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X-Pod Playoff ?


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So, I was thinking "Forum Games." Then I had an idea: What about the X-Pod Playoff?


You're probably wondering what I'm wittering on about.






The closest game I can compare it to is Chess. It consists of you making "units" from your X-Pods and then trying to get them onto the opponent's home turf, being barricaded all the way.

Aw, what the heck, just look up the Basic Game Rules there. They'll explain most things, and don't hesitate to ask me if you want explanatory notes.


Now you heard me say "X-Pods."

This game will be ludicrously difficult to play without a Pod. It's possible, yes, and even then you'd want your opponent to have a pod just so they can be checking up on you.



Minimum Stuff you must have:

Paper, pen, and the Internet. :P A printer could help, too.


Stuff I'd recommend you to have:

One X-Pod, a printer, and a nice A3 board divided into a 6x9 grid, which is the game size. A printer, scissors, and a laminator would also be recommended but I can understand that not everybody would have these. :P



When you check out that link above, the Starter Kits would be a good idea to have, if only because they give you a Parts list at the back which is brilliant for a) finding the bricks you need to get your Pod, and b) checking what "bricks" you do or don't have if you don't have a pod and are trying to play this on Excel. :P


Also, I have eight out of eight pods now, if ya wanted to know that :)


The Full Plans are missing from there site I linked above, so I handily uploaded them for you here:



NOTE: If you're playing with/against the Monster Pod, the Eye Beamer is a weapon of mass murder. I only let it have a Move 1 instead of its Move 2, but I then add Scare to all its levels. This is still very powerful, so I'm considering giving it Scare for only Level 3. [/ifYouDon'tKnowTheGameYou'llHaveNoClueWhatIJustSaid]


ANOTHER NOTE: I hate the bureaucracy surrounding moving and acting, so I say "you can move up to your total (if you have Fly 3 then you can move 1,2, or 3 squares), if you have two moves (Thunder Dragon: Fly 2, Push 2) you can only use on of those.

Actions can be made at any time in your turn, and you can play them all: if you have Move 2, Decon, Repair then you could move 1, deconstruct something, move another square, and repair something else. The exception to this is that Eat and Decon cannot be used in the same turn.



If you're thinking "Ooh, this looks nice," there are 12 X-Pods in existence. Only eight of those actually were included in the game; AFAIK the game was released sometime before the second wave but after the first (dur l405G.jpg), and the second wave of pods had cards made for the game. The third wave did not, however, have any cards made for it. I could spend some time doing so... but I don't have any of those pods. l405G.jpg In the spoiler below is a list of what pods don't and do have cards for the game. IN brackets is also their main colour, as Lego re-used several names for the third wave.

First wave: (has cards)

4335 Robo Pod (Black)*

4346 Robo Pod (Green)

4347 Auto Pod (Blue)

4348 Aero Pod (Yellow: not a piece of blue anywhere)

4349 Wild Pod (Red)


Second Wave: (also has cards)

4337 Dragon Pod (Green)

4338 Monster Pod (Purple)

4439 Aqua Pod (Aqua)

4413 Arachno Pod (Orange/Black)



4415 Auto Pod (Red/Orange)

4416 Robo Pod (White)

4417 Aero Pod (Yellow/Blue)

4418 Dino Pod (Green/Black)


*Since the only difference between the Green and the Black Robo Pods, the Black Robo Pod can use the Green Robo Pod's cards. Colour doesn't matter in the game, in any case.

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My sporadic and common ranting at has been to try to get him to make his move. I've been waiting... four months? l405G.jpg


Also, I don't know if this changes anything, but I got the remaining two pods and now have eight out of eight.

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