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Time to say hello!


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Hello Everyone!

After more than one year on this forum I think it's getting time to introduce myself. I'm RaizCookie, living in Germany and grew up playing with LEGOs. I eventually discovered LEGO games. My favorites are LEGO island 2 and LEGO Universe. Sadly, I was too young to pay for the full version of the game (and failed to convince my parents). Even though I could only play the demo it really was fun. Anyway, how did I land on this forum? More than a year ago I asked myself if there were any mods for island 2. So I opened Google and searched for it. Well... that's how I've found this place. And I cant tell how great the relief was when I applied the long time loading fix to Island 2.  Guess that's it!


See you around!

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Friend or foe of RRU? Friend to all forumers!

Before we think, before we join, before we post.... Please help us mod our Lego Island 2.

Mmm, goody, another RRUser!

You did a-wella-RaizCookie!

I got one! There's still many more mods out there. I got one!

Oops! Foruming ain't like skateboarding.

Drive to RRU, avoiding any advertisements along the way!




Or, in other news, welcome to RRU!

Lego Island 2 has been poked quite a lot, but not modded much, mostly because it's reasonably effortful and we don't seem to be able to change a lot. That's not to suggest you couldn't try though....  Other people know more than me here though. Take a look around!

It does run fantastic on WIn10 though thanks to some magic I cannot understand, but the upshot of that is you no longer need to wait 30min for it to load :P







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