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  1. lol username

    So LI2 canonized stuff from a fansite

    Serwithed posted this in the discord and I think it's way too funny and deserves to be on the forums too. First up, remember this old LEGO Island fansite? It predates LEGO Island 2 (Serwithed says it goes back to August 1999 at least), and in the plot twist of the century, it seems some LI2 devs actually used it as reference when creating the sequel - certainly the GBC game, if not the other platforms as well. Compare this image from the homepage: With Captain Click's GBC trading card, especially the mouth: And the fansite's screenshot of Captain Click vs his GBC trading card: Also, while not from the fansite, Gabbarro's card comes from how he appears in Adventurers set instructions: Anyway, back to the fansite - here's what it says about the Flying Legondos: Except, as Jeremy points out, Jack O Trades is actually one of the two mechanics/painters/construction workers (the other being Bumpy Kindergreen)... ... and none of the Flying Legondos had names at all (all the names the fansite gave to them actually belonged to other characters). Flash forward to LEGO Island 2, and somehow we've ended up with Jack O Trades being the "O" Flying Legondo, who also inexplicably owns a hardware store. We know the LI2 devs received info directly from LI1's development, but with proof the GBC game at least referenced the fansite as well, it seems very possible that the PC/PS1/maybe GBA teams did too - and so we ended up with a weird "Jack O Trades" character that's actually an accidental fusion of two unrelated characters from LI1 because some fan said so in 1999. lol
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  2. A bit back Jim Southworth and I spoke about his experiences as Silicon Dreams Studio's lead animator. He revealed loads of details including cut content, developer memories, and shared several videos relating to his animation work. Click on the images to view the videos. To start off with, I asked him about he got involved with the development of LEGO Island 2: Secondly, I asked him about his favorite development memories related to the development: Most intriguingly, the videos he shared revealed a lot of cut content I did not expect. There were video tests for pirates, a titanic-themed diving area, among other cut portions that previously we had no knowledge of being a part of Silicon Dreams' design for LEGO Island 2: Lastly, the next most interesting videos were toast.avi and swimintoshark.avi. In order to let you properly experience the videos I will not comment directly on them...: When I questioned Jim about toast.avi he had this to say: YouTube Playlist With Additional Videos: Jim Southworth Videos - YouTube Source Files: https://archive.org/details/li2-animations
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  3. BlackJackHawkins

    Gail Storm, Willa The Witch, Islander, Ann Droid cars redesigned

    Title says it all, they have had it with borrowing Black Knight's car. Backshield insets are courtesy of bricklink. Gail Storm: Willa The Witch: Islander: Ann Droid:
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  4. Detroitika

    Rock Raiders Tunnel Speeder and Crew

    Hi forums! Went through an RR renaissance in 2018 with JimBobJeffers' post about running the original Rock Raiders on newer machines. Built a couple things, combo'd a couple figs. Going through another RR renaissance after listening to the Bits & Bricks podcast episode largely about this website. Nobody has seen my RR photos, despite the fact that I took them nearly 2 years ago! Here is a link to a couple more images on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/LUlSBbO Let me know what you think. There are a very small number of custom parts here -- black rubber bands, greebles from Brickarms, accessories from Arealight and Brickforge, and handpainted boots by me. I understand that might upset some people. so let me try to make up for it with this!: There is *no bley* in the build or minifigs
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  5. TheJelleyFish

    LI2 and LR2 both not starting at all - black screen

    I've actually already found the solution myself - it was indeed to do with the graphics of the game. I tried using dgVoodoo before, but I didn't extract the MS folder correctly and this time I also added the d3drm.dll file to the folder. Both games run smoothly now!
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  6. lukas.tcn

    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hey guys, after some time I wanted to update this thread a little, let's start with the gas station and continue with the hospital. The hospital is a modular building. I can seperate it into three different builds which helps me doing the interior. The "tower" is already finished inside. But finishing the whole interior will take a while. I know there won't be that many reactions on this thread but I want to share my IXS recreations with everybody who is interested. That's it for now, Lukas
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  7. aidenpons

    LRR Musings

    Update! You can see this in action in Run the Gauntlet! Open up Map Creator, load Level20's Surf.map, then switch it to Tuto.map mode and load Emrg.map in as Tuto mode so you can see the raw data. Not only do the monsters not emerge from the blocks Map Creator thinks they should (1->2, 7->8, 13->14, etc, instead it's 1->3, 7->8, 13->17), if you set EmergeTimeOut to 1 in the cfg (0 doesn't work for whatever reason), you get multiple monsters from one trigger - you get a monster from all the blocks. So block 1 triggers 2 3 4 5 6 , block 7 triggers 8 9 10 11 12, etc. Unfortunately a lot of these are still assigned as corner walls, so you don't get emerges from them, but the idea of there being 20+ monsters chasing you in Run the Gauntlet is ... definitely scarier than what we got. Practical use? Unfortunately not a lot. EmergeTimeOut of 1 has all sorts of nasty consequences like constantly spamming monsters, and if you want a swarm of monsters you can do that in a much more controlled and reliable fashion with SetRockMonsterAtTutorial, which doesn't even require multiple blocks - if you paint a lot of blocks 2 and call SetRockMonsterAtTutorial 2 , you'll get a monster at all the blocks (and not just a Rock Monster, whatever you specified in EmergeCreature). I've annotated in the regular game which blocks cause what to emerge, 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, etc are the triggers that if something is on the tile, they'll emerge. 2-6 are the emerge blocks that accompany trigger 1. 8-12 are the emerge blocks that accompany trigger 2. Etc ... *Map Creator shows the block marked 2 as Hard Rock, but because it's defined in Dugg.map as a hidden cavern, there's actually nothing there and it's just ground. Don't Panic is a good example of where Surf.map and Dugg.map can butt heads, and what the game does as a result. If EmergeTimeOut is set to 1, then trigger 1 causes emerges at 3 but also 4 (2 is ground, 5 & 6 are corners). Trigger 7 causes emerges at 8, 9, and 10 (as well as likely 11 and 12, but they were drilled when I tested this). Trigger 13 causes emerges at 17 and 18 (the rest being corners), and so on. As you can see, a lot of corner walls, which means even with EmergeTimeOut you only get 2-3 monsters despite more being marked since monsters can't emerge from corner walls. But if they were all valid emerge walls, I'd expect an emerge from all of them. ... Which is a lot more terrifying than the small amount of monsters we actually got in this level.
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  8. trigger_segfault

    Chart of all editor ".blx"/".blk" icons used during LRR development

    The .blx and older .BLK map files are not an old .map format (as was originally speculated), but instead are a format that communicates between the level editor used by DDI and the output .map format used by the game. These files contain a set of 16x16 icons, and a pair of numbers that determine how the icons are grouped together in the level editor (such as separating CryOre Crystal/spawn counts from Ore/spawn counts.) None of these discoveries are particularly useful. But... Programmer art is beautiful! Extracted Icons All map type icon sets have been extracted into individual png 16x16 icons, and grids containing all icons (as shown above): The Slimy Slug predug icon is actually pretty great. It looks like a crossing sign.
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  9. lukas.tcn

    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hello everybody! Because this is actually my first post I just want to say "hi" first. I'm a crazy guy from Germany who wants to share his recreations from Island Xtreme Stunts with you. I've always been a fan of the buldings in Xtreme Stunts and of course my big dream was building Peppers house - Finally I realised it. Yes, I know, the ground floor color looks different ingame - it could be Medium Nougat or such but that color wasn't available back then and I don't really like it either. So, here it is: I also really liked the ambulance. Still need stickers for that. Since nothing looks transparent in Island Xtreme Stunts (does anybody know why?) I did it the same except for the windows. My next project is the hospital. Now I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards Lukas
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  10. lol username

    tear it up

    I came across this and I just https://son-ov-cdah.bandcamp.com/track/jetzki-grindcore
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  11. lol username

    Loading .uv files in LightWave

    Update - UView was found (I'll probably stay away from linking it directly here, but it shouldn't be too hard to find), also, CineGraphics' website now seems to be down (did the company die?). Also, I finished that custom tool, so we should now have two means of making/editing UV maps for LRR:
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  12. busyman


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  13. lol username


    You able to see it in Account Settings -> Signature?
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  14. lol username

    Another Possible Knightmare-Athon Shortcut

    https://www.neogaf.com/threads/lego-racing-by-bizarre-creations.356028/ In March 2009, in this thread about a completely different game, a user named McBacon says: Make of it what you will.
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  15. PeabodySam

    LEGO.com Sports NBA Basketball - Minifig Draft

    Apparently, this is a lot more obscure than I thought, so I figured I'd might as well post about it here. Back in 2003 (not 2002, as Vitruvius mistakenly claimed), LEGO launched the NBA Basketball subtheme of their Sports line. Promotional materials (i.e. magazine comics and online features) tended to star a pair of sportscasters named Rick and Bob. The LEGO.com Sports page even had a series of Flash animations for the "Minifig Draft" where Rick and Bob would announce which NBA players would be appearing in the sets. I don't care at all about basketball so I never found these particularly interesting, but they still had a bit of charm to them with Rick and Bob's cheesy banter. In particular, there were three "predraft" animations that were essentially bloopers, notable for starring the Director and Grip from LEGO Studios (incidentally, this has some basis in LEGO Magazine, where the Cameraman is visible in the shadows filming Rick and Bob on the cover of the January - February 2003 issue, along with a tiny Director; both the Director and Cameraman appear in the audience of the same issue's NBA comic). With more focus on comedy and no actual NBA news, I found these much more enjoyable as a kid. Granted, the comedy isn't great... but the Director looking like he's 110% done with everything (particularly in the second predraft, "Extra Large with Cheese") still brings a smile to my face, even 18 years later. It's all too relatable. Due to Flash's recent demise, you obviously can't watch these in browsers anymore. Fortunately, the SWF files are still accessible through Wayback Machine's archive by viewing the page's source, and so if you still have Flash player, then you can download these and view them offline. I have each one linked to below: Predraft 1: http://web.archive.org/web/20030422085008oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/hair_makeup.swf Predraft 2: http://web.archive.org/web/20030420042606oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/boom_mic.swf Predraft 3: http://web.archive.org/web/20030419130022oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/pit_crew.swf Round 1: http://web.archive.org/web/20030420100915oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round1.swf Round 2: http://web.archive.org/web/20030420133235oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round2.swf Round 3: http://web.archive.org/web/20150822170605oe_/http://assets.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round3.swf Round 4: http://web.archive.org/web/20030421044746oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round4.swf Round 5: http://web.archive.org/web/20030421075445oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round5.swf Round 6: http://web.archive.org/web/20030421133647oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round6.swf Round 7: http://web.archive.org/web/20140129024319oe_/http://assets.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round7.swf Round 8: http://web.archive.org/web/20030422052058oe_/http://cache.lego.com/flash/sports/draft_round8.swf
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  16. Cirevam

    The Most Important Tool

    Don't leave your planet without one.
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  17. Wow! Swimintoshark is BRUTAL. It's wild seeing tests and mockups where they didn't have to be as mindful of the kinds of things the LEGO group wouldn't approve of. Thanks for finding and sharing these!
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  18. Cyrem

    Rock Raiders Music without CD Fix

    Rock Raiders without music has long been an issue, but following this small guide will restore the music back into the game and you won’t even need the game CD or any other audio disc. How Does it Work? LEGO Rock Raiders uses Media Control Interface (MCI) calls to play tracks from the CD-ROM. This is done through the Windows Multimedia API (winmm) which comes standard with all Windows installations. Since we want to play music without the disc we essentially need to re-route those calls from LRR to our own version of "winmm" which plays OGG files from the Music folder. This fix is based on Toni Spets' OGG winmm wrapper which I have modified to suite LRR. Applying the Fix To begin, download the Music Fix which contains all the necessary files you’ll need for this guide. The download also includes the 3 songs from the PC game in case your copy was one of those missing the audio track on your CD-ROM. Inside the ZIP file you downloaded, there will be 4 DLL files and a ‘Music’ folder containing 3 songs. Extract all these files and folders into your Rock Raiders installation directory (alongside LegoRR.exe). Your LRR should look something like this afterward. Thats all there is to it! If you run the game music should now begin playing after dismissing the “Mission Brief” on all game levels. If you wish to have all the music from the LEGO Rock Raiders games, download the music collection. All the music files are located in the "Music" folder, these files must be OGG files and must be named "Trackxx.ogg" (replace xx with any number from 00 - 98). If you would like to play your own music, there are OGG convertors online, or programs such as Audacity which will convert other audio formats to OGG. Enjoy
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  19. baraklava

    Custom Chrome Crusher model

    This is lovely, and even look pretty 90's too. Are you planning on doing more of the vehicles?
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  20. Cyrem

    Rock Raiders Stylized Wallpapers

    New Wallpaper Added Wire Driller Night Download: https://mega.nz/#!UwVhyLpb!WsQ5TF-Dysb4c3ouTOv4m_NqlvBUwd8aSGWgXQNPQeg
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  21. dead_name


    Since I haven't figured out vertex indices/polygons yet, have some point-cloud renders I did.
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  22. So... turns out this Nanite stuff in Unreal Engine 5 really makes things kind of auto optimized. A couple more tweaks and I think I can make this pilotable. Is there a more current download for the model?
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