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LRR MOCs by Dragofer


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In a flash of nostalgia not so very long ago I came across RockRaidersUnited, Manic Miners and Stud.io. This soon resulted in some of my own vehicle designs, mostly made for filling out niches that I didn`t think were covered in the game yet:


Small Airborne Transporter


This is a flying transporter capable of carrying small loads across impassable terrain and with a recommended cost of around 5 EC. A powerful headlight at the front illuminates far ahead of the craft allowing for high speed, and a rear compartment allows for carrying additional equipment.


It would act as a stepping stone towards the Tunnel Transporter, which is after all at the very top of the tech tree, is very expensive and is the only way to transport anything significant by air.






Large Transport


This is a sturdy vehicle capable of carrying loads and resisting landslides and blasts and with a recommended cost of around 6 EC. Having a few of those should be able to keep up with a big mining operation in keeping the cavern floor clean, which otherwise would take a fleet of small transporters that require constant replacement as they only have 100 hp.


This comes in 2 versions: a short one with 4 wheels and a V8 engine and a long one with 6 wheels and a V12, which could be seen as an upgraded form.










(Original version of the long form)







Small Airborne Transporter

Large Transport, Long

Large Transport, Short


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I really love the (shorter) Large Transport Truck! The usage of pieces mostly from that era - or more modern pieces that are just sleeker ways of doing things, like those 2x4 smooth tiles at the back, or those 1x2x1-with-studs-on-one side (yellow, you put the lights on them) really helps it feel at home in the LRR fleet. I like how bulky and reinforced it looks without feeling heavy.

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