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LEGO Island .wdb Extractor


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6 minutes ago, Ajax said:

in which folder are them?

The score cube is in ./obj/ICUBE/sub1/SCORMAIN/ and its called scorcube0.obj

The character panels are in ./obj/IMAIN/sub1/BIOFRAME/ named bio1, bio2, etc


You might look in those folders for whatever you are looking for. If you can't find it, check the logs (lastlog.txt) and see if it actually extracted. If a bin file extracted with an error, it will have an "X" in the line instead of all "_"


Extraction success example:

./bin/ACT1\sub1\ambul.bin               ['_', '_', '_', '_', '_']

Extraction failure example:

./bin/ACT1\sub1\skeleton.bin            ['_', '_', 'X', 'X', 'X']


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actually I'm looking for an hard thing: the models that you can see inside the three box in the same room of the cube, that models could be interesting because are like brick building.

1 minute ago, mumboking said:

I think those are just videos, not actual 3D objects.

Yes maybe

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8 minutes ago, Ajax said:

Yes maybe

They are definitely video or graphics of some sort, not 3d models, especially considering that the only models in the ICUBE folder are Cap.bin and scormain.bin.

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So it turns out that in addition to the random gifs extracted to the gif folder, there are also models that don't belong in the folder hierarchy, as in they are not indexed in the table at the beginning of the wdb. I have a feeling that this is because these models are loaded when the game first boots up and are always loaded into memory, whereas non-essential models are loaded based on what part of the game you are on.


I think these models are the minifig models for the game. As with the other models, the extractor has had trouble extracting them, but there is definitely model data there. If I can get around to it this week I will try to update this tool with minifig support added. Here is a list of all the models not found in the wdb table that weren't extracted or even acknowledged before, in case anyone is interested:


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On 11/21/2016 at 11:26 PM, Hamhock666 said:

there are also models that don't belong in the folder hierarchy

Someone sent me a PM today asking if I had gotten the models for the minifigs. These models have now been extracted, although the wdb ripper is not updated to reflect it. I wanted to get this implemented into the extractor, but I honestly haven't had time. Instead, I found a messy way to get the models out, so I have them for anyone that wants them. Although most people already have minifig models, these are the original ones. Make sure to read the README file.



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57 minutes ago, Hamhock666 said:

Make sure to read the README file.

Speaking of using faces in the gifs folder. Why do you convert them to png? I'd assume they are actually gifs with multiple frames.

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2 hours ago, mumboking said:

I'd assume they are actually gifs with multiple frames.

I wish that were the case. They are "gif" files, but they are simpler than the gif spec on wikipedia . If you just extract the raw bytes and try to save them as a gif file, it does not work. There is a palette of up to 256 colors and each pixel is a byte that references one of those colors.


I convert them to PNG because that is a standard lossless format for images. Saving them as gif files would probably also be less compatible with new software. How often do model makers use GIFs as textures these days?


This is the LI format for GIFs:

size_of_string UnsignedInt
gif_name String size_of_string
width UnsignedInt
height UnsignedInt
num_colors UnsignedInt

CHUNK colors num_colors
  r UnsignedByte
  g UnsignedByte
  b UnsignedByte

CHUNK rows height
  CHUNK pixels width
    color_index UnsignedByte


I am also questioning where the other facial expressions are stored. I will take another look at the files and see if I can spot anything, but as of now I have not been able to find them.

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