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LR1 Bitmap Decoder


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I present for your enjoyment, LR1BitmapDecoder!

This is a command-line tool to decode images from LR1's BMP format into the classical widely supported BMP format.

MASSIVE thank-you to Sluicer for researching the BMPs and for providing me with source code for decompressing them. Sluicer is the real hero here.



LR1BitmapDecoder.exe C:/path/to/input/image.bmp C:/another/image/etc.bmp "C:/paths with spaces/need quotation marks.bmp"
Or you can convert images by right-clicking them, using "Open With.." and selecting LR1BitmapDecoder.

You can also feed it a folder path and it will convert all of the bitmaps inside that folder.



Version 1.0.5535.1801 (LATEST): LINK

All builds:

Version 1.0.5535.1801: LINK




(2015-02-26) v1.0.5535.1801

> Initial version.

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Trying to repair my .NET framework 4 to see if that does anything.

Well let us know how it goes. Oh wait, you shoulda let us know afterwards so we don't have to wait to respond in case it fixed your problem. -_-

In any case... I'm still not sure regardless if .NET framework isn't the problem.

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Hello all, for anyone having trouble decoding all the bitmaps, I wrote a simple batch file to fix all the bitmaps in one fell swoop. I'm sure most of you are familiar with batch files, but for beginners, put the below code in Notepad, change "[path to...LEGO.JAM]" to the appropriate folder path, and save it as "Decode.BAT" (remove the .txt part) in the same folder as LR1BitmapDecoder.exe, then double-click the new .BAT file.


@ECHO off
for /r "C:\[path to where you extracted the LEGO.JAM]\GAMEDATA" %%G IN (*.BMP) do LR1BitmapDecoder.exe "%%G"
for /r "C:\[path to where you extracted the LEGO.JAM]\MENUDATA" %%G IN (*.BMP) do LR1BitmapDecoder.exe "%%G"


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