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Upgraded Circuit Boss Racers


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UPDATE: The post is outdated. Please click my album for my updated custom cars:


As promised, I will show other custom vehicles I have made. This time however its from the bosses from each circuit. As the title suggest, this one is upgraded and modified to suit their personality even more. However I will not include Rocket Racer and Veronica Voltage because they're cars are already iconic and good enough on its own. With that said lets start with the 1st circuit boss.

UPDATE: I moved half of the pictures here.

FUNFACT: The racers I made was from last year during the RRU's renovation




I call him Davy Redbeard because there is no space for captain in the name. Sure I can put CAPT for short but to me it doesn't sound right so I would rather give him a name






I replaced the 1X3 yellow brick with an added extra detail on the front(pistons and headlights) and on the back(Torch) with some extra layer added on the top


King Kahuka






Not much difference there but the only thing I changed is the 1X3 slope piece from yellow to red and I add two magnifying glasses from the Johnny Thunder set to make it seem that the statue has eyes. Do bear with this one though because adding those glasses make this statue seem to look like a nerd,:B but hey at least its something.


Basil the Batlord






I LOVE THIS CAR. I love it so much that I spend hours and hours for making this car look awesome. Twin turbine boosters, Windshield, Halberd on both sides, adding a crest symbol at the back and a bat statue. Just :love: yeah, my pride and joy.


Johnny Thunder, or Johny with a single n. Yeah I know, its double n but again there is no space to put the n. Also it doesn't sound right when you said John Thunder






Most of the bricks I replaced are just colors but some are modified to have details like the 1X2 grey brick at the back replaced by 2 1x2 beige slopes. Plus I added a beige tower brick to act like a distinctive egypt tower look.


Sam Sinister, orignally it was suppose to be Baron Von Barron, but I would rather call him Sam Sinister instead because again same as Johnny, no space and does not sound right if incomplete.






Like Johnny, no difference except a few changes with the colors and I added a windshield by discarding the 2 1X2 grill pieces at the front.


Lastly, Gypsy Moth






What happens when you combine the aesthetic model of her original car and the element of her alternate car. You get this crazy contraction. I don't know about you guys, but to me, this is by far the weirdest thing I have ever come up with. 


That's it. The 6 circuit bosses I have modified to differentiate the AI bosses. Now the time to work on their challengers, the generic circuit racers, but with a twist. Stay tuned.



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