the player and select "translate captions"

It's a very shaky translation but it should be enough to get the gist of what is going on.

Also: you can not do this on the embedded player, it has to be on the site itself.

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Excellent, great to be able to listen to this! Of course I can't understand it, but I gave it a listen and, with a combination of context, knowledge of the Orient Expedition comics, and a surprising amount of familiarity with German after putting 100+ pages of it through Google, I think I picked up enough to get a good idea of what was going on.


It follows the story of the online comics fairly closely, which is great because the format allows for a greatly expanded telling of the story. Dr. Kilroy seems to be informed of the possibility of a treasure map at Marco Polo's home by a new character, Dr. Jovani, who then accompanies the adventurers to the house. Johnny seems to show up to help Dr Kilroy before he runs into Tigurah. I believe the story ends with Dr. Kilroy fainting (due to excitement?), and there seems to be a letter from Marco Polo with the Golden Dragon.


Unfortunately, despite the extended nature of the CD, I didn't notice a few things and it's possible they were omitted. Ngan Pa and Sangye Dorje seem absent (which means Pa still has the sole role of standing next to Sinister when he throws a net on the adventurers :( ), and it seemed a lot like Jing Lee and Chang Wu were reduced to just mentions. Pretty sure Jun Chi and maybe even the Yeti weren't in their, either. Seeing as that's a lot of characters to omit, I'm guessing I'm wrong on at least some of this, and that some of these characters will show up.


The whole thing definitely felt more like a book on CD with audio drama elements than a full-on audio drama, what with the single speaker and the story being divided into chapters. Were there any credits on the case? I'd be interested to know if the people that produced this were related to the ones that made the earlier dramas.


The musical theme was awesome and seems to be a remix of the theme used in the online content. I wonder if there would be any way to combine the two tracks into a full Orient Expedition theme?


Thanks for uploading this! I need to get the rest of the dramas I have up.

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Sadie Meowsalot

Pretty sure Jun Chi and maybe even the Yeti weren't in their, either. Seeing as that's a lot of characters to omit, I'm guessing I'm wrong on at least some of this, and that some of these characters will show up.


Indeed they do show up, or at least the Yeti:


Unglubiger mixed mode in the underlying her eyes fell directly on the Yeti , who was lying in a corner and grabbed threatening to have been angry disturbed in his sleep , the Yetibewegung sat .

Miss Dolly grip instance Sander shouted of my lungs is that they then at this unexpected and instinctively the only weapon at hand , which she has her camera. You drckte three consecutive times on the shutter button , the light from the flash offset the Yeti an immense terror. His eyes were so blinded that he blindly stumbled back and forth until he hit his head on a rock and lay unconscious."

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For context:

[1:27:20 AM] Sadie: I used a free audio to text converter to transcribe the audio, then ran that through Google translate.

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Sadie pointed me toward the audio to text converter she used (thanks!) and I've used it on the Town and Adventurers audio dramas. They're difficult to read, but I think it's possible to get a general understanding of the stories. The Wild West ones are coming too.


Die Botschaft von Lars

Gangster, Gauner und Ganoven

Die Jagd Nach dem Pharaohnenschatz

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Quisoves Potoo

"Hello Mr. tablespoons September leaves amiable reader River, which they , they were healthy , Philips with their wheels
go to for a birthday gift for Felix hatred of partial continued appealable hot irreplaceable. so
developed a preventability cause an eerie quality consciousness alone , his year actually already
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to achieve it would be that he was very secure class."
("Die Botschaft von Lars.")

*Sniff* Such eloquence! I must say, my appreciation of LEGO City has been taken to a new level. I now see the theme not merely as an enjoyable experience, but as ART!

Ah, the angelic mind that can conceive writing that, even  when translated into another tongue, shines as pristinely as this: "These so-
called uniform comparative studies divided into Oh, how reliable goodbye to the current in
particular consented on the road, vegetables efforts black SUV see at least not filter out
but the thought out adoption . "

And this: "You just could not get it and
decided at a giant pizza that they can come quite posh."

Look-out Shakespeare. :P

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lol username

Update - The first Adventurers audio drama has been transcribed and translated by Runamuck on Eurobricks:




It's a lot of fun, especially if you listen along with the German audio. Maybe he'll do the Orient Expedition one too?


Some spoiler-y stuff:


Many scenes are based around specific sets, and most of the plot revolves around collecting the four maps in the sets - and it even stays close to what's printed on the real map pieces. Overall it's a lot of fun. Also, Johnny Thunder/Joe Freeman and Pippin Reed/Linda Lovely are engaged at the end.


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