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Are these cars in the game models?


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Hi everyone, I always noticed some cars who look to be a very different style from anything else in the game during the bad ending cutscene in lego Island, so I would like to see them better, are them included in the game models?




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Without knowing too much I'm almost certain those are just in an .avi cutscene - it's possible the models are leftover in the files, but I highly doubt that (and if they were, they wouldn't be linked up to the cutscene). You might as well ask whether the LMS Explorer seen in the cutscenes is in the game files of LRR - a valid question, but the answer to that is "no," and I'd be surprised if it was different for Lego Island.

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Good point. Sound very strange that a model was done for this use only though. I mean making a new Car design just to appear brifly in a cutscene 

I wonder if those are included in the beta version game files 

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