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Chart of all editor ".blx"/".blk" icons used during LRR development


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The .blx and older .BLK map files are not an old .map format (as was originally speculated), but instead are a format that communicates between the level editor used by DDI and the output .map format used by the game. These files contain a set of 16x16 icons, and a pair of numbers that determine how the icons are grouped together in the level editor (such as separating CryOre Crystal/spawn counts from Ore/spawn counts.)


None of these discoveries are particularly useful. But... Programmer art is beautiful!




Extracted Icons


All map type icon sets have been extracted into individual png 16x16 icons, and grids containing all icons (as shown above):

The Slimy Slug predug icon is actually pretty great. It looks like a crossing sign.




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It's interesting that Tuto blx goes up to 50 - because the game only reads Tuto.map up to 50 or 51 (can't quite remember). The data should allow all the way up to 255 or something (been a long time since I poked it), but I guess they said "50 is enough" (which it is, the data rarely goes above 30 and when designing levels there are almost no reasons you'd need anything higher than about 10) and called it there.

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21 hours ago, aidenpons said:

because the game only reads Tuto.map up to 50 or 51 (can't quite remember).

I actually have the block pointers array size listed as 56. So that would be the hard limit for the game... (+/-1) depending on whether LRR includes not-a-block-pointer `0` in that list.


This is definitely another scenario of "increasing the list size when needed".

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