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How to fix broken links of images hosted on RRU


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Over the years I have noticed many broken image links in older topics and they look like this (I took a working picture of mine and show you how it looked when it was broken):


And if you click on them you land on the RRU main site again.
Well, how do you repair them then? Since this also affected my threads and posts I wanted to come up with a way to fix my own images at least.
I don't know how I exactly came up with the solution, but at one point I have probably compared the working with the broken image links and noticed that you could turn this into a template.
Here is the example from above, but in a form that actually works and the only reason why you don't see a picture is that I used the "Code" option in RRU's text editor to show you the actual link.


Basically the broken example is the URL end part for the new working example and here is an explanation, what those numbers actually mean (The numbers and file types obviously change from image to image):
"1586" is the user number
"213" is the album number
"7445" is the image number
"jpg" is the file type

And to put this all together here is the template for working links:

https://www.rockraidersunited.com/uploads/gallery/album_*album number*/gallery_*user number*_*album number*_*image number*.*file type*

Now use the "Insert other media" option in the bottom right of the text editor, then click on "Insert image from URL" and insert the working image link:

Hurray, a working picture! I have also reminded you of the "The (slightly disturbing) Running Man" thread again XD.
Since the links go by the same pattern I wonder, if a script could be made to replace the broken ones with working ones in the entire forum. At least for the pictures hosted on RRU this could be a solution.
If you repair image links in your own posts I recommend making a working image first and then delete the old broken one or otherwise you might delete your only hint to what image you have posted.
You can also use the template to find out what images were used in posts besides your own ones by just putting it into an new browser tab and inserting the correct numbers.

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I'm glad you like it : ) !
I had the idea many months ago, but just now I created an actual thread since it sounds like a very helpful idea.
Yeah, I also wonder, if this could be automated. Maybe Cirevam can chime in?

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