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Texture Alpha See Through Holes


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Some of my textures have see through holes. See picture.




BMP files don't really have an alpha layer so it must be index or color based or something. However it seems like there are multiple colors/indices that are being used on the same texture.


Can anyone help me with this problem? I'm out of ideas and its the only thing stopping me from releasing a world texture patch.


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Often times a graphical glitch along these lines happens to me even with vanilla textures, for example:




When it's working properly, it's usually either:


a) pure black being treated as transparent, or


b) the index being specified via the color name:


I'm guessing you may be running into the same bug as the above screenshot - in which case I don't really have a solution except "uh try dgvoodoo maybe". But at least in that scenario, it's the game at fault (and something the end user would have to sort out regardless), not your textures.

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This might not be of any use, but I've been working on the unfinished Aquatic biome and have had absolutely no issues with black holes in walls, though I do have a specific set of settings:

- The .bmp must be indexed, with 0 -> 255 indices. Not RGB mode. Gimp handles this easily under Image -> Mode -> RGB/Indexed (most things that aren't LRR load as RGB)

- On Gimp's "Export .bmp" box I make sure to select "Compatibility Options -> Do not write color space information"


Maybe this helps?

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