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  1. Aves

    GBA Maps

    Since there was only a GBA map of LEGO Island already on the internet, I decided to piece segments together and create full-scale maps of the other locations. OGEL Island: Castle Island (credit to @Xiron for providing me a hacked save state) Space Port: Adventurers Island (not explorable, but this is displayed in between the minigames)
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  2. SmokedCarpenter

    Installing LEGO Creator: Knights' Kingdom on Windows 10

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but I wanted to chime in to say that I've also had trouble getting Knights Kingdom to install properly. First, I mounted the .iso and ran the setup.exe as admin. It gave an error at 90% which I have attached a screenshot of below. However, the installation did complete, and I was able to boot the game. At first I booted it with no compatibility options and while it did run, the movies were not displaying at all. I've run into the same issue with Legoland, so I knew how to fix it. Simply run in compatibility mode with XP Service Pack 2, 16 bit color, and run as admin selected. Great! The game launches and the movies play perfectly. However, when I began the game, I was met with only the HUD, audio, and a black screen where the 3D game environment should be. Interestingly enough, when you hold down the left mouse button, the 3D environment will actually appear, cutting off some of the HUD, but it is not rendered properly, and will disappear as soon as you let go of left click. I did manage to fix the bad rendering effect by changing the in-game graphics setting from hardware to software, but that unfortunately did not fix the black screen issue. I then found out that clicking right mouse while holding left mouse will keep the 3D environment visible, but it will cut off the UI and not render speech bubbles properly, so it is not a viable fix. So I decided to go back into the .iso itself and try running DirectX7a.exe manually, with the same compatibility settings and got another error, which is the third attached screenshot. Obviously this is the crux of the issue, DirectX 7 is not compatible with Windows 10. I've done some digging and there doesn't seem to be any way to get DX7 on Windows 10 normally. I know that LEGO Rock Raiders uses dgVoodoo as a DirectX wrapper, so I thought that might do the trick here as well. No such luck. I've installed the latest version, and followed the instructions on the website, copying all the proper dll files into the KK folder and configuring dgVoodoo to the best of my ability. The game does not seem to launch with the dgVoodoo wrapper at all I think, because I cannot see the watermark when the game is running. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to trying them! As an aside for anyone else who ran into this: if the text on your computer looks funky after running Knight's Kingdom, it is likely that your ClearType was somehow disabled. Simply type ClearType in the search bar on your windows task bar, and click on "Adjust ClearType text" and follow the instructions, that should return your text to normal. I am happy to provide any additional information that may be needed to solve this issue, please feel free to reach out with any and all suggestions regarding dgVoodoo and DirectX7!
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  3. Aves

    GBA Maps

    My bad! I just updated the image links for OGEL Island and Space Port. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of Adventures Island at the moment. I'll start a playthrough soon so I can get the AI map included back in this topic. As for the main island map, I'm not sure if anyone else has it. It was on a devleoper's flickr but seems to have been deleted.
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  4. Yutyocraft

    Lego Island 2 GBA Pepper sprites

    Hi. I couldn't find Lego Island 2 sprites so decided to start doing them myself. Here is Pepper: https://imgur.com/gallery/VzQgxUY
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  5. Yutyocraft

    GBA Maps

    Hey! Cool stuff, yet the GBA map and the others other than castle island are not reachable. Can you reupload them?
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  6. BeepBoop

    Some LEGO Racers sets (and other stuff)

    Hello! Just sharing some pictures of my collection. Please excuse the badly taken photos and really poor lighting. Mostly just to show some of the sets that were (partially) used in the LEGO Racers games. Bosses and opponents: Circuits 1 & 4 Circuit 2, 3, 5 & 6 Non LEGO Racers thingies
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  7. baraklava

    Complete LRR Model collection in Stud.io+LDraw format

    So this isn't exactly a MOC, I just wanted to post as a topic that I have assembled all the models of the original LRR game and they are now available for download for everyone. This includes some Beta content, such as the Tool Station and the Beta Small Transport Truck. I'd like to include the Canteen as well, but I gotta figure out how to build that first. They have been made in order to be put into my LRR rebuild, Manic Miners Please use these for non-commercial projects only and give credit to me and the LDraw library if you use them! Enjoy!
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  8. BBordewyk

    Rock Raiders: A New Expedition

    Why wait for LEGO to reboot Rock Raiders, when I can do it myself! Presenting, "Rock Raiders: A New Expedition" A series of MOCs with buildable instructions that you can create yourself today! Click the picture for its instructions and parts lists. More to come!
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  9. BBordewyk

    Rock Raiders: A New Expedition

    First full set has arrived! It's Sparks and his M.E.C.H. Station. Need some extra mechanical assistance around the mines? The Mechanically Engineered Cooperative Helper is here to help!
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  10. ZuTheSkunk

    No Frustrating Mechanics & Easy 100% Completion

    Download From NexusMods: https://www.nexusmods.com/legorockraiders/mods/1?tab=files Download From RRU (English only): https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/lego_rock_raiders/mods/gameplay/no-frustrating-mechanics-easy-100-completion-r289/ As we all know, the game has a number of mechanics and design choices that are either not well thought out, or are actively hindering you from playing the game effectively. Not to mention that due to extremely rigorous hidden mission goals, the intended 100% completion ending cannot even be achieved. Therefore, I set out to edit Lego.cfg in a way that not only makes 100% completion possible and easy to achieve, but also fixes what I considered poorly thought out elements of the game. List of changes: - Slimy Slugs can now be killed by the electric fences, and the laser and pusher beams are a lot more effective against them. (You should still make sure to have your fence around the base be at least 2 blocks wide though, since sometimes the slugs can sneak past them in-between the zaps if there's enough of them attacking.) - Rock Raiders and various vehicles move a lot faster now, to compensate for how spacious some levels are. This actually manages to bring the playtime in some levels from a full hour to 30 minutes or less. - Small Digger vehicle can now drill through hard rock in 30 seconds, as opposed to it taking 3 whole minutes. Same thing was done also to the Granite Grinder. - Raiders are no longer scared of bats. This is done to prevent bats from making it impossible for the Raiders to do anything if they happen to fly into the base. - Dynamite now has a lot smaller blast radius, to prevent Raiders from accidentally harming themselves with it. - Raiders no longer have to eat at the Support Station. This was done to prevent situations where Raiders go to the opposite side of the map, and then immediately go back to eat due to their energy running out. - All levels now come with the same, optimized set of priorities for the AI, which should be suitable for pretty much any situation. - All hidden goals of levels have been significantly reduced, meaning that acquiring 100% completion is now not only possible, but very easy to do. - Ore costs of certain buildings have been reduced, to cut down on unnecessary waiting times. - Oxygen depletes at a much less rapid pace in Don't Panic. - Small spiders no longer spawn. - Camera can be zoomed out twice as far. (Note that when the camera is zoomed out this far, some objects on the edges of your view may be turning invisible.) - Removed the long-ass LEGO Media logo animation on startup. - Prevented certain messages from bringing the game's speed back to default. - Added a couple of zeroes to the TextureUsage value, which is supposed to improve the game's performance. - The camera moves faster now. - Shortened the amount of time Rock Raiders need to upgrade. - Drastically increased the firepower of mobile laser cutters, making them not only actually useful, but easily the most destructive vehicles in the game. Try them out, they're fun as heck to use now. - Brought back Tunnel Transport.
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  11. k-g

    LEGO Stunt Rally development artwork

    Hi kaitodaimon, I'll answer your questions as best as I can: 1) Do you have any knowledge regarding the intro cutscene in stunt rally, since the intro cutscenes from the retro-LEGO games, are more detailed than the moden LEGO game´s cutscenes, in terms of lightning and overall details. As others have pointed out, the intro cutscene is pre-rendered and in a different style from the modern games. The intro and victory videos were indeed done by another studio, while the in-car camera shots were made by IG. As for the increased amount of detail compared to the modern games, my guess is that back then LEGO didn't have their preferred style nailed down for cutscenes. I'm pretty sure that by now they will have very strict guidelines as to how minifigs need to look and move in animations (in whatever medium). 2) Do you remember how many of the models in the game were based upon actual LEGO sets? As for vehicles, only the cars of the playable characters were based on existing LEGO sets, which were being developed at the same time. The characters themselves were designed by a few of IG's artists. 3) What was your biggest reference in the development of the models and the structure of the layout for the game? For the cars, we received the actual toys, photos, and rendered images that were being made for the cutscenes (I will post some of those later). We didn't reference anything for the structure and layout of the game. 4) Is there any particular reason that none of textures for the minifigures had gradients implemented to them? It sounds like you are using "gradients" to describe the rendering style. Some of the plastic in the pre-rendered movies in LSR looks more shiny/glossy than IG's renders. This has nothing to do with the textures, but rather a setting in the material. That setting in the material says how shiny/glossy should look when rendered. So the different teams used different settings for the plastic materials. The lighting will also be different - in IG's movies/renders, we aimed to have very soft shadows. 5) Were there any restrictions in the development process from LEGO that you remember? Absolutely. Working with any publisher or holder of an Intellectual Property (IP) (also often referred to as a "a license"), there are always guidelines on what you can and can't do with the characters/world. etc. One starting point was that we were given was a fairly strict set of colors to use. So, for example, if something is red it needed to be a precise RGB value set by LEGO, we couldn't just pick a color red that we liked. This kind of stuff is standard when working with an IP. Things got a little weird at times though. For example, at one point we were told to change the color of all the city roads from dark grey to light grey. We had based our roads on existing (but slightly less common) dark grey road plates, and we argued against the light grey because a) it didn't look as nice (due to the lower contrast) and b) it would be a considerable task to change it all (re-work all the road textures and re-render all the icons (twice actually because the game has two UI sizes)). I've seen some screenshots with the dark grey roads online, but they are all light grey in the final product. One major change that LEGO demanded was the removal of the steering. People on this forum have discovered the hidden FREEFORM driving mode, which was actually the default mode during much of the development. The team was pretty gutted when that request came, but LEGO's point was that the game was too difficult for its target audience. Driving controls with an isometric view is quite counter-intuitive, so you can see their point. With the simplified controls, the game became a scalectrix type game. For the very first level of the campaign, we aimed to make it so easy that you could win by just holding the accelerator the entire race (with any car!). Obviously, that is the most boring level to test, so we had an orange do it. We placed an orange on the up cursor button on the keyboard and just waited for the result. The first level needed to pass "the orange test", which became a bit of a meme inside the team. I may have an image of the orange in question, I'll see if I can find it.
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  12. Fluffy Cupcake

    Mars Enhance

    Sure can do: http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/107
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  13. Cirevam


    From the album: Time Dump

    I need some ideas here. It keeps begging me to kill it out of mercy.

    © Cirevam

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