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Desktop Minifigs

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LEGO used to have a "Desktop Minifigs" program downloadable from lego.com. You can now get the installer from the Bionicle Media Project: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/Computer/DesktopMinifigs.exe


Today I found this: https://www.webspun.org/portfolio/lego/index.php


In case that link goes dead, it says:



Lego Desktop Minifigs animations for Snap2play (formerly itoons), a computer game studio.


And more importantly, it has four gifs of animations from it. I found more of them unused by the page here, plus a few jpg thumbnails: https://www.webspun.org/portfolio/lego/img/


imgur mirror: https://imgur.com/a/D7toi


I think they might be higher res than the animations in the actual program which is kinda neat. And Dooku isn't in the final program at all. I dunno what's up with that - licensing issues maybe? The final roster is Johnny Thunder, Dr Kilroy, Pepper and the Brickster, Cam Attaway, and Dash Justice.

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Looks like the star wars one came with yoda as well. After finding a second portfolio talking about this thing, I got suspicious, so I did some digging in wayback and it turns out that it did come out after all! though for some reason they called it a desktop app instead of toy.  people used the word 'app' back then?!


Wayback has preserved the download, thankfully. I'll get it archived on bmp soon. 

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1 hour ago, Xir said:

What does this even look like? Kinda don't wanna download it just to remove it. :P

Here's a bunch of small pics:















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a friend of mine asked me about some old software called Desktop Minifigs. it works fine with me, but with her, the (probably .gif) textures render as black. does anyone know why?


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