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  2. The interior lighting sounds like a cool idea : ). I added the post, because I posted it in the wrong thread many months ago. I haven't really continued the project, because the objects in the reactor are all at different scales and it's just a mess. Maybe I continue the project one day since only the reactor room is left.
  3. Cirevam

    The Most Important Tool

    Don't leave your planet without one.
  4. Last week
  5. berry-pepper-roni

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    Oh I will! I love lego island and can't wait to share my love with you, even if some of it seems weird or jarring. Don't worry, I've got a lot of topic ideas. AND I MEAN.... A LOT.
  6. Antillies

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    Welcome. The first LEGO Island game is a classic. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  7. berry-pepper-roni

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    I got into LEGO Island back in August of 2020 through YouTube and this video, and found it kind of interesting, especially after finding other people's errm, iterations of the video (usually YTPs). And then, I found this video.... ....and pretty much fell in love with both the video AND Pepper (his character in the first game, from his design to his voice and everything in between. And yes, I know the name of the voice actor.... thanks to THE INTERNET). I found out about the sequels, didn't really care much for 'em. I ended up stumbling on this forum a while later, and for the longest time (before I had an account here - I actually got an account recently) I would just read different articles on this forum, mostly LI1-related ones. And that's how I ended up here.
  8. I mean, so far I think you could have this as a fully flyable ship even with the interior. I'm still trying to master lighting. That eats up GPU power real quick. Here's some lighting tests I did with an Outpost I made. I imagine long hallways from bow to stern with all kinds of room along the way. That engine room is looking great!
  9. CG_Footloose

    Modding Bionicle Heroes

    Hexadecimal Mantis made an editor, yes. There's also a script floating around somewhere by Maver to view the model itself in Noesis too, but I don't have it yet. (please send it to me if you do)
  10. CG_Footloose

    Bionicle Heroes Custom Music Track imports

    For anyone who stumbles upon this in the future, it requires an edit to the EXE and is so far not worth pursuing. Someday... we'll find debug symbols...
  11. This exists, and has for a while now. I made this discord a while back when I found another smaller pocket of the modding community hanging out in Hexadecimal Mantis's BTG-M 'cord while myself and a few other operated out of the speedrunning discord. If you are interested, please join it. We've been growing a lot recently! Link: https://discord.gg/GdwkjfeqNT
  12. berry-pepper-roni

    Lego Island creepy sound effect?

    you could send a google drive/mega/youtube (unlisted) link to what you found or something
  13. Here I repost most parts of a post that I originally made in another thread about half a year ago (and later on I found out that I posted in the wrong thread by accident XD) since it fits to this topic: Many, many months ago I started recreating the rooms of the L.M.S. Explorer that you can see in the (extended) intro and outro. So far I recreated the hangar bay/room and the teleport room in LDD (LEGO Digital Designer) as a start*. Then I started doing the same with the reactor room from the outro and I haven't finished it, because the room and its inventory are at three different scales and I couldn't decide, which scale is the right one (I will probably pick the gates from the other rooms as a size reference and go from there). Behold the scale madness! *you may have seen the pictures in the Rock Raiders and Manic Miners Discord groups. Basically they are the basis for the models that baraklava is going to use or is already using for the Rock Raiders remake Manic Miners. Maybe I should also upload pictures of those rooms in a separate thread. P.S. I wrote the post originally in the following thread: https://rockraidersunited.com/topic/7462-the-fmvs-contain-some-minor-issues/?tab=comments#comment-140602
  14. Box_of_Mox

    [Tool] Extract Mesh from *_nxg.ghg and *_nxg.gsc

    Hey @Sluicer i tried extracting the mesh from Lego Indy 2 nxg_ghg files but the tool just crashes can you please help me ? Here is the file: https://mega.nz/file/tkBkjTYJ#76PoUEwKVfDW49SHP7nVT6jeyiLZPP3xsHWx9_VvHCE
  15. Soooooooooo Out of boredom and Island 1-obsession I made this post WARNING: CONTAINS SEVERE LI1 GUSHING, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we have HD music from li1 right?? wellllll Lorin uploaded a bunch of HD dialogue back in 2017?? 2018?? (Voice Follies 1, Voice Follies 2) anyway that ended up sparking my "HD LI1 Dialogue" not exactly obsession. I asked Lorin if he had any more dialogue (specifically high-definition, high-fidelity LI1 Pepper dialogue), and he said no. Because, SHOCKER, that's literally the ONLY voice outtake tape he haaaaas!!! So I'm wondering if anyone knows about the existence of more LI1 HD dialogue other than: 1. What Lorin uploaded 2. the uncompressed lines already in-game I might make a post about how the heck I got into LI, if anyone wants to hear about that.
  16. berry-pepper-roni

    The Brickster's Name + Panic on LEGO Island

    "We're so busy we should be our own title! ADVENTURES IN THE LEGO HOSPITAL! The ambulance is outside!" Ur welcome
  17. berry-pepper-roni

    Studz Atticus Linkin XVII

    Do you have any more figures of the background characters from LI1?
  18. berry-pepper-roni

    Captain D. Rom

  19. berry-pepper-roni

    Poor LI2 DS Mock-up

    cool! but imagine if li1 was on the DS too
  20. berry-pepper-roni

    Pepper's Game Collection

  21. Earlier
  22. LegoFan13

    "Whoa. Look at all my babes!"

    Actually, the IG guy only appears in the intro driving the yellow diesel train, I've never seen the tan hair woman with a red necklace, I see the red necklace is from the princess and fairy queen's postcards
  23. LegoFan13

    The FMVs contain some minor issues...

    But Enter doesn't sound like a kid, Enter has a squeaky voice and not a child voice, it sounds like a child inside the ambulance in the stretcher, I can even hear Return yodeling or something like that
  24. I think I remember the discussion from the Manic Miners group. Yeah, it's great to hear that there are ways to optimise the model in the Unreal Engine (also: all those crazy colours in the beginning^^). The the 2016 model of the 1:1 L.M.S. Explorer is already the latest version. There is also a separate bridge model, which represents the bridge in a more accurate way. All the links are in the first post of this thread.
  25. So... turns out this Nanite stuff in Unreal Engine 5 really makes things kind of auto optimized. A couple more tweaks and I think I can make this pilotable. Is there a more current download for the model?
  26. Oh for sure. So I am trying to make a base concept of a game where you simply import LEGO builds and use them. Obviously it's not all that easy and requires a lot of in between work, but so far I have gotten a couple of my MOCs somewhat working. I've been following your LMS build for a while now, and it came up in conversation in the Manic Miners Discord so I figured I'd give it a shot in UE. It super could be optimized, but I'm still a noob with Blender and Unreal that I don't have any idea where to even begin with stuff like that. It was a fun experiment though. I had to break it up into 9 sections just to get it in Blender to then import into UE.
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