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Hello again.


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I joined RRU back in 2017, under the name Mahoroa, and shortly afterward joined the Discord server. On that server, I made friends with members of the community, only to completely tear apart those friendships later on.


I was a transphobic bigot who lacked self-control. I was hateful to people for completely invalid reasons. So, to anyone who remembers me: I'm sincerely sorry. I regret saying the things I said back then, and I want to be part of this community again.

A lot changed within the three or so years since I was last here. I came out as bi, got rid of my horrible past mentality, and worked hard on fixing myself. I recently thought about this community again, and some of the kind and interesting people who are part of it, and I couldn't live with what I'd done. I got in contact with Peri and Terrev via Twitter and apologized to both of them, and Terrev said it'd be alright to return to the forum.


So, here I am. Hopefully, I can be part of this amazing community once again. I look forward to it. ?

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