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Blue Bike Mod


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I modified the bike color over in world.wdb and now the external color is different. Aside from figuring out which bike it was (there's like 5 copies of the same model for some reason?) this part was easy. As for the dashboard (over in ISLE.SI - a separate file) I tried fiddling with it for a bit but the way the bitmap is structured I noped out after a few hours, sorry. :/




Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qzsh5iffx7jqnk/Blue Bike.zip?dl=1

(Note: Type 1 = 9,714kb world file size; Type 2 = 9,712kb world file size)

Program needed to apply patch: http://fusoya.eludevisibility.org/lips/


Edit: As per mention/request, here is Black Bike for Type 1.

Here is a type 2 to 1 converter patch should you need it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ef0sa053qipocwk/Type2to1.ips?dl=0


File to patch : \LEGO\data\WORLD.WDB

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1 hour ago, Wognif said:

I tried applying the patch, but for some reason the game wouldn't start.

Hmm. I think I recall me and hamhock (known for the extracting LI models) having slightly different World files. Mind sending yours my way?


@mumboking; Maybe, but I haven't seen much dupes of other models. I thought it would have been one for each NPC and whatnot, but nope. Their bikes turn blue with mine.

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Well that's funny, the one on my disk is the same as yours while the one on my hard drive wasn't. :P

Guess I must have been using the other (smaller) version for whatever reason. It'd be great if I had the unmodified date for the smaller version so I can dub the oldest one as "type 1" and newest "type 2".


Well since it is my local version I'm dubbing the larger one as "type 1" for now. That's the one you'll need.

I went ahead and updated the download link with both versions.

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