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  1. MonoWizard

    Finally: Unlimited Free Play Mode in LEGOLAND

    Hello there, I'm not good at introductions or knowing how to start out a written post, so I'll just do a "cold open" here. There are three methods for getting around LEGOLAND's free play mode restriction. Spoiler: >99% of you are almost certainly going to use the first method for convenience, but I've listed my other two methods as well just for documentation's sake. Method 1: Downloading a blank map save game file with all the rides unlocked. First, the link: https://mega.nz/file/BypzyLrI#bmQfi6_b_ClPPyXacqocvOCaMIiMj6lUKjFE2FnWdc0 If you want to be quick, just unpack the zip file, move the files from the archive's "profiles" subfolder into the other "profiles" subfolder in the game's installation directory, and you'll find the blank park with all rides unlocked under the eighth player slot and then the eighth saved game slot. The following is pretty basic information, but just in case anyone needs it, the default installation directory and subsequent location of the "profiles" folder on 64-bit versions of Windows is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\LEGO Media\Games\LEGOLAND\profiles Note that on 32-bit versions of Windows, there's only one "Program Files" folder but it will not have the "(x86)" at the end of the folder name, so in that case LEGOLAND should have installed itself in there as the default directory instead. Anyways, the reason I chose eighth and eighth like this was to minimize the chances of someone accidentally overwriting anything else. But if you want to move that to the first player slot and the corresponding first save game slot, or elsewhere, then note the following structure of the save game file's filenames: Tells the game which profile the saved game will appear in | | Tells the game which slot the park will be listed | under in the save games menu for a given profile | | V V 8save8.sav 8save8.sh ------------ Profile8.txt ^ | | Location of profile in main/player menu slots I should also point out that the third "Profile8.txt" file is technically optional if you already have a current profile that you want to use, I only included it just in case. And of course, you can also change the name of the saved park by simply loading it, and then saving it again under a different name before building anything, just in case FREEBLANKHACK wasn't quite exciting enough for a LEGOLAND park name. Method 2: Using a memory scanner/editor. This was the method I used to originally bypass this restriction. I don't really wish to go into detail here about how to use a memory scanner/editor (I only have a surface-level knowledge of it myself) but the relevant memory address is 007CB3A0. Just force the value in that address to remain at zero and you can add all the rides you want. The limiter bar will flicker for a split second whenever you add something, which is especially noticable when it's a larger ride/attraction, but that's amusing more than it is concerning as the flicker is just the memory scanner forcing the limiter bar back down to zero again. Method 3: Hex Editing the .EXE file. The only reason I was even able to figure this method out was because of the memory scanner method. The game doesn't quantify the capacity of the limiter bar, but I found it ranges from 0 to 20,000. So I did a search through the EXE file and sure enough, there was a value of 20,000 in there. And wouldn't you know it, hex editing that bit of code and increasing that value to something else made the limiter bar less restrictive, or better yet no longer restrictive at all! Once again, I want to stress that I only have a surface-level understanding of how to use/find data with a hex editor, so I can't really give much help with that, but here's the relevant addresses/values: Address: Old: New: 0008AF0A 20 68 0008AF0B 4E 94 0008AF0C 00 01 In base-10, the old value was 20,000 but the new value is 103,528 (which is the sum of every single ride, attraction, plant, etc. in the game), although typing in "FF FF FF" would work too. Also note that VISUALLY the limiter bar still fills up as normal, but it no longer prevents you from adding the rest of the rides. The value of "20 4E 00" can also be found at these addresses... 000BA8F0 000BA8F1 000BA8F2 000BA8FC 000BA8FD 000BA8FE ...but changing the values of those addresses does not seem to result in any sort of change, at least not that I could notice at first glance. Miscellanous notes: Here are some other memory addresses that may be of interest: 004B90F8 - Amount of gold you have 00832BD0 - Amount of power your park is PRODUCING 00832BD4 - Amount of power your park is CONSUMING I know those don't matter for free play mode, but still, there they are. I also want to mention that I only tested this on my version of LEGOLAND. I don't know if there were ever multiple versions of this game like v1.0 and v1.1 or whatever, but I do know that this game was released in multiple languages and I only tested this on the English version. What I'm trying to say is that I hope the save game file works with all versions, but I can't guarantee this. Even if it doesn, the above documentation should be sufficient to recreate a save file if said files are not compatible between different languages and their releases. Also, shameless self promotion where I made a video talking about this, but all the technical detail that's really needed is already spelled out in this post. And finally a question for you all: do any of you know why the developers implemented this limitation in the first place? I never found an answer for that.
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  2. lol username


    wait you aren't laura
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  3. Ayliffe

    Regarding recent events

    As a decent human being, I am disgusted. As someone who was a child on here during the time of this user's convicted crimes being raised only to be handwaved, I am mortified. As someone whose job now occasionally involves being in contact with children, and to which I've been through safeguarding training and background checks to keep them from harm, I am horrified. This place was where many of my earliest internet memories were formed and what kindled some of my most trusted friendships, but I cannot with good conscience stick around here knowing what we now know. Do better.
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  4. RobExplorien

    Modding Research Slowed?

    This reply is really a result of chance encounter. That is already a telling statement; I hardly visit this forum these days. I remember those days you mention too. I think I joined around the peak of the Lego Racers modding days. in early 2013. That was around the time origamiguy posted the binary file editor, grappigegovert and his in-game coordinate viewer and ghost path recorder (note: distinct from AI paths in regular races), le717 who designed a software to facilitate the patching of the LEGO.JAM with modded content, JimbobJeffers who soon after wrote a tutorial on modding LEGO Racers, did a Rock Racers texture overhaul, and constructed a 3D model of a Rock Raiders truck to race with, and later on I believe Sluicer pushed the field forward significantly again somewhere around 2015 (I do not remember which fields exactly), followed by a track viewer/editor from grappigegovert as a result. Aside from that, many small things had been made or discovered. What pops to mind is controlling transparency of textures that Brickulator reported on, and the custom powerbrick lay-outs by Creator who in addition also made many new textures. All this was precluded of course by the LEGO.JAM file extractor originally posted by JrMasterModelBuilder, which was posted a year or so prior to the mentioned tools/mods (in any case, before I joined this forum). I hope I recollected my memory correctly in this little paragraph of history. Now that I had some looking around, a similar question was made seven years ago in this topic about what holds us back from making custom tracks. The challenge seems to be mostly in creating custom collision meshes to make new track lay-outs (the .BVB files) and the objects appearing in the game (.BDB files). I recall Sluicer working out the file format, and now that I search it did experiment with. From my perspective, I made grateful use of these tools, spending hours with them to make things like LEGO Acceleracers, a silly checkpoint generator, and creating custom texture packs for minifigs. I never was a programmer by heart though, so my contribution only went as far as using the tools to make some additions to the modding community. I recall working with Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express to make these console-based GUI tools. It is all Python and MATLAB for me these days. About a year after graduating high school I gradually, but soon after, lost my interest in the modding, both due to a change of interests and the resultant lack of time, occasionally lurking on the forum to see updates on things like that LEGO Racers online effort, which probably also stagnated years ago. While I am a bit pessimistic about the future (since most of us grown up with the late 90s LEGO games have gone into their 20s and 30s by now with a) a lesser chance of possessing or finding back the dedication and time to mod the game to such an extent as we did a decade back, and b) having a smaller 'customer base' for the modded content), there may always be another individual who picks up enough enthusiasm to give it another go and continue where others have left off. Every bit of extra research, even if the interest dies out eventually, is worth the time; it adds some new perspective and hopefully you had fun in this endeavour. (I think a lot of academic research too works this way, lots of ideas that are tried, make a bit of progress, but then die out either in favour of other projects or because the 'returns on investment' are not great.) The fun I sure had when I was active on RRU, and it would still spark some excitement in me seeing new updates. But in reality the sporadic activity I show on RRU nowadays will likely limit itself to complimenting others when they find a new breakthrough in LEGO Racers modding. To actually use their tools/research for new content is a closed chapter for me I'm afraid. Though this also has a lot to do with the effort one needs to put into modding. In other words, once the tool is there and it has a user-friendly GUI with little need to dig deep into the LEGO.JAM, then it will help a lot in removing the entry barrier to users for making custom content. I also uphold replay value as mattering a lot in getting the modding off the ground. RollerCoaster Tycoon for example has a large 'customer base' due to this aspect and the creative outlet it provides, and so the development of OpenRCT has continued steadily. But in that instance the developers rewrote the whole source code after they 'cracked' the original Assembly code. This may have been too much effort for LEGO Racers, of which the way the game operates is perhaps not as intuitive from the get-go. I started writing this and am not sure now what point I am trying to convey, but like you said, if it gets a discussion rolling then I can rest my case.
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  5. deaddius

    [LR2] Chase McCain

    Replaces "PLAYER ONE" slot. Download: http://oresome.rockraidersunited.com/download/496
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  6. Toebex

    No music on Lego Rock Raiders?

    You're welcome, I really enjoy these old lego games and it was something I never ever realised when I was a kid. Thought it would be an easy fix but clearly not. I also made another discovery today, a different game with exactly the same issue. Rollcage from Psygnosis for PC. Bought a "new" copy on eBay and installed it. No music at all. Checked the CD files and there isnt even a mention of music anywhere on there so I panicked a little and thought it must be an issue with my computer since Rock Raiders was doing the same thing. After your replies on here, I tried it with a different CD version of the same game (im assuming an older official release?) and it had music on it. Then I thought it might be exaclty the same issue so I put both of the discs into a CD player and as expected, one played music like a CD and the other didn't play anything. So this must have been a common way to get music playing on PC games in that era? This is just something I never would have expected, surely it must be a space-saving solution since the music doesnt even show up as a file on the disk, maybe it tricks the CD into adding more files? Maybe? Also, yes its weird that two seemingly identical disks are actually different, even with the same serial numbers. I double checked and yes, one has music and one does not. Youd think the publishers would check this before shipping them out but they really must not care too much, at least not as much as the OG developer/publisher. What is crazy to me though is that the collectors "Classics" version of the game indeed has no music, youd think maybe they would have at least checked that one? Glad I can add to the LRR community in some way!
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  7. Toebex

    No music on Lego Rock Raiders?

    You know I think we were right, I couldn't actually believe it. I put the disks in a CD player and wouldn't you know it, the discs with the music in-game played the music and the disks with no music in game didn't play anything. How about that! I took some pictures and videos of the working and non-working discs, not sure if its going to help (can't insert images for some reason) https://imgur.com/a/RK2ezh9 Cheers for helping me get to the bottom of this, has this ever been recognised before?
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  8. Cyberbrickmaster86

    Want Jonathan to not talk nearly as much. Here's how to do it.

    If you have managed to get the installation working, delete the Speech folder in the game directory and replace it with this: https://mega.nz/folder/OH5DnK4T#r285f93SppCcBXJ892SDPg If you would rather not have any voice acting, then just delete the speech folder Unfortunately this won't be enough to fix the problem, as the voice samples are taken straight from the CDrom and not the primary installation. Plus the game requires the CD in order to run the game. Thankfully there exists a no CD crack online to remedy this, but due to legal reasons I can't tell you where to look for it. But if you search for it, you should be able to find it. Once downloaded, overwrite the executable in the directory with the no cd executable and it should work without the CD. On a side note: If you want to keep the FMVs in the game, just copy the .avi files in the CDrom base directory into the main directory where you installed the game. Hopefully this fix make Jonathan not talk nearly as much. But if there are some missing voice samples you want included in the game, let me know and I'll try to work on it.
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  9. berry-pepper-roni

    Found this on Internet Archive

    Behind The Scenes of "Adventures On LEGO Island" ^ This is it! I didn't watch the whole thing but I did find some pretty cool stuff while seeking through it: there was a Pepper bit... with a line I had never heard before until earlier today when I found this video. (He just wanted to say hi.) A variation of Legomania by Lorin Swelk at the end (a lot of reverb at the beginning of this version of the song though). So yeah. Have fun watching the video. (fyi: the Pepper part is about 5-6 minutes in and ends at about 7 minutes in.) -Tehya
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  10. BeepBoop

    Some LEGO Racers sets (and other stuff)

    Hello! Just sharing some pictures of my collection. Please excuse the badly taken photos and really poor lighting. Mostly just to show some of the sets that were (partially) used in the LEGO Racers games. Bosses and opponents: Circuits 1 & 4 Circuit 2, 3, 5 & 6 Non LEGO Racers thingies
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  11. BBordewyk

    Rock Raiders: A New Expedition

    Why wait for LEGO to reboot Rock Raiders, when I can do it myself! Presenting, "Rock Raiders: A New Expedition" A series of MOCs with buildable instructions that you can create yourself today! Click the picture for its instructions and parts lists. More to come!
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  12. RaiderzNation

    I have completed my Chief Minifigure

    Thanks to a seller on Bricklink a few years ago, I was able to finally obtain the head for relatively cheap and now I finally have all of the Rock Raiders Minifigures! I realized that I had not posted in like 5 years after stumbling upon RRN when doing some Lego research. I decided to post this as the conclusion to my quest for the elusive Cheif head! It is nice to see that this site is still active.
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  13. (2020-08-31) It's been a long while, but today the largest update so far drops for Manic Miners! The vehicles are here, together with an extensive miner customization system and many surprises and improvements. Dive in and re-live an almost-complete Rock Raiders remake today! The only thing missing are the monsters... so stay tuned! Thank you for following development! V0.3: The Miners and machines update trailer: Initial reveal trailer: Latest version: V0.3.5, released 2021-01-28) Download link: https://baraklava.itch.io/manic-miners Resource links: Trello (my development progress) Discord (active daily discussion AND usually weekly in-progress builds) Subreddit (active daily) Facebook page (not very active, but will announce major updates) Here's some more information on the project, taken from the Trello: If you have played the original Rock Raiders game and just want to jump right in without reading the project backstory and explanations, here are some quick notes: Original post: Full information dump can be found here
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  14. Ksyon

    Mighty Miners

    Well this is awkward. I've been working off-and-on at what was originally a fan-remake of - stop me if you've heard this one before (no, please don't) - Lego Rock Raiders for about three years now. I eventually decided to rebrand it into a new IP so that I could use it to properly christen a new game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders. Upon making that decision, I decided to wait until I had scrubbed all of the assets I had ripped from the original game out (got to keep myself safe legally, after all) before I went showing the project around too widely (though I haven't exactly been hiding it, and I'm sure some of you probably already know what I'm talking about because you stumbled upon my site via Google - the steady trickle of new Discord members I've gotten over the years has to have come from somewhere). Well, now the game is clean - everything in the game is either self-made or comes from a royalty-free database, leaving a functional, if not very pretty, work-in-progress build I'm comfortable getting out there and promoting! Yes, I am aware that there are a good many "Rock Raiders Remake" projects on this forum - ones that look a hell of a lot prettier because they don't want to be anything more than fangames and thus happily use the textures and models from the original game - including one that made it's public debut... let me see here... five hours ago. Like I said, this is pretty awkward. But I made a promise to myself, and I'm kind of in a tight spot in my life where I kind of need to be bold, so it's time to submit myself to the terrifying ordeal of being known! Mighty Miners, is, as mentioned previously, a spiritual remake of Lego Rock Raiders. Unlike most of its contemporaries, I'm designing this game with a fully original IP in mind to be sold on Steam as hopefully the first of many games under the banner of my game development circle, Rocket Jumping Spiders (so putting this under "Fan Games" is a bit of a misnomer, but this is were all the other RR remakes on the site make their home). Because of this, the game has no assets directly taken from the original game, which means that in it's current early stage of development, it looks kind of like... this: It's... minimalist, to put it lightly. Actually it's barely functional and one of my top priorities that I hope to have done by the end of the month is to redo the textures to be a bit more readable. So what does the current build have? Well: 14 levels, all of which are technically brand new, but most aren't exactly subtle about their roots. Mind, you, not all of them are beatable, because the game doesn't have water or air vehicles quite yet. By this time next week, I plan to have all 34 of the levels planned for the game put into place - I've got them all mapped out as image files, it's just a matter of actually making real levels out of those maps, and I ran out of time before I promised my Discord channel I'd have a new build out. After clearing the mission on a given level, you unlock the ability to play that level in excavation mode, where you're given a time limit and scored on how quickly you can collect as many energy crystals as you can. You also unlock a free play mode, a pure sandbox mode with no objectives or restrictions. Levels in the game are designed with excavation mode in mind - most are significantly bigger than you'll ever have reason to explore when clearing the mission alone, with the intent being that you come back to it in the other modes for the "full" experience. Five of the ten planned buildings are available to build, though the tech tree is slightly different from what it was in the original game. You also have access to 3 vehicles, the equivalents to the originals' Hover Scout, Small Digger, and Small Transport Truck. Priorities are fully adjustable, and saved to your save file. No more having to re-adjust your priorities at the start of every level! Oh yeah, there are also save files. A functional in-game level editor! It's not pretty, and has some notable features missing, but it's 100% operational - you can build and save levels and then immediately load up your save file and play them! Custom levels are only playable in excavation and free play mode. Plans for the immediate future (as in, by the end of this month) include implementing the remaining 20 levels and replacing the textures to make them more readable. If you want to hold off until at least then to give the game a spin, I perfectly understand, this post was mainly to announce to the world that this is a thing that I am doing. I'll be coming back here to update everyone as the project continues to progress. If you do want to try out the build as it currently stands, you can download it here.
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  15. Sadie Meowsalot

    Retro LEGO Comics/Storybooks/Animated Cartoons General Discussion

    Originally this topic was geared towards the discussion of the mid-80s LEGO Publishing Classic Space comic book series, Jim Spaceborn, but it's since expanded from its roots to encompass retro LEGO comics, storybooks, animated cartoons, and the like in general. I'm however retaining the original contents of the OP below to serve as this topic's initial subject of discussion and to maintain the flow of the topic. For the uninitiated, Jim Spaceborn was a Classic Space oriented LEGO comic book series authored and illustrated by Frank Madsen , and developed and produced in collaboration with LEGO's short-lived publishing division, LEGO Publishing from 1983-1987. The series was initiated after the production of an internal prototype Classic Space book titled Trapped in Space in 1983(from which Jim Spaceborn would later draw a good deal of its inspiration and story elements), written by Douglas Hill and illustrated with photographs. However, the book was never published as LEGO later scrapped the children's book concept, and thus gave birth to the Jim Spaceborn comic book series. The series comprised of three 48-page installments and a series of three 24-page mini-comics, the third installment and the series of mini-comics, however, were never published. Development began with a white 12-page test album "Mission Spyspids", after which a second test album with imagery on 31 pages, and the vast majority of the rest of the album's pages being blank merely to give it the feeling of a final album was produced, this one carrying the name "Jan Spaceborn: Galaxens Hemmelighed". Though the name Jan was later changed to Jim subject to being deemed politically explosive. Both the test albums, unlike the final releases, were hardcover books rather than paperback. Finally, Jim Spacborn 1: The Unknown Galaxy was produced, and published in 6 countries. After which development of the series' second installment Jim Spaceborn 2: The Kidnappers From Swamp Planet/Castle of the Darkmen commenced and was published in 5 of the aforementioned six countries excluding Denmark. The unpublished third installment was titled Panic On Board of which I've uploaded layouts provided by Frank Madsen, and the 3 mini-comics titled The Monorail Service, Cleaning Robot, and The Competition. According to Erik Dyhr Thomsen, LEGO Publishing Product/Development Manager 1982-1988 LEGO Publishing was created by Keld Kirk Kristiansen, current owner of LEGO. His idea of LEGO Publishing was that they should use LEGO bricks in various media, such as books and movies. I've been in contact for a good while now with Frank Madsen among a whole host of others on the series' development team and generally people who collaborated on the project. Frank has been instrumental in the discovery of a lot of the aforementioned, having generously provided the images of the entirety of the contents of the 1983 internal prototype book Trapped in Space, the layouts for Jim Spaceborn 3, the entirety of the initial 10-page test album of The Unknown Galaxy, 1984 and 1987 Jim Spaceborn character model sheets, the original pages of The Unknown Galaxy, some covers and layouts from some of the 3 unpublished mini-comics, and much more to come, some of which I've yet to upload and will edit into the original post when they become available. He's also informed me that sometime in 1986 a Jim Spaceborn animated film was planned and produced in a Danish studio led by Jeffrey James Varab (a former Disney animator) and Jakob Stegelmen. Though development only reached the extent of a storyboard of the initial 10 minutes of the film. Soon after I contacted Jeffrey, and he told me that not only was a feature film based on the comics planned, but as well a series and video game. And if you have anything more to share with regard to Jim Spaceborn or any other retro LEGO comic or the like that hasn't been outlined or shared already please do so. Retro LEGO Comics/Storybooks/Animated Cartoons List Animated Cartoons: Comics: Storybooks:
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