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Avant Gardens gameplay - lcdr & humanoid's server project


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This time around we're landing in Avant Gardens and starting the main questline. AG is a much more complex world than VE, and it shows what's implemented and what isn't. As you can see, most of the functionality is there and the game is basically playable at this point. Noticeably absent is movement AI. Movement AI is much more complex compared to the other features and we decided we won't make it release blocking to implement AI. Instead we'll focus on implementing the other features.
Survival is implemented, though, without movement AI, isn't as challenging. Other than that it's working though.

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Cool stuff. The timing of the mech/turret building, respawns, etc seems a bit funky (the original servers would respawn the mech only once the turret expired and broke apart) - but presumably that was originally controlled with a server-side script, which of course nobody has, right? Seems like the sort of thing that should be a server side script, anyway - I haven't checked the mechs/turrets specifically. Same goes for how AG survival would spawn harder variations of enemies as time went on.

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The server side scripts for mech and turret seem to have survived in the client, however the mech respawn part doesn't seem to be part of them. Could also be a simple timing thing - there are still parts of the spawner networks in the luz files we don't understand, possibly there is a longer respawn timer set somewhere. The script for Survival seems to have survived too (surprisingly), so implementing enemy waves is technically possible, though without Movement AI it's lower on the priority list.

The more problematic parts are the newer (free to play update) parts of AG, and Crux Prime, Nexus Tower and Ninjago, since it seems from some point on LEGO figured out that including the server scripts in the client wasn't that much of a good idea, and thus the scripts for these worlds are missing.

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Dear Team,

How and when can we play the Game?

I have a privat hamachi Server with a Friend , but you cant play with your own Character and i search a opened Server to play.

Me and a lot of Fans want to play the Game.

We miss the game since the closing to now!

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