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After realizing how plentiful Planet U's resources were, the Rock Raiders sent another excursion to the hostile world (while being better prepared this time!), hoping to start a more permanent mining colony. Freight trains were considered in order to haul large amounts of minerals, but a smaller tram-like design was chosen instead, as it would be easier to create tunnels for them to move. It did not take long after the first few trams were up and running on Planet U to realize that the locals did not like them at all. Trams and their tracks were subject to more frequent attacks. Quick repairs led to a haphazard appearance on each individual tram and, eventually, elevated tracks in larger caverns made the attacks less frequent. It all paid off as mineral shipments went through at ridiculous speeds compared to previous missions.
























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Is that a Power Miners rollcage I see in the front? Heretic! okay I did the same thing a little while back


I do like the plates on the side; they look like armor plating. Also I want to see this thing run over a Small Spider


Ore pieces are annoyingly large compared to how they appear in LRR; well done on making something that can hold three of them! Are you planning to also build something that can pick ore up and put it in the tram?


On 3/31/2019 at 2:33 PM, Cirevam said:

Forgive my crappy cellphone camera. 

It's.... pretty bad. The other pictures with the flash are a lot better, though.

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