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Tutorial: Running LEGO Creator: Harry Potter on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

LDD Mods

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Hi everyone. This is my first tutorial so you'll have to bear with. I recently managed to get LEGO Creator: Harry Potter fully running on my Windows 10 laptop. I've recorded what I did and I have attached the video below. I have also provided screenshots to help with those who can't get through my confusing video I recorded. Hope this helps those who couldn't get it running. You will need a Microsoft Agent simulation device. I used Double Agent, a freeware that works well. I've linked it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/doubleagent/.  It'll update as and when.


1. Install LEGO Creator: Harry Potter using these compatibility settings:



2. Download and install Double Agent:




You need to ensure that the bottom 2 have installed. If the 64 bit exe didn't work try the 86 bit exe.


3. Finally change your compatibility settings to match this on your desktop shortcut for the game:



I also used dgvoodoo to make it 1920x1080 but didn't make any config changes. You should find it all works.


A video will be coming soon.

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iv tried installing doubleagent but the bottom two haven't installed... any ideas on how I can get them installed?


my creator is stuck on 70% installed atm as I didn't realise! ??


im new here!

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iv gone into compatability in properties and it hasn't got xp as option only previous version of windows so I installed through that and the bottom two still hasn't installed....

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I click the 64 bit as I believe my laptop is 64 bit





then I click save









then open folder











that's the properties








setup options











the setup screen after installation







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I remember having a similar problem as this when I first installed. Run your lchp setup in XP compatibility. Uninstall Double Agent then run that in normal compatibility. Make sure that everything on that options screen is installed.

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I have a question.


I have double agent installed, LC Harry Potter launches, however the game stays constantly on a black screen that says "Lego Creator Harry Potter" and doesn't go further. Any advice how to fix that?

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LDD Mods

Hi have you still got the cd in the computer cos it won't work without? Also have you done the compatibility settings?

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