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Generic Circuit Racers Modified


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UPDATE: The post is outdated. Please click my album for my updated custom cars:



Disclaimer: Just to let you know that my custom made generic racers from their circuit is different from what you expected because I don't want to use the same grey chassis for every generic racer and at the same time not very satisfied with the color scheme that LEGO chose. I would like to make their cars as unique as possible so that each of them have a personality. This is me and me alone who made this as its use for eyes only and to give inspiration of those who would like to make up their own custom racers. 

UPDATE: I'm moving most of the custom cars here to form a single topic so that it won't be messy

With that said lets begin.


Ian Woodhouse(Governor Broadside)  

FUNFACT: The guy with the red coat is not broadside, its Admiral Woodhouse, the one with the blue coat is Governor Broadside. Again, no space so I made him his name.


The chassis is use for Captain Redbeard. Not much to say with this one.


Rob n Hood


This is where it help me start the download of the mod, sadly though there is no emblem at the back for him. However, this is LEGO so imagination is also a must. I like to think of him as a former Wolfpack member until the original Robin Hood past away and give him a torch to lead the forestmen. Anyways, the car almost resembles to the generic car but has added extra detail and brown color to the mix. (I know that you guys have a download for the Rob N Hood emblem but it does not feel right to change it onto the existing emblem that was already made)


Ann droid


I don't understand why LEGO put her in a generic black car together with Islander, Willa the Witch, Black Knight and Gail Storm. That's the story of another day though. The chassis I use is of course space with some ideas from the pre-built car Roboracer.


Pharoah Hotep


In LEGO Racers, they call him Pharoah's Mummy but to be honest, it does not make any sense at all because the mummy is the pharoah. Just look at the Adventurers catalog and you see what I mean. Like Rob n Hood, this also wants me to start downloading the mod since I need Tan/Beige bricks. This one took me hours to find a way to make it different. Fortunately the 1X4 layout that has a shark sticker on it help get an inspiration and this is a result I get.




Its pretty much a stone car, not surprising I know:notimpressed:, but that's who the islander is. Its basically an alternate King Kahuka car, the only difference is of course the magnifying glass for headlights. and removal of some bricks for the minifigure to go in. Well in LEGO racers you can add another brick there, but it will not fit the minifigure in real life right?


King Richard(Royal King) This name I borrowed from the club magazine.


During the race in royal knights raceway, I notice that the royal king always gets the green bricks so I thought to myself "why not I built him a car with a rocket booster and aero dynamic spoilers" :af:


General Cold (Originally Commander Cold but he got promoted to General :smug: )


So far I can't think of good build for him. Needless to say, I only borrow the elements of Gypsy Moth's original build. The only thing I change however is the big booster. I replaced it with small twin boosters followed by an engine added at the top.


Achu (Seriously? Achu? LEGO has done some weird names to these characters)


Bless you and bless this car as well because I love the look of it. I should give credit to UTF about this one though because the basic process of the build was done by him when he made Dark Goddess. 


Willa the Witch


Once again, I love this car but I limit myself to make sure that she fits together very well with Basil the Batlord(her loving husband)


Jack Hawkins(Blackjack Hawkins - you know the drill)


Ok this is where the disclaimer comes into play. Yes, I changed from red and blue color scheme to brown and black but sometimes it looks cool is it not? Also I'm unable to place a parrot because of how they put it really confused me. Instead I added two pirate flags and two swords there.


Slyboots(Originally Sam sinister but whatever 8|)


I was going to put dynamites at the back but it kinda feels outta place when I think about it. I put a crate instead to make it seem like a transport truck.


Alpha 37226 aka Draco(Alpha Draconis or Dragonis)


Wrong typo from LEGO Racers but whatever spelling this alien has, it does not damage the car's reputation


Black Knight


Okay so I may be cheating about this being custom built because its not. Its basically a color swap of the pre-built car of Joan of Kart. To be honest, I really like how it was built, I love it so much that I use it completely without any modification at all except the colors and the crest emblem dragon instead of a lion. Take it as a grain of salt if you will but I would rather have this than spending dozens of hours, if not weeks to figure out the right build.


Admiral(with no name from official sites)


Like Blackjack Hawkins, I change the color from blue, yellow and white to red and black. Again the original color does not suit to me at all when I build this thing and there is no emblem to support his color scheme.


Pippin Reed(Gail Storm from LEGO racers)


same build at the front of Johnny Thunder except its grey and black and at the back holds a camera which it fits her personality.


and finally Nova Hunter


This is the best moon rover I ever come up with, hands down!:love:


Overall I am very happy and satisfied on how I build them a year back and also very happy to post pictures here with a help of the Admins so thank you guys for everything you have done for me.


There is one more custom racer I would like to show you but right now I will just leave it as it is. I will post it when I have the time, until then peace.


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