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[Solved] Problems to join in RRU discord server


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I tried to join in RRU discord server and I kinda messed up for my lack of knowledge how discord actually works

About 1-2 weeks ago I clicked on your post where you're talking about the discord server. There was a link where I could join in. Well I clicked it and I was in. Or was I?

I'm in discord? - Yes 

I can see the RRU on the left side? - Yes 

Is my nametag there? - Yes 

Is that really me? - No

How I know that Jugebox98 on the RRU isn't me? Well actually it is me but some strange reason Discord didn't asked me to log in my current account and made some copy of same name. The difference is that I have no other servers and my four number tag is different.

I tried to ask @Cyrem that could he do something about it but he just says that I'm in. I sent him another email about this problem but he didn't responded (either forgot or he doesn't sees problem cause I can't bring it properly) (-To Cyrem: I don't mean to hate speak to you but I wanted to bring this up that I have tried to talk with staff with this problem)

So would that be possible if I could get another invite to the server? I make it sure that it will be the right me this time. I think the problem in first place was that I use desktop version of discord, not the version in chrome, and that someway messed up things. I make sure that when I click next invitation I'll be log in both versions

I'm sorry for extra trouble I made to myself

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I've unlinked your account, do you want to try going to the invite page (at the bottom) and re-linking your account (on your account settings page) if it doesn't do that automatically.

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