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Adventures in LEGO World: What LEGO Island 2 was almost based on


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So today I was doing some digging and ran into details about Vision-Scape making a "Adventures in the LEGO World TV show" that's details (Location and time fully lined up with the details we have for the TV show LEGO Island 2 was almost based off) Which lead to lots of searching until I ran into this footage:

Of which fully proved it was the pilot lining up with what Dave Upchurch had said in the past, with the dog, the children, and generic plot

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See also: This page which has a clearer pic of the... professor... guy (I seriously can't make out a lot of the audio in it): http://web.archive.org/web/20060317231810/http://vision-scape.com:80/demo_legoland.html


There's also this but it's pretty much all broken/missing images: http://web.archive.org/web/20030228183202/http://www.vision-scape.com:80/legoworld.html


it's uh


a thing, huh

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