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Eureka! A crude first-person mode emerges!


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Thanks to my research in this thread I've uncovered the secret to possessing our minifigs, and looking through their eyes. It's not the smoothest experience (as one may expect), but it's a neat little proof of concept, I think.

//stick_length 2.2
//stick_height 0.3
//stick_sphere_radius 0.06
//lookat_offsety 0.05

stick_length 0          //Def: 1.95 Good alt: 3.50
stick_height 0.15	     //Def: 0.25 Good alt: 1.50
stick_sphere_radius 0.06   //Def: 0.06
lookat_offsety 0.035       //Def: 0.035

//stick_length 1.7
//stick_height 0.2
//stick_sphere_radius 0.06
//lookat_offsety 0.02

lookat_offsetz 0.0
pan_auto_stationary_time 0.0
pan_auto_rotate_speed 0.0
pan_auto_zoom_speed 1.0
pan_user_rotate_speed 1.75       //Def: 1.25
pan_user_zoom_speed 1.5       //Def: 1.5
smooth_position 0.65           //Def: 0.7
smooth_lookat 0.9           //Def: 0.9
sock_blend_in_time 2.0      //Def: 2.0
sock_blend_out_time 1.0    //Def: 1.0
los_look_ahead 1.0     //Def: 0.75
los_width 0.4	    //Def: 0.4
los_height 0.75	   //Def: 0.3  Affects camera position on-screen.
screen_top 0.75         //Def: 0.3
screen_bottom 0.33      //Def: 0.33
focal_region 0.55            //Def: 0.55
focal_bias 0.0               //Def: 0.0
pos_seek_scale 1.0           //Def: 1.0
ang_seek_scale 1.0           //Def: 1.0
priority 0.0                       //Def: 0.0
nearclip 0.40	   //Def: 0.1						
farclip 153.0	  //Def: 153.0
upper_angle_limit 100                 //Def: 90
lower_angle_limit -100              //Def: -85
elevation_correction_strength 0.0    //Def: 0.2?
avoid_water_strength 0.0	// Don't avoid water
avoidance_weight 0.0		// 0.0 == Do not avoid terrain (except pulling in for obstructions)

The essential lines above are:








These must be changed to possess your minifig. Variation from these values may cause possession rejection as your minifig will toss you out to watch them run free without you in their head, albeit you might find yourself still faintly attached, and back in possession as they stop running.

In action:

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lol username

Haha, brilliant. I'm now definitely convinced this game needs a proper first person mode.

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Although it may nothing, I feel the need to say that when stick_length was set to 0, my screen was black, but when set to 0.1 I was able go first person just fine.

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HippaDilla, good catch. I noticed that too, but since I wasn't sure if anyone would try this themselves I decided I'd just answer if anyone asked about it. I'm not entirely sure what causes that (where is the camera at that point...? dunno!) beyond what you mention, but I do know that another workaround for it is to simply click to move. This seems to jerk it out from wherever it's getting stuck and put you in "first-person."

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At first, having changed all the lines to your suggestions it didn't work as expected (just staring at the back of the players head awkwardly). But playing around a bit I managed to get it spot on.

By setting; 

stick_length 0.01

//and at the bottom of the .txt

zoom_min_dist    0.01

(Don't know if it was one or both of these)

These seemed to work perfectly on mine and get it pretty much spot on, if not better than that in the video :P

Now, it would be nice if we could figure out how to stop the camera auto rotation, every so often everything seems to go antipodean for a split second (while looking up/down) giving me nausea! :S

Still this is a great addition, cheers for the discovery. ;)  


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Hm...I haven't checked this since the last update, so it may have knocked my setup a little loose. Thanks for checking it out and finding a better calibration!

As to the camera auto-reset/leveling, I absolutely agree. I spent several hours trying to figure out a way to reduce and eliminate it before ever releasing these little adjustments, but unfortunately I couldn't sort out a good solution outside of fighting the camera with constant panning. =/

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