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On 3/15/2016 at 8:27 PM, bphillips09 said:


Pick an OS, download and unzip anywhere.
I recommend that you delete any previous version before unzipping.
For Windows and Linux, the "data" folder needs to be in the same root folder as the executable




*WARNING*: Please remove or uninstall any existing version of the game prior to installing v0.9.7.5



What's New:


  • Bug fixes

  • Patcher implementation
  • Added a brick-building system (click on the green brick base in the Information Center)
  • Fixes for AI
  • Fixes for pizza throwing
  • Fixes for choppy audio (using the original game's monoaural audio)
  • Added some more phrases to test lipsyncing
  • Code optimization
  • Added radio to all vehicles and the brick builder





Still to do:

  • For v0.9.8:
    • Continue working on NPCs and Pathfinding
    • Switch between "Classic" and "Redux" controls (due to the way the terrain is set up, this will be put off for a later build)
    • Fix more bugs
    • More interiors
  • For v1.0.0:
    • Begin implementation of objectives/missions
    • All 3D interiors
    • Add animations and character rigging
    • Add more character models to the island with animations
  • Overall:
    • Island model smoothing



Downloads: WINDOWS :: MAC :: LINUX


Visit our Discord channel for quick feedback or general information.


Default Controls:

  • E / Left Mouse Button: Interact
  • F: Exit Vehicle
  • G: Throw Pizza
  • Z: Spin Trees
  • Y: Unstick
  • Q: Quit
  • ESC / P: Pause/Resume
  • SPACE: Jump
  • W A S D : Move
  • N: Nightmare Mode



Common Troubleshooting:

  • Game crashes frequently or textures aren't displayed properly on Windows: Try selecting a different graphics API
  • Game won't open on Mac: You may need to enable read/write/execute permissions; To do so, open Terminal and run "chmod 777 path/to/game/LEGO Island REDUX.app/Contents/MacOS/LEGO Island REDUX"


Is there a 32 bit version of LEGO Island Redux?

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On 11/20/2016 at 8:00 AM, Ben24x7 said:

Well, I just tried to recreate Papa juggling three pizzas, but suddenly I got lost and confused about which pizza was which. I gave up when I discovered I would've had to redo the entire thing.

This was as far as I got as recreating it:

(And no, I'm not horrible at animating flying physical objects. I was copying the flight path of the Pizzas in the intro, frame for frame)

The video is unavailable. Can you DM me an MP4 download for it if you still have it @Ben24x7

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3 hours ago, berry-pepper-roni said:

The video is unavailable. Can you DM me an MP4 download for it if you still have it @Ben24x7


2 hours ago, berry-pepper-roni said:


Why should I stop asking him?

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