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  • Rock Raiders Music without CD Fix

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    Rock Raiders without music has long been an issue, but following this small guide will restore the music back into the game and you won’t even need the game CD or any other audio disc.

    How Does it Work?

    LEGO Rock Raiders uses Media Control Interface (MCI) calls to play tracks from the CD-ROM. This is done through the Windows Multimedia API (winmm) which comes standard with all Windows installations. Since we want to play music without the disc we essentially need to re-route those calls from LRR to our own version of "winmm" which plays OGG files from the Music folder.

    This fix is based on Toni Spets' OGG winmm wrapper which I have modified to suite LRR.


    Applying the Fix

    To begin, download the Music Fix which contains all the necessary files you’ll need for this guide. The download also includes the 3 songs from the PC game in case your copy was one of those missing the audio track on your CD-ROM.

    Inside the ZIP file you downloaded, there will be 4 DLL files and a ‘Music’ folder containing 3 songs. Extract all these files and folders into your Rock Raiders installation directory (alongside LegoRR.exe). Your LRR should look something like this afterward.




    Thats all there is to it! If you run the game music should now begin playing after dismissing the “Mission Brief” on all game levels. If you wish to have all the music from the LEGO Rock Raiders games, download the music collection.

    All the music files are located in the "Music" folder, these files must be OGG files and must be named "Trackxx.ogg" (replace xx with any number from 00 - 98). If you would like to play your own music, there are OGG convertors online, or programs such as Audacity which will convert other audio formats to OGG.

    Enjoy ;)


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I found another solution for playing the game without the CD, and it's to do with the FMV cutscenes and main menu themes.  All you need to do is copy the data folder from your CDrom into your game installation folder. It's that simple!

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I tried to apply this fix after installing the game on a Windows XP computer, but all that did was corrupt the game file. And now I have to play it with no music, because the game only works on that computer, and every walkthrough on getting this game to work on windows 10 featured on this website so far, doesn't work for me anymore!


edit: It turns out the problem was on my computer's end from all those times of reinstalling the game due to technical issues, leftover junk files and whatnot. I've recently bought a new laptop and it works fine now. Don't do what I did and reformat the computer every time something doesn't work right. Always get your local computer provider to look into it for you.

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Heck, I didn't even know the game had in-game music at all! It made it a lot more creepier that's for sure.

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