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  1. IAmFozzieBear

    Realistic Illustration of Chief

    New to this group so thought this would be a cool introduction! I played the PC version of Rock Raiders when it released and fell in love with the music, characters, and overall aesthetic of the game. Around that time I had several of the Lego sets but later on all the pieces got lost or put in storage. It wasn't until a few years ago that I went ahead and bought all the sets again including some I never owned before. I also bought Pohatu (with his original canister/disc) and did a realistic drawing of him. This started a series of realistic interpretations of Lego mini figures including one from Ice Planet (2002) and a Zotaxian from the UFO 1997 sets. So being a huge fan of Rock Raiders I want to do realistic illustrations of all the characters from the Rock Raiders sets so thought I'd start with Chief.
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  2. BBordewyk

    Rock Raiders: A New Expedition

    Why wait for LEGO to reboot Rock Raiders, when I can do it myself! Presenting, "Rock Raiders: A New Expedition" A series of MOCs with buildable instructions that you can create yourself today! Click the picture for its instructions and parts lists. More to come!
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  3. Jappelsap

    Redesigned LEGO Racers cars

    Hello! A little while ago I finished redesigning most of the cars from LEGO Racers. I thought that people here might appreciate them as well. All cars: Rocket Racer: Captain Redbeard: King Kahuka: Basil the Batlord: Johnny Thunder: Baron von Barron: Gypsy Moth: Later addition: Veronica Voltage:
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  4. trigger_segfault

    In-depth Look at the CFG Syntax

    I'm looking through the LegoRR.exe assembly for how exactly it reads Lego.cfg, and other cfg-like files (.ol Object Lists, .ptl Mission AI, etc.). The basic syntax already makes sense, but knowing the boundaries helps a lot with weird edge cases. There's already been some fun finds. Base CFG Syntax: Back to Extended Syntax Basics The most interesting aspect is that there seems to be almost no concept of lines. All whitespace characters (tabs, spaces, line feeds, carriage returns, and ';' comments) are treated the same, they all separate tokens (i.e. keys, values, block names, and block braces {}). There is one exception, and that is the newline character '\n', which is required to end ';' line comments. All properties (whether the beginning of a property block {}, or a property key value pair) consume exactly 2 tokens from the config file. A property block's "value" is actually the '{' character, while the '}' character is a special case that's consumed but not assigned anywhere. Because every property consumes 2 tokens, missing a property value/key/etc., or adding one too many can throw off the entire file. Double-slash `//` comments are NOT supported... yet they still appear in Lego.cfg if you search for `// ROCK FOG`. And look! This creates 3 tokens which would throw off the file... except it doesn't, because they appear in pairs every time when defining `FogColourRGB` and `HighFogColourRGB`. This essentially removes the `HighFogColourRGB` property, because the parser ends up treating it as a property value and not a key like so: { FogColourRGB = 110:110:155, // = ROCK, FOG = HighFogColourRGB, 155:155:110 = //, ROCK = FOG } Special Characters ';' - Comments, you see them everywhere. Not much more to add to this, other than the fact that these do not need to be separated by real whitespace. If a value has a ';' in it, it will immediately end (although this is never done in Lego.cfg). As an example, this would be 100% valid: `CreditsTextFile Credits.txt;comment`. '{' '}' - On the other hand, block open/close braces must be separated by whitespace, otherwise they will be considered part of the block name, property key, or property value. e.g. `BlockName{` will not count as an opening brace. A token can start with, end with, or have '{' '}' characters anywhere in the middle, as long as the token is at least 2 characters long, it will be treated like a name, and not as a block brace. '*' - The asterisk is used as a wildcard in block/property key names (at the root level only), and is used as a method for defining base information that can easily be overridden. Most notably, this is seen with the root `Lego* {}` block name. If you look at the bottom of Lego.cfg, you'll see the `LegoRR {}` block "; Settings for the final version", Rock Raiders uses the executable name (LegoRR.exe) -> `LegoRR::Block::Path::To::PropertyKey` when looking up configuration values. If you want to change the executable name, make sure the name starts with Lego, and then you can define custom config settings depending in the full name of the exe when launched. Which brings us to the next character(s): "::" - You'll see this syntax with Levels::LevelName, and Textures::Rock|Ice|Lava,. Internally, Lego Rock Raiders uses this to lookup any property or block key. It uses the same syntax as C++'s namespaces. I'm not quite sure how the usage of "::" is done with property keys, as is seen with `Stream_Objective_Levels::Level01 @Sounds\Streamed\Objectiv\MisObj01` and such, it's possible the handling for this is hardcoded. You cannot use double-quotes to include spaces in key names or values. Spaces can only be used for certain non-file-path text by inserting '_' underscore characters. Common Lego.cfg Syntaxes: Common Keywords and Literals Keywords: TRUE, FALSE, YES, NO, ON, OFF, NULL Integer: 25, -100, +32 Float: 0.1, -2.5, +1.0, 60.0f RGB: 255:0:13 (the `#.#f` float syntax is only seen with the 2 `PolyRange` properties. This is, again, a C/C++ syntax) Common Value Delimiters Very often, a single property key will require multiple points of information to fill in its value. There are 3 common characters used to separate this information, however these are only used for certain properties. Many will use multiple delimiters to signal different things. And many blocks will have comments stating how to format said property value. Delimiters: ':' ',' '|' Commen Key/Value Prefixes Three special prefix characters are seen on many property key and value names. These are as-always, used on a case-by-case basis: '@' (values) - Presumably specifies to stream a sound property value (rather than loading it in memory all at once). This prefix is also utilized in the ToolTips section to denote an image name instead of text (however this is never actually used in Lego.cfg, only commented on). '*' (values) - Seen on a handlful of Sounds\ path property values. Purpose is unknown. '!' (keys) - Seen on a handfull of SFX/SND/etc. property keys. Purpose isn't fully understood, but it seems this is used to denote that a property is an "expensive" resource, that can be ignored/excluded when using an appropriate `-reduceX` command line argument. Format Characters (sprintf) A few property values have dynamic information that needs to be replaced at runtime. These property values expect special "%_" format character patterns. More than anything else, messing up these property values can and will crash the game (immediately upon usage). This is because a program will pass in N values to replace N format characters, any difference in number will imbalance the program's execution stack, and immediately start causing all kinds of unexpected behavior until a crash is inevitable. See the printf reference for all existing format characters, however "%d" and "%%" are only ever seen in Lego.cfg. You can change up and replace "%d" with a different format specifier in-some-cases, but beware that it's a bit more complicated than just keeping the same number of format specifiers. "%%" - An escape to insert in a real '%' percent sign. This does not consume one of those N values passed by the program, it is simply the only way to specify a percent sign without causing formatting to occur. "%d" - Insert a signed integer (whole number that can be negative or positive). All Format Usages: Making Use of this Information: Syntax Highlighting for VSCode (WIP) This syntax highlighting is based on information that was only known before going into the assembly, a lot of the edge cases listed above aren't added in yet, but your average cfg file should be as readable as ever. The extension development is available on GitHub, (along with the rest of this research). It's not in any finished state, or on the VSCode Marketplace, but it can be installed by dropping the containing folder, vscode-lrr, into `C:\Users\<YOU>\.vscode\extensions\`. Fixing the ROCK FOG Comments Comparison of changing `HighFogColourRGB` to `255:0:0` without removing the `// ROCK FOG` comments, and with removing them: Changing the "LegoRR" Root Block Name As explained in the section describing '*' block name wildcard characters, the root namespace at the bottom of Lego.cfg is looked up based on the name of the game executable. When put into practice, here's an example of 3 game variations added to a single Lego.cfg file (ignore the fact that I created duplicate WAD files to match the exe names). The following executable-name-specific properties are defined: LegoRR::Main::PowerCrystalRGB 255:000:000 ; RED Energy Crystals for "LegoRR.exe" LegoSL::Main::PowerCrystalRGB 000:255:255 ; CYAN Energy Crystals for "LegoSL.exe" LegoSS::Main::PowerCrystalRGB 000:000:255 ; BLUE Energy Crystals for "LegoSS.exe"
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  5. ArmitageShanks

    Master Chief

    Hi all, ..and you thought the chief was a rare minifig, this guy (linked below) as far as I know is unique. Lego made this prototype based on the in-game model that I designed. He originally had a chrome arm (like his helmet) in the game, but Lego were unable to use that more brittle plastic as arms, so he ended up with the distinctive turquoise colour. Lego's original plan was to bundle this fig with the game but that plan was dropped for reasons unknown to me, perhaps time or budget constraints. ..anyway, I trust you like that little history lesson, and hope you're still enjoying Rock Raiders as much as we did making it. https://imgur.com/ioTRPcR
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  6. Antillies

    A Lost Rock Raider Has Been Found!

    Some of you may remember my attempt in 2017 to capture the feeling of Rock Raiders through photos. I commented that though some of the pictures that time around were interesting, I wasn't able to achieve the exactness when it came to matching the aesthetic as I had hope. Well, I had some time and the will to again make another attempt these past two weeks when I again had access to my LEGO's. With a bit more forethought and planning, and gathering some more tools, I produced the below images. I feel this attempt did a significantly better job in capturing the aesthetic of the Rock Raider world - though the exact extent of which I will leave up to you all. The two things I would like to explore in the future, if I have time and the ability, would be to feature the electric fence (I had meant to but ran out of time) and include power paths. The lighting for power paths is a little more tricky but I'm sure I can find a way, if it doesn't end up looking too awkward. Hope there's some images here that everyone can enjoy. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12 Image 13 Image 14 Image 15 Image 16 Image 17 Image 18 Image 19 Image 20 Image 21 Image 22 Image 23 Image 24 Image 25 Image 26 Image 27 Image 28 Image 29 Image 30 Image 31 Image 32 Image 33
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  7. trigger_segfault

    Open Source Decompilation of Rock Raiders

    Over the last few months (starting with the CFG In-depth research), I've started working through the entire `LegoRR.exe` assembly and identifying functions, global variables, symbols, and data types. Since then, things have progressed to the point where most of the game code can easily be navigated. Much of this is thanks to the recent GODS98 engine leaks, which sped things up 10 fold! (This page is going to go through numerous rewrites, to better organize most of the found information) General Info LEGO Rock Raiders is written entirely in C (with an exception of C++ with AVI and VideoPlayer classes, which have C wrappers). British spellings are being used for symbols to match DDI's naming conventions: i.e. Initialise, Finalise, Colour, etc... Naming conventions also aim to use accurate internal names, rather than commonly-known names seen during gameplay: i.e. Spade (shovel), OohScary (sonic blaster object), BirdScarer (sonic blaster boom), Immovable (solid rock), Medium (loose rock), Loose (dirt), Lake (water), Water_unused (flood water feature that was never implemented). All functions in assembly are easily identifiable and separated by address. The same goes with global variables (to an extent). DDI likes to group global variables for a module into one large structure, this is what causes most global variables to appear in an organized fashion. Even better, all game-specific modules for LegoRR appear in alphabetical order, making identification infinitely easier. Ghidra All reverse engineering work has been done through Ghidra. This is a free alternative to IDA, and offers a rough C decompilation of individual functions that works well enough, but chokes when handling heavy use of pointer arrays. Code Modification Based on the same manner of DLL-injection used by LRR:CE, it's possible to replace individual functions within LegoRR for testing (or for messing around). Cleaning up this approach and making it more user friendly will help as a base for creating an open-sourced version of LegoRR (in similar fashion to OpenRCT2). There are no immediate plans to start this, but it is already 100% possible to make useful and meaningful changes to the game through this approach. Below are some tests that have already made use of this: First-person controls in Top-down view Changing drilled walls from spawning spiders to Tool Stores Breaking everything with cycle-able wall spawns Multi-colored and level-based crystal coloring Yup, crystals support levels, and LV1 Crystals can be spawned with the CryOre map secondary values. Resource monitoring Links All work is being published to the same GitHub repository as used for the CFG research, among other things. Ghidra archive - An archive of the project where all reversing and symbol labeling is done. DDI data - Useful source leaks, including the GODS98 engine, a half-finished GODSPSX engine, and LegoRR PSX debug symbols. Source dump - Export of Ghidra's decompiled code (this is messier than hand-decompiled code, but will span the entire codebase). Modules map - Same as the section below, but with more information. LRRMonitor - Modification of LRR:CE for injecting and replacing self-written code into LegoRR. Decompile - Hand-written decompiled code, cleaned up from Ghidra's most unreadable messes. ModeSelection - Hand-written decompilation of the entire Mode Selection dialog, shown before booting LegoRR. CLGen - Hand-written decompilation of the entire CLGen tool for modifying LegoRR's standard command-line arguments. Modules map All functions in assembly are easily identifiable and separated by address. The same goes with global variables (to an extent). LegoRR modules Game code specific to LEGO Rock Raiders. All LegoRR game modules appear in alphabetical order (or at least almost every module*). Many names are based off of the PSX symbols dump, or based on commonly used names in CFG, NERPs, etc. Many enum names are a dead giveaway for a section's module, as the GODS engine also follows the pattern of prefixing enum names with the module name. GODS98 modules Data Design Interactive's GODS engine. Code not specific to LEGO Rock Raiders. All names are source-accurate, thanks to legally-obtained dumps of the GODS engine (for Windows 98). Remaining modules Misc groups of modules. Contains GODS module: Init, and GODS indirectly-related module: RNC.
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  8. Cirevam

    Forum Upgrade

    Rock Raiders United has been recently upgraded with new software. A new theme will be coming soon as well. Please report any bugs you find (posting in this thread is fine) or any other oddities. In addition, the broken Contact Us form should be fixed, so you can use that if you have trouble with logging in.
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  9. ArmitageShanks

    Master Chief

    Thanks Cirevam, that's ideal. I did all the textures for the dirt/ground and rocks, there were some stock soil and rock images used but my method for the various types of walls, was to make a 3D scene with a pile of boulders/minerals and render that out to an image, then take into photoshop and make it into a repeating tile. That way the lighting would be consistent across all the textures. I'm pretty sure we had to use existing Lego pieces for anything made out of Lego, they did of course make us some bespoke pieces like the rock monster and openable boulder, but Lego designed those without any input from us. I only worked on the cut scenes for Lego Racers not the game itself, we did have a Rocket Racer minifig with his car in the studio, but I think he was a standard production version. Lego had already made the other characters/minifigs, when we realized we need a captain/leader, I had an idea for him and we tried him out. I had an issue back then with all the disabled or scarred characters, always being the 'bad' guys, I felt they were being demonized just for being different, so I gave chief the 'robot' arm to try and address that balance... it made me feel better anyway I know that we did make up some sets that were needed in-game, drilling machines and apparatus etc., out of existing Lego parts, and some of these may have made it to physical Lego sets. I remember doing the Lego Chess cutscenes, lot of fun. I think we had a fair amount of free rein to do the scenes we wanted, the only restriction I recall was, NO FIRE! Lego being rather paranoid about the flammable nature of their product.
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  10. lol username

    So LI2 canonized stuff from a fansite

    Serwithed posted this in the discord and I think it's way too funny and deserves to be on the forums too. First up, remember this old LEGO Island fansite? It predates LEGO Island 2 (Serwithed says it goes back to August 1999 at least), and in the plot twist of the century, it seems some LI2 devs actually used it as reference when creating the sequel - certainly the GBC game, if not the other platforms as well. Compare this image from the homepage: With Captain Click's GBC trading card, especially the mouth: And the fansite's screenshot of Captain Click vs his GBC trading card: Also, while not from the fansite, Gabbarro's card comes from how he appears in Adventurers set instructions: Anyway, back to the fansite - here's what it says about the Flying Legondos: Except, as Jeremy points out, Jack O Trades is actually one of the two mechanics/painters/construction workers (the other being Bumpy Kindergreen)... ... and none of the Flying Legondos had names at all (all the names the fansite gave to them actually belonged to other characters). Flash forward to LEGO Island 2, and somehow we've ended up with Jack O Trades being the "O" Flying Legondo, who also inexplicably owns a hardware store. We know the LI2 devs received info directly from LI1's development, but with proof the GBC game at least referenced the fansite as well, it seems very possible that the PC/PS1/maybe GBA teams did too - and so we ended up with a weird "Jack O Trades" character that's actually an accidental fusion of two unrelated characters from LI1 because some fan said so in 1999. lol
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  11. trigger_segfault

    NO WADS! or 10 Wads

    I can clarify a bit more on some of the loose ends like the CD priority, and expand on some information: File System Priorities: Data File Reading LegoRR9.WAD - LegoRR0.WAD Working Data folder (in current working directory, which should be your executable directory unless you want to have a bad time) CD-ROM Data folder (in first-located CD drive (`C-Z`) containing the file `CD:\Data\cd.key` (contents don't matter), this excludes Floppy-reserved drive letters `A,B`) Data File Streaming For AVI videos (needs more checking) and Streamed sounds (Sample properties defined with `@` path prefix). Working Data folder CD-ROM Data folder Data File Writing This is seen a few times in assembly, but I don't think any of it is reachable code. (There's some leftover code used to scan the Working Data directory and write a list of relative file names, which was likely used when preparing to build a WAD file) Working Data folder (only) Non-Game Data Priority Music, Saves, etc... TODO. Everything outside the data folder doesn't use LegoRR's built in File System manager, and technically streamed media doesn't either. (Rule of thumb is Working Data is checked before CD-ROM Data though) Misc CD-ROM drives will always be checked for on boot. As far as I can tell from the code, you can throw any data file in any different-numbered WAD file, as long as you're not relying on priority. Higher number WAD files can still be loaded even when lower numbered files don't exist. I have no clue about the machine-specific issue with the blaster though. WAD File Names: WAD file names are determined by the game executable name (without the extension). Renaming the executable to something else means it will no longer look for WAD files named `LegoRR#.wad`, but for `<exename>#.wad`. This is identical to how the root `Lego*` and `LegoRR` properties are handled in CFG-type files (Lego.cfg, *.ol, *.ptl, *.ae). Community Edition & Cafeteria LRR:CE supports WAD files just like the original, as long as they use the same executable name `LegoRRCE`. Cafeteria only outputs a WAD file named `LegoRR0.wad` when rebuilding mods, so this is why LRR:CE only functions when using the "Data method". WAD File Format: This info is entirely useless, but interesting none-the-less. There's one extra feature of WAD files that are never seen, but are supported by LegoRR (and LRR:CE). That being file compression. The WAD Entry metadata structure uint32 version -> flags // (1 = Store, 2 = Compressed) uint32 size -> packed_size // size in the WAD file uint32 size2 -> original_size // size of the file when decompressed uint32 offset In reality, version is a flags field, of which only the second bit (`0x2`) is ever checked. When set, the file is treated as RNC (Rob Northern Compression), not to be confused with the other RNC acronym: "Rob Northern Copylock". Following this, size is actually the packed_size (as present in the WAD file) while size2 is the unpacked original_size. When not compressed, these two sizes must be identical. Using the reversed tool rnc_propack, and creating WAD files with the output (while writing the appropriate metadata), the game still manages to read the game data files as expected... until it tries to read certain compressed .wav files and crashes mid-loading screen... All other file types seem to work fine, though. This means there's at least a few wav files that are read or used in unexpected ways... or the compression/decompression fails at some point. It's also not all wav files, since LegoRR1.WAD is fully converted and contains numerous interface SFX. I managed to get the 2 WAD file sizes down to nearly half their original size using compression. (74MB -> 40MB, and 3.6MB -> 1.9MB). And the game still loads a lot faster with compressed WAD data over using the Data directory method (which is the biggest benefit of WAD files: faster, more compact even without compression, and much less stress on the file system and Windows indexer).
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  12. trigger_segfault

    In-depth Look at the CFG Syntax

    Sounds good! I've actually already gotten an assembly patch working to fix this, though I've only done tests with the Masterpiece executable, (and very few tests at that)... and it's in Python (which I need to port to some more-accessible language). As long as the Improvement Pack's order is "sound1,sound1,sound2,sound2,...", then it shouldn't cause problems whether the user has the patch applied or not. And on an unrelated note... Dependencies So all dependencies have an "AlwaysCheck:" prefix in Lego.cfg, it turns out there actually is another prefix that can be used: "HitOnceStay:" - This is the only prefix the game actually checks for in the Dependencies block. This states that once the requirements are met. The player never needs to meet the requirements again. The only exception is for objects that need a place to teleport in. (i.e. Vehicles cannot be teleported if there's no power/or Power Station) Dependencies { HitOnceStay:Hoverboard Pilot:0,ToolStation:1,TeleportPad:0,PowerStation:0 AlwaysCheck:SmallDigger Pilot:0,ToolStation:1,TeleportPad:0,PowerStation:0 ; any prefix besides "HitOnceStay" can be used in-place of "AlwaysCheck" ; just make sure to include the ':' FooBarBaz12:SmallTruck Pilot:0,ToolStation:1,TeleportPad:0,PowerStation:0 } Example Using the example for HitOnceStay above, this shows that removing the LV1 ToolStation will still allow the Hover Scout to teleport in, while the Small Digger cannot.
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  13. trigger_segfault

    In-depth Look at the CFG Syntax

    Finally found the usages for the key and value prefixes (at least for sounds) Key Prefixes: Reduce Prefix: '!' This tells the game that the sound (and presumably any other resource) will be removed with `-reduce____` command-line arguments. This has been tested on sound effects using `-reducesamples`. This will eliminate a large number of tooltip and interface sounds we all known and love. !SurfaceSFX_Medium Sounds\Voices\Surfaces\looserock !SurfaceSFX_Rubble Sounds\Voices\Surfaces\rubble Other spotted uses of this prefix: Probably for `-reduceflics`: Flics { !Score Avi\Capt.flh|121|153|234|327 } Probably for `-reduceanimation`: !MenuWipe Interface\FrontEnd\Rock_Wipe\RockWipe Value Prefixes: I've only researched usages of this for sound at the moment. Though again, the config file states other areas where this should be supported. Multiple Instance Prefix: '*' States a sound can have multiple instances playing at once. If this prefix is not present, and a new sound needs to play, it will cut off any currently playing instance of the sound and start a new one. SFX_Drill *Sounds\drtdrillc Streamed Prefix: '@' Sound is streamed (and it will sound a bit louder). Cannot be used with '*' to play multiple instances at once. When this prefix is not specified. The sound file will be fully loaded in memory, supposedly on boot. Stream_Objective_Levels::Level01 @Sounds\Streamed\Objectiv\MisObj01 BUG: When defining a Sound Group (with ','), the Streamed flag will be applied to all future sounds in a group after the first-listed sound with '@'. (Note: It hasn't exactly been tested if Streaming functionality is even supported with Sound Groups) Reduce Volume Prefix: '#' Reduces the volume of a sound. This one follows a format: #number# Where number should be a whole number between -10000 and 0 (anything else is set to 0). The lowest number will make it silent, while the highest (0), will keep it at the original volume. (this prefix is never used) !SurfaceSFX_Immovable #-100#Sounds\Voices\Surfaces\solidrock Combinations with '#' This prefix can be combined with '*' or '@', however note that the order is important: The Multiple Instance prefix must come before the Reduced Volume prefix: !SurfaceSFX_Immovable *#-100#Sounds\Voices\Surfaces\solidrock Meanwhile the Steamed prefix must come *after* the Reduced Volume prefix: !SurfaceSFX_Immovable #-100#@Sounds\Voices\Surfaces\solidrock POSSIBLE BUG (technical): When parsing the this prefix, it seems the program doesn't properly terminate the number string, which can potentially allow for garbage data to be included in the number. Worst-case-scenario is the volume would be quieter, but it entirely depends on what data was previously in this location. Miscellaneous: Sound Group: ',' This is used a lot in the samples Block to define multiple sound effects that can randomly be selected from a single type of sound: !SFX_Drip Sounds\drip1,Sounds\drip2,Sounds\drip3,Sounds\dripsA,Sounds\dripsB,Sounds\dripsC Different Value Prefixes listed above should supposedly work with each individual sound (the prefixes are parsed individually for each sound in a group). LIMITATION: The game engine only has room for 200 total extra sounds defined in groups. (1 slot is used for each sound defined after the first comma ','). BUG: When defining a second sound (turning it into a group), the first sound's information is overwritten with that of the second sound (which also makes the second sound twice-as-likely to play when more than 2 sounds are listed. You may notice a lot of first-listed sounds that you've never heard before in-game. Listen to groan1.wav or slip1.wav for good examples: !SND_Slipup Sounds\Minifigure\slip1,Sounds\Minifigure\slip2 SND_Groan Sounds\Minifigure\groan1,Sounds\Minifigure\groan2
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  14. BeepBoop

    Some LEGO Racers sets (and other stuff)

    Hello! Just sharing some pictures of my collection. Please excuse the badly taken photos and really poor lighting. Mostly just to show some of the sets that were (partially) used in the LEGO Racers games. Bosses and opponents: Circuits 1 & 4 Circuit 2, 3, 5 & 6 Non LEGO Racers thingies
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  15. Olivus Prime

    "Retro-Style" 2021 Rocket Racer Minifigure

    Hey fellas, long time no see. I'm sure a few people on here are excited about Rocket Racer finally getting a physical minifigure (yes, I know about the race car guy...), I know I have been. I managed to swipe two of his Stuntz set soon after it released - with the intention of keeping one figure unmodified, and customising the second into a "purist" version of the classic Rocket Racer design. I used rubbing alcohol to remove the vast majority of his torso details, as well as his goatee, and I painted his pupils black to give his eyes that 90s minifigure look. I considered removing his hair and painting his eyebrows black, but I wanted his head to look fairly close to stock. I'm still considering getting a few older minifigure heads to customise to improve his likeness to the original character (though I do really like the new head, I think they got the expression down pretty well). The legs were from a Speed Champions Ford GT driver. Now we need to wait 22 more years for Veronica Voltage! See you then!
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  16. trigger_segfault

    In-depth Look at the CFG Syntax

    Progress Bar Direction: The prefix seen in front of the ProgressWindow property near the top of Lego.cfg states the direction the loading bar expands in. Valid values are: U p R ight D own L eft ProgressWindow L:142,450,353,9 ; loading to the left for a fresh new look You can also leave out the prefix (and the engine checks for that), but it'll end up placing the loading text in the top left corner. Map File Modifiers: This is the most bizarre find so far, and I can't think of any conceivable use for this, considering how strict many of the MAP file formats are. A handful of Map file properties defined in individual level blocks allow a numeric modifier postfix: "Map\file\path.map:2" (valid range is -128 to 127) When reading the respective map file, all block values (as can be checked in the RRU knowledge base), will have this modifier number subtracted from them. Positive numbers (which are subtracted) seem to be less useful, considering many maps will always contain block values with 0, forcing the value into an invalid range. MAP types with modifiers: PredugMap TerrainMap CryoreMap PathMap BlockPointersMap In practice (many crashes were had in finding good fits): PathMap Levels\GameLevels\Level23\Path_23.map:1 ; change the starting power paths into Rubble TerrainMap Levels\GameLevels\Level23\Surf_23.map:-1 ; Reduce the hardness level of all walls? (and other effects) CryoreMap Levels\GameLevels\Level23\Cror_23.map:-1 ; every block without spawns now produces 1 energy crystal (also ore and energy crystal spawns are swapped) PredugMap Levels\GameLevels\Level23\Dugg_23.map:-2 ; change undiscovered caverns into undiscovered Slimy Slug holes (this could break everything because I recall seeing a very low hard limit on number of holes) .
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  17. Colinou

    Interview with one of the LEGO Rock Raiders Designers

    What has it been like... only 3 years ?... Hello again, I'm incredibly sorry I did not come back to you for such a long time. To put it shortly, when trying to arrange the interview it took a lot of weeks before we were able to find an open spot in our agendas. I was still able to meet him just before I left, however we were unfortunately not able to find answers to all the questions. This hit my motivation to publish the few answers I got, and has ever since being popping in and out of my head. So sorry for the very, very delayed answer... How did the interview go: It went really well, the designer was very nice and really impressed that such a community existed around the theme and that people were still loving it so much. It had bee 20 years since he had worked on Rock Raiders so he couldn't remember everything. We talked about the theme and I briefly showed him some of the Game Remake projects that were going on, namely Manic Miners by @baraklava. He was very impressed and genuinely happy to see that so much effort was put into the Rock Raiders theme even today. In preparation of the meeting, the designer tried to dig up some old stuff he still had around hoping to find some Rock Raiders sketches. Unfortunately we couldn't find much, some old Bionicle sketches and one early concept art for Rock Raiders. It depicted an underground theme where vehicles were able to drive on the ceiling and walls of the cavern, and mini-figures seemed to race one another. To me, that spirit can still be found in some of the Rock Raiders comic books if I am not mistaking. Some other noticeable elements were already present, the large wheels on the vehicles and the cage-like cockpits seemed to already be a strong aspect of the Rock Raiders series, even at a very early stage. A little something maybe ? Despite not finding many documents in the designer's old box, we did find a little something. The following pictures show a pass that designers were using within the LEGO building to show that they were the Rock Raiders designers. It was just a fun little way for designers to have "Special Access" to the development space for LEGO Rock Raiders. I know this isn't much, but it adds a little detail to the Rock Raiders history The Answers: After 20 years, the designer gave his best to try and remember in order to answer the questions I had brought him. Answer to question 1: The Rock Raiders theme originated from the Loader Dozer and many different sketches. Even sets from the Star Wars theme provided some inspiration. Answer to question 2: When the designers collaborated with Data Design Interactive, they mainly gave ideas and suggestions of what could be in the game. Some buildings / vehicles only appeared in the video games because there was a limited amount of sets for each production, so they couldn't make a all the buildings / vehicles into actual sets. There didn't seem to be any unreleased builds planned or other monsters supposed to become sets. It was quite difficult to answer these questions with great detail due to the time that has gone by. Answer to question 3: We were not able to find much, the only very early concept art we found could be a document, however we were unsure whether we would be allowed to share it even if it was 20 years old. Answer to question 4: Couldn't remember... Answer to question 5: The change in choice of the crystals from blue to yellow/green was based on a design decision. Originally the crystals were blue because the marketing team expressed a need for more blue-ish colors and bricks. However it did not suit the theme colours very well and was therefore changed later in the design process. Hence why we can see some blue crystals on early documents. Answer to question 6: The colour of the vehicle cages changed from grey to brown in the latest stages of development. The cages were grey because they were 3D printed elements, they used 3D printing to make prototype bricks in the early stages of the development. Also the original idea was to have the cages grey however they changed to the colour brown as it suited the theme better. Answer to question 7: Couldn't remember... Well, this was it, I hope you were able to find some interesting information in this. I think we would have loved to know more about the Rock Raiders but I think it's up to us to continue writing the story Cheers, Colinou
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  18. Cirevam

    LDS Geloden

    The big ship from Time Raiders has been reborn in the flesh. For those of you who don't know or need a refresher: the Time Raiders mod starts off not long after the events of Rock Raiders. The LMS Explorer sends out a distress signal as it falls into the wormhole. The LDS Geloden, being docked relatively nearby, is able to quickly load some construction equipment and respond (it's a warship, so it doesn't usually carry things like drills). It arrives at the location where the signal was sent but finds nothing. After searching for a while, its captain orders a jump-scan-jump search pattern while waiting for other ships to respond. The Geloden's FTL travel method is a wormhole generator, but the space where the Explorer disappeared is still heavily distorted by the first wormhole. When the generator spools up, space is torn apart in ways that aren't generally recommended, and the ship falls out of the universe. It is 55 studs long but I'm not exactly sure what scale this is. I'm using part 90398 as the minifigs inside (https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=90398#T=C), so I think this is around 1:3.5. If true, that would put the 1:1 model at around 190 studs long. Compare to the Explorer's roughly 960 studs, if we go by Arthuriel's LMS Explorer 1:1 build. It has two ship-to-ship guns, five point defense turrets, a teleporter array that's much less capable than the Explorer's, and a shuttle bay. The rest of the pics are in this spoiler.
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  19. baraklava

    LEGO Media / Rock Raiders booth at E3 1999

    Yesterday I got a reminded by someone that LEGO Rock Raiders was supposedly shown off at E3, so I poked around some E3 1999 videos and by pure chance the first or second video I clicked greeted me with this: Yep, that's someone donning the infamous "Chief costume" that you could win a Halloween party of: In the background you can see booths for Lego Racers, that we know were produced by Freudzon design: Full archive pages of Lego E3 material from Freudzon Design here: https://web.archive.org/web/20030315081237/http://www.freudzon.com/lego/kiosk.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20060901072746/http://3dpreview.com/exhibits.php?picture=lego_e3&num=1 And this very brief shot shows some kind of Rock Raiders display: Here is a timestamp link to the 20 seconds of footage that we got so you can see for yourself: There was also an article related to Lego at this E3: https://www.ign.com/articles/1999/05/12/lego-medias-e3-lineup Apparently you could win the PS1/N64 controller statues you see in the video, and the 4 games that were shown off were: Lego Rock Raiders, LEGOLAND, Lego Friends and Lego Racers. New footage of E3 1999 is being uploaded and re-uploaded all the time so more might appear, but I haven't found anything from scouring the rest of the videos I saw on YouTube!
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  20. Maxim Ivanov

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    Well, hello dear Rock Riders fans and fans of my project. I am so sorry for this very long break. I have bad and good news. Bad: I moved so far. And sell my all computer workspace. I have irl problems, because i'm starts living like a taxpayer, and i need to work. I inderstand what i need increase my unity, 3d and programming skills. Good: Project not deleted and saved with all developments. I bought a new high power laptop. Project will be unfreezed then my skills and irl things will be better then now. I wanna say thanks for everyone who helped me. Your support saved and will be wait for a good times. I want release remaster like a completed game. Game, what looks grate and plays awesome. Make a too fresh demo or a poorly made game is unacceptable for me, because i don't want to upset you. For now i will make some litle indie projects. this is can help me with increasing skills. Thank you and stay cool.
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  21. JimbobJeffers

    Supersonic RC - Map Download

    I've just gone through my files and my old backups too, sorry but unfortunately I don't have either the original upload or my Blender model anywhere, I guess I must have lost them on transferring to a new PC Fortunately having just checked, some thoughtful soul backed it up on Archive.org! I've re-uploaded it to the RRU database [link removed]. Moderator note: Removed the download link and associated file from this post as Mysteli reuploaded and relinked in OP
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  22. aidenpons

    LEGO Awesomeness

    Bit of an old thread, but I encountered something and took a look through their flickr. There's a ton of amazing Bonkles, Classic Space, Aquazone-and-friends, and it's a great ride. Here's the LRR stuff that really jumped out to me (there's even a few more in their flickr that I didn't link!) And here are some other crazy cool things: & an absolute ton of more classic space (Blacktron, M-Tron, Space Police I) and other assorted Aquazone and friends both small and large. Check it all out, can reccomend! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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  23. Tweesee

    Lego Backlot Extraction

    Hey there, Long time no post. I just wanted to create a post documenting what I've found and managed to do within the context of trying to extract Lego Backlot. For context I have no experience developing or even extracting assets from shockwave games. If you want to lend a hand please chip in. I'd love to get all the assets from this game including the music and sounds. The easy: The way backlot loaded levels is interesting. The first areas of each level is downloaded on the first run but everything else, like the back of the studio, has to be downloaded when you travel there. Probably the reason why I remember the loading times between areas being so awful when I was a kid. The backlot file structure is like so: level1, level2, level3 contain the downloaded assets for each level backlot.exe is just the Adobe Projector exe, this allows for the game to be played natively on windows dbaction.php seems to be handling save data for the game, This is then stored in state.txt havokTeaser.dcr and havokTeaser_.dcr seems to be files associated with the physics engine for the game (Yes backlot used Havok of all things) LegoStudios.dcr and LegoStudios_.dcr contain the main files associated with the game. DCR files seem to be pretty locked down. Reading online, there's very little documented about them and even if you have a genuine copy of Adobe director you're unable to open them. start.dcr seems to be what's initially downloaded. state.txt contains save information teaser.cct is something associated with Adobe director too, again I don't know too much about Shockwave and adobe director, so unsure what this file does. Within level1, level2 and level3 are just raw assets. .hke files are data associated with Havok, I'm assuming physics data such as colliders. .W3D files are a compressed 3d environment files containing textures and models. The .W3D files are easy to extract with this tool. This made getting the rear of the backlot, the stages and the inside of the cafeteria super easy. Here is the back of the backlot within Unity. I am missing some textures from here, I'm wondering if there are stored else where within the game files as they seem to be base colors. Some other W3D seem to only contain animation data. The tool I'm using is unable to extract that from the W3D files so they tend to be blank. The only thing of note that I found was that Johnny Thunder already has the gun when you meet him at the entrance. Also within the W3Ds was the awful coffee machine sound. Now in sorta compressed MP3 format! I wanted to get the front of the backlot too. Meaning I needed to get into that DCR file and start poking around. Doing some research around, I managed to find a tool that could decompile the lingo scripts from the game. Every NPC from backlot has a unique name that you don't even see for half of them. Johnny Thunder is also referred to "gilbert" in one script. I also had a look into whether the Lucky Pen item actually did anything. In the released version of the game it doesn't but seems to of at least been planned at one point to help with the generator. This was in hankstoryline.ls: me.pSequence.append([#text: "Hm. Nothing happened. Hey, maybe we need to fiddle with that generator."]) tChoice = [#key1: [#handler: #yesIHaveAPen, #object: me], #key2: [#handler: #noIDontHaveAPen, #object: me]] me.pSequence.append([#text: "You got a small stick, or a pen or anything?" & RETURN & "1) Yes" & RETURN & "2) No", #choice: tChoice]) #yesIHaveAPen and #noIDontHaveAPen aren't mentioned anywhere else within the scripts. The Hard: Moving on to trying to rip the assets from the DCR. Following this guide I was able to extract about 50% of backlots assets. I was hoping to at least get all the textures and the front of the backlot. The files I got was a real mixed bag: A lot of them seem to be garbage data to me, Repeating the same few bytes over and over. (This is where I'd like people to come in to help identify what some of these files are) The .3de files are just W3D files and behold, I have the full backlot! I'm still missing some textures and would like to get the sound files and music if possible. But may not be possible with only a 50% extraction of the DCR file. I'm really curious about that 412KB dat file, It's the largest file I've extracted and just have not been able to decipher what it is and what it's used for. It's referencing some scripts and some models so who know what it's purpose actually is.
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  24. ArmitageShanks

    Master Chief

    Man, that is the guy! ... can't believe he made it out into the wild. I wish I still had the model, I'd love to rework the texture lol. I think the reason he never made it to the game was he was deemed too scary for the kids. If I ever find the original drawing of him I'll share it here. Thank you, and great work on the remake.
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  25. ArmitageShanks

    Master Chief

    Interesting, not sure I can shed any light on that, although could be for an early edit of the intro vid, our sound guy at the time John Saull may remember. The file name is curious, I don't recognize the format, although my real name is SIM I don't think it's one of mine. I wish I did, all the files would have been on the DDI severs, maybe backed up somewhere Stewart Green would be the one to ask. I remember the renders. The rock monster had a rocky texture originally and still has in some instances, although Lego made him a uniform brown. I definitely saw a Slimy Slug figure, and honestly thought they had produced a physical figure of that, Stewart Green would have it if anyone does. I had totally forgotten about the Lurker, I modelled that, but it never made it to a physical figure as far as I'm aware. I don't have any, but I think our original minifigs we had at DDI had leg prints, they're out there somewhere Yes, I designed and built an amazing ice monster (well I was pleased with it at the time), I wish I had an image I could show, I will have a look through some old sketch books and see if I can find a drawing. From what I remember the ice monster ended up as a re-textured rock monster, but you probably know more than me about that. Did that end up in the game?
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  26. BlackJackHawkins

    Gail Storm, Willa The Witch, Islander, Ann Droid cars redesigned

    Title says it all, they have had it with borrowing Black Knight's car. Backshield insets are courtesy of bricklink. Gail Storm: Willa The Witch: Islander: Ann Droid:
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  27. Cirevam

    The Most Important Tool

    Don't leave your planet without one.
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  28. lukas.tcn

    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hey guys, after some time I wanted to update this thread a little, let's start with the gas station and continue with the hospital. The hospital is a modular building. I can seperate it into three different builds which helps me doing the interior. The "tower" is already finished inside. But finishing the whole interior will take a while. I know there won't be that many reactions on this thread but I want to share my IXS recreations with everybody who is interested. That's it for now, Lukas
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  29. lol username

    Atlantis website items/lore

    hey remember that lego atlantis site with the items you could find and stuff found an old screenshot and wanted to revisit it/see what the item descriptions were luckily the BMP has it archived: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/files/LEGO/gms/download/Atlantis/ but actually getting ingame didn't seem to quite work, and a partially-complete wiki claims the remaining 10 items are part of the quest for the golden king game: https://legoatlantis.fandom.com/wiki/The_Atlantis_Adventure#The_Treasure_Chest but all most of the data is exposed in pngs/xmls so I figured I might as well make it all more accessible here RevolverTreas Billy the Squid's Gun One of the fabled guns used by Billy the Squid himself! This gun has seen its fair share of warfare and is certain to help its wielder through the tightest of undersea scuffles. But beware; there are most certainly others in search of its enchanted power! WheelTreas Wheel of the Deep A ship without a wheel is like a pirate without a peg leg. Researchers speculate that it once belonged to the Flying Dutchman. Is this why the Flying Dutchman is doomed to roam the ocean waters for eternity? HookTreas Captain Hook's Hook As the right hand of one of the most despicable pirates to have ever sailed the seven seas, Captain Hook’s hook saw a lot of destruction and havoc in its life. At the time of the Captain’s eventual death, so feared was his legacy that his crew declared the hook cursed and sank it to the bottom of the ocean. RingTreas Poseidon's Ring Poseidon himself wore this ring during his rule of Atlantis. Made from blinding diamonds and pure gold, this piece of jewelry had fantastic powers, from controlling tidal waves to winning a fickle bride to be. MaskTreas Mask of the Ancients The ancients of Atlantis wore this all-powerful mask during major rituals. Like a seashell, it echoes the beats of the drum and the shouts of the civilization from so long ago. While it has been out of use for centuries, it still radiates the power it used to hold. WrenchTreas Trench Wrench Lost in the deep ocean trenches of the sea, this wrench once played an integral role in the industrial revolution of Atlantis. It was used to build everything from their famed seahorse chariots to H2O-tanks for exploring the lands above water. It is surely a very useful tool to have on hand! IdolTreas King Midas Jr. Gold Micro Fig Even the crushing depths of the ocean are incapable of suppressing the beauty and lure held by the legendary Golden mini-fig of King Midas Jr. Countless ships intent upon capturing the opulent statue found their ultimate doom amongst the treacherous waves that protect its watery burial ground. EvilskullTreas Evil Skull There's something not quite right with this skull. It might be the mischievous smirk, its puckered brows or the depths of its glowing red eyes. Perhaps it's hiding knowledge of the treasures of Atlantis or readying a terrible curse. Either way, it seems best not to mess with it. HelmetTreas Lost Diver’s Helmet An explorer must have lost this helmet during a struggle with one of the guardians of Atlantis. Though dented, rusted, and dirty, the helmet should serve as a relic of bravery…and as a warning to those who seek out the treasures of Atlantis. TridentTreas Poseidon’s Trident Poseidon’s great Trident was by his side during his reign over Atlantis. He often used it to rule with an iron, albeit watery, fist; as well as to pick fish out from between his teeth. Perhaps this versatility is one of the reasons Poseidon’s Trident is so sought-after. CrablegTreas Temple Crab Leg This missing appendage seems to be a relic left behind from one of the Atlantis temple's sentinel crabs. Although it's covered with seaweed and been battered by the ocean water, its pointed claw can still impale the thickest of steel or make the tastiest of meals. WandTreas Sea Witch's Wand While nobody knows if this wand was used to cast spells on humans or grant wishes to mermaids, it still sparkles likes its brand new. Magic is definitely hidden within its star-shaped tip, but only a real Sea Witch can to activate it. ScepterTreas Mermaid Scepter Since the mysterious disappearance of the Mythic Merpeople, many have sought the fabled Mermaid Scepter. Said to grant any who wield it the ability to breathe underwater, this powerful apparatus is one of the most sought after treasures of the deep! SugarskullTreas Skull of a Thousand Wishes With its mysterious grin and eyes, this gemmed skull seems to hold all the powers of the sea! If rescued from its murky grave, perhaps its bejeweled brain could help fulfill the dreams of its keeper! HarpoonbaseTreas Harpoon Though battered and dirty, this harpoon was once the mighty weapon of choice for treasure hunters trying to survive against the terrifying beasts of the deep. Its casing may be rusted, but with a little polish and elbow grease, this could once again be a wicked weapon. HarpoonhookTreas Harpoon's Hook Lost during a fierce battle between the Atlantis warriors and treasure hunters attempting to steal from the Temple of Atlantis, the harpoon hook lay hidden by rocks and seaweed on the ocean floor. Though it was heavily damaged in a chaotic fight, it would still make an excellent trophy for those sharp enough to find it. CrystalTreas Lost Power Crystal This Lost Crystal pulsates purple with power and is believed to grant its holder super-human strength. Once located in abundance along the ocean depths, scientists theorize that Atlantis warriors were sent to battle with pendants of these very crystals slung from their necks. PropellerTreas Old Explorer's Ship Propeller This propeller was attached to a fearsome pirate ship that once terrorized the seven seas! A curse cast by a sorceress to punish the crew’s dastardly deeds caused it to detach from the vessel and sink into the inky deep. TreasureTreas Treasure Island Treasure It’s every Captain’s dream to find a treasure chest full of gemeralds! Now that it has been uncovered, what will they be spent on? A pocketful of these gleaming beauties is enough to buy a magnificent ship, and the chest itself would make any sailor a splendid trophy. MessagebottleTreas Message in a Bottle It’s a container. It’s junk. It’s a secret message that somebody wants passed on! This weathered bottle must have been drifting in the open sea for an extended period of time. Isn’t it time its message is announced to the world? ok so that's the first 20 of 30, they have pngs defined outside of the main flash files the other 10 have their images inside one of the swfs, so I ripped em SwordTreas Captain’s Sword Once adorned with hundreds of gemeralds and able to cut through steel like jellyfish, this Captain’s pirate sword was lost during an epic battle between pirates and the creatures of the deep. It now lies hidden amidst the muck at the bottom of the sea. SharkTreas Shark Helmet The ancients of Atlantis wore these helmets as a disguise while hunting sharks. No one knows if these actually fooled the sharks, but they sure came in handy as protective gear while playing sea-sports. JoneslockerTreas Davy Jones' Locker The mystery of Davy Jones’ locker has haunted the sea for centuries. No sailor has come back from seeking the truth, but when explorers finally uncovered the legendary locker, any lost souls had seemingly been transformed into nothing but dirty socks and gym shorts. HornscepterTreas Shark Tooth Scepter This ancient weapon was long used by undersea warriors like the Shark Men of Atlantis. It is adorned with a razor-sharp shark tooth, and has been known to snap tridents in two. HatTreas Captain's Hat Somewhere out there a Captain is without his hat. It’s a little bit dirty and battered, but with the right solvent, it’s bound to compliment any pirate’s outfit perfectly. GobletTreas Golden Goblet Legend has it that whomever drinks out of the golden goblet gains eternal youth. Abandoned in the depths of the ocean, it's become one of the most sought after treasures of Atlantis lore. Who knows if its magic is still intact? GemeraldsTreas Gemeralds of the Sea emeralds are not only said to change colors depending on their owner’s mood, but also to reflect one’s soul. Because of this, they are the most sought after of all crystals and make excellent lie detectors for the sailor’s lucky enough to own them! (yes that seems to be a typo at the start of the description...?) EyepatchTreas Captain's Eye Patch While its appearance may be ordinary, for ages this Eye Patch has remained tangled in seaweed, absorbing the secrets of the deep. By now, the power and mystery held within its aged threads could assist in even the most difficult of quests. DiamondTreas Diamond of the Deep According to ancient maritime legend, this extraordinary jewel is not only flawless, but also the size of ninety ordinary diamonds! Keep your eyes peeled, its radiance is supposedly visible from the surface of the sea. BagTreas Old Explorer's Leather Bag Though it seems just an ordinary leather bag, this satchel belonged to one of the greatest ocean adventurers of all time. Packed full with priceless deep-sea research, what aquatic beast could have possibly forced the explorer to leave it behind? there's then what appear to be two unused treasures, FlippersTreas and LegobottleTreas, no text for them exists though:
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  30. Maxim Ivanov

    Lego Racers Unity remastered.

    Little video.
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  31. Agent2583

    Lego Racers 2 - RL Cars

    I've noticed that the pictures for the Arctic Cars have expired or something. Is it possible to reupload them? Also I have given them nicknames for each car: (Most of them are Official) Sandy Bay: Prop Car (Undrivable) 4x4 Police Car Coast Guard Truck Coast Guard Buggy Small Dump Truck Fire Engine Post Van Construction Crew Digger Dino Island: T Rex Transport Car Compound Car Jungle Jeep Track Master Alt Compound Car Egyptian Truck Alt Track Master Sam Sanisters Island Racer Mars: Rough Rover Small Rover Mobile Station Mini Shuttle Twin Jet Spaceship Scout Spaceship Blast Rover Cave Searcher Arctic: Expedition Car Polar Scout Small Sled Outpost Sled Outpost Truck Expedition Plow Arctic Base Truck Ice Surfer Xalax: Small Turbo Racer Static Racer Winged Racer Turbo Jet Racer A Turbo Jet Racer B Gauntlet Racer Rama Cars (All Undrivable) I thought of these names because they seemed like a good idea to name them. Most of them are my Nicknames.
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  32. Aves

    GBA Maps

    Since there was only a GBA map of LEGO Island already on the internet, I decided to piece segments together and create full-scale maps of the other locations. OGEL Island: Castle Island (credit to @Xiron for providing me a hacked save state) Space Port: Adventurers Island (not explorable, but this is displayed in between the minigames)
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  33. Colinou

    Interview with one of the LEGO Rock Raiders Designers

    Hello everyone, I have this very cool opportunity to be in contact with one of the designers who created/worked on the theme "LEGO RockRaiders". I planned a meeting with him to talk about the theme, as I'm a very big fan myself, and I thought I would involve you by forwarding some questions you guys could have. When I organized the meeting with him he was very pleased to encounter someone who loves the theme and hear that there is a whole community around the game! I forwarded him the link of the forum so who knows, he might create an account! What is this post for: The idea of this post is to give you the opportunity to write the questions you have so I can forward then to the designer, I will update this post as we go along so you can see the list of questions I will bring to the "interview". So this post should eventually have a list of questions and later on a list of answers for each questions. I will eventually close this topic once we received all the answers (unless he accepts to answer more questions in which case I will update this post again). Please note the following: - I can not ensure that any of the questions will be answered as they might revolve around confidential information in which case I hope you can understand that the designer will not answer that question. - If many of you have questions and the list of questions becomes to long, I won't be able to take them all into account (I don't think he will accept to answer to many questions so I'll have to reject some...). - I'll do my best to get everyone involved, if you think any question should be changed or removed, we can discuss it - The list of questions might change when new questions are appearing. I hope we will get interesting answers and I look forward to read your questions! Cheers, Colinou Questions I will bring with me and ask the designer: Question 1: How and when did development of what would become the Rock Raiders theme originate, which sets did you work on? Question 2: How much collaboration was there, with respect to set design, between LEGO Futura and Data Design Interactive ? (A) why did some buildings/vehicles appear in the games but not as sets? B) were any of those unreleased builds planned to be released? C) how much input did you have on the game? D) aside from rock monsters, were there any other monsters designed by LEGO Futura or any of the creatures in the games that were meant to be in sets?) Question 3: What prototype or unused builds for the theme were there, is there any conceptual artwork or general design materials you might be able to share for the sake of research and archival? Question 4: A few sources have indicated a second wave of Rock Raiders sets was originally planned for the theme (not to be confused with the promotional Japanese Kabaya sets or the Mini Heroes Collection in 2000), is there any truth to these speculations? Question 5: There is an image from an early beta build depicting blue crystals in-game, a number of beta screenshots showed that the interface elements used blue crystals at some point as well. And we also know the red energy crystals seen in the PS1 version of the game were blue during development. Do you know why the crystals changed from blue to yellow/green? Question 6: What made the team choose to go from grey or silver roll cages on some vehicles to brown? Like the blue crystal, there's plenty of evidence that makes me think the decision happened later in development. Question 7: How did you create the various objects and animations in the game, did you use Lightwave? Some people in the community have tried Lightwave 5 but it doesn't seem to work very well. Textures don't like to appear and the interface seems extremely primitive. Version 8 works best for what we do now. Answers from the designer: Answers... after almost 3 years.. Answer to question 1: The Rock Raiders theme originated from the Loader Dozer and many different sketches. Even sets from the Star Wars theme provided some inspiration. Answer to question 2: When the designers collaborated with Data Design Interactive, they mainly gave ideas and suggestions of what could be in the game. Some buildings / vehicles only appeared in the video games because there was a limited amount of sets for each production, so they couldn't make a all the buildings / vehicles into actual sets. There didn't seem to be any unreleased builds planned or other monsters supposed to become sets. It was quite difficult to answer these questions with great detail due to the time that has gone by. Answer to question 3: We were not able to find much, the only very early concept art we found could be a document, however we were unsure whether we would be allowed to share it even if it was 20 years old. Answer to question 4: Couldn't remember... Answer to question 5: The change in choice of the crystals from blue to yellow/green was based on a design decision. Originally the crystals were blue because the marketing team expressed a need for more blue-ish colors and bricks. However it did not suit the theme colours very well and was therefore changed later in the design process. Hence why we can see some blue crystals on early documents. Answer to question 6: The colour of the vehicle cages changed from grey to brown in the latest stages of development. The cages were grey because they were 3D printed elements, they used 3D printing to make prototype bricks in the early stages of the development. Also the original idea was to have the cages grey however they changed to the colour brown as it suited the theme better. Answer to question 7: Couldn't remember...
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  34. Sluicer

    Star wars Lego Skywalker saga need new scripts and tools

    I had only one sample file, but I was able to extrackt the meshes with this version of my tool: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r470/ It is only for .ghg and .gsc files. You can give it a try.
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  35. BlenderIsac

    Crystalien Conflict Remake

    Crystalien Conflict Remake! Working on this since september 2021 Created in Godot The remake is very similar to the original CAC but has a new level editor, as well as a multiplayer version. The full campaign is not in yet. The conflict modes are the only levels available. Downloads for the main remake: WINDOWS https://www.mediafire.com/file/z60hscqf987eq7f/CrystalienConflictGamma0.7.zip/file MAC https://www.mediafire.com/file/hrt6q9dpnyqyavz/MAC_CrystalienConflictGamma0.7.zip/file LINUX https://www.mediafire.com/file/7a0xagswcbo0rv2/LINUX_CrystalienConflictGamma0.7.zip/file Note - Miner does not clear shroud (Fixed in the next version, just isn't released yet) Downloads for the multiplayer version: Client: WINDOWS https://www.mediafire.com/file/xzely1i7fmnf7m9/WINDOWS+CACM0.1.zip/file MAC https://www.mediafire.com/file/81qpp9bbzmtss1a/MAC+CACM0.1.zip/file LINUX https://www.mediafire.com/file/h0qoloymbt58itp/LINUX+CACM0.1.zip/file Server: WINDOWS https://www.mediafire.com/file/b0euytlkm8z0ry3/CACMServer0.1.zip/file MAC https://www.mediafire.com/file/1433ba0uezbsuc2/CACMMacServer0.1.zip/file LINUX https://www.mediafire.com/file/4hjnqt300yx107l/CACMLinuxServer0.1.zip/file I have a discord, however I'm not sure if I want to post it online, where bots might spam it. If you really want to join the link is available on the Manic Miners server. Search for "Crystalien Conflict Remake" there should be a message posted by B1er0l14m (thats me) about it. On the discord there is documentation for CACL (the level editor) and a place where you can report bugs. It also has a sprite creator for the game, but I don't want to release this here because it has looong instructions.
    2 points
  36. SMLC

    Movies won't play?

    Turning on XP SP3 compatibility mode did the trick, thank you! The cutscenes were a big deal for me years back and I still enjoy watching them.
    2 points
  37. Sam Hsu

    Fan-Made LEGO Sandbox

    Hey guys, so I made a sandbox game where you can import your LDraw models into a procedurally generated world: https://sam-hsu.itch.io/ldplay It has online multiplayer and is completely free and open-source. I can't wait to see what people build!
    2 points
  38. trigger_segfault

    Building Shape Coordinates

    I can finish up the remaining questions about Blue Water tiles, and other general construction zone quirks. Building Shape Shape property Location: Buildings/<name>/<name>.ae Usage: Lego*::Shape #,#[:#,#:...] Example: Shape 0,-1:0,-1:0,1:0,1 The Shape property is a list of points (#,#), separated by colons (#,#:#,#). The Shape property implicitly starts with the origin point (0,0:). A single tile is defined by either one or two points. A repeated point (i.e. 0,1:0,1) will be treated as a Yellow/Blue Path tile. A non-repeated point (i.e. 0,1:0,2) will be treated as a Green Building tile. Because of the implicit origin point (0,0:), starting your Shape property with 0,0 will treat the first tile as a Yellow/Blue Path tile (see WaterEntrances property). Point coordinates are defined based on the default in-game rotation, which is Up (North). Thus, all coordinates are rotated 180 degrees from what may be expected (just multiply everything by -1). Defining a point that repeats more than two times in a row is undefined behaviour, and is parsed differently by different functions in the game. It is possible to construct a building with only (even one) Yellow Path tiles. (See WaterEntrances property bullet point describing WaterEntrances -1). WaterEntrances property Location: Lego.cfg Usage: Lego*::Stats::<name>::WaterEntrances <INTEGER> Example: WaterEntrances 2 The WaterEntrances property defines how many Yellow Path tiles from the start of the Shape points list are treated as Blue Water tiles. The calculation uses (WaterEntrances + 1) because of the implicit 0,0:, which is intended to always be a Green Building tile. Defining the first shape point as 0,0 will create a Blue Water tile, even when using WaterEntrances 0. Using WaterEntrances -1 will allow defining the first tile as a Yellow Path tile. These tiles do not change the vehicle teleport-down location (it always seems to be in-front of the origin tile). These tiles do not change the "goto Docks" location (same as above). These tiles do prevent vehicles from idling on that location. If no Yellow/Blue tile is placed in front of the building, then the vehicle may freely idle in the teleport-down/"goto Docks" location. It is possible to construct a building with only (even one) Blue Water tiles, as long as the building has no resource costs. This property does not do anything other than influence the building placement shape. Basically for water tiles, your Blue Water tiles must come before your Yellow Path tiles in the shape points list. Blue tiles are just Yellow tiles They conduct electricity over water to other paths. They cause octagonal power paths to visually connect, like with normal building foundation paths. They tell units to not idle here. They meet the path connection requirement when placing a construction zone. Construction Origin tile A construction zone is created from the origin tile where the cursor has placed the building (0,0 for shape point coordinates). The attempted rotation of the placed building is in the direction of the side the cursor is closest to on the tile (i.e. closest to North of tile will use Up rotation). This is especially useful for aesthetic placement of single-tile buildings. The origin tile is where all resources are placed, with exception to Barriers, which have their own rules. The origin tile is the only tile that allows cancelling construction (this is because the tile coordinates are used as a sort of "handle" to that construction zone). Even though you can open the Construction interface menu using non-origin Green Building tiles, cancelling them will have no effect. It's possible to prevent a construction zone from being completed or cancelled during unmodded gameplay, by having a Power Station construction zone overrun by lava erosion on its primary side during "Don't Panic!". Barriers Barrier placement is determined based on Green Building tiles and their borders. A Green Building tile bordering another Green tile, will not request a barrier on that side. A Green Building tile bordering a Yellow/Blue/or no tile, will request a barrier on that side. If a shape defines no Green Building tiles, then no barriers will be requested. Defining StoreObjects FALSE in the Stats section will also remove the need to place barriers. Barrier placement does not have to cover the origin tile. If your building has no resource costs, but requires barriers, then the origin tile can be made unreachable without issue (other than being unable to cancel construction). StoreObjects property Location: Lego.cfg Usage: Lego*::Stats::<name>::StoreObjects <BOOL> Example: StoreObjects TRUE The StoreObjects property defines whether a building can accept resources to deposit, or provide resources requested for construction. This property only seems to provide the above effect when Lego*::ToolNullName has been defined. Otherwise, units will ignore this capability. The StoreObjects property defines one other behaviour, which is whether the construction zone requires placing Barriers. Setting this property to FALSE will allow constructing a building that only requires placed resources. Or instantly spawning a building (like the Tool Store) if there are no resource costs. Image Examples @aidenpons showcasing the ability to construct Docks in a vanilla game by connecting its water tile to a Power Path, in "Water Lot of Fun". The great water bridge of power conductivity. A building shape with a disconnected water tile, that shows electricity conduction over water, and enforced vehicle teleport-down location. A building shape with just 1 water tile. And a building shape with just 1 path tile. .
    2 points
  39. RaiderzNation

    I have completed my Chief Minifigure

    Thanks to a seller on Bricklink a few years ago, I was able to finally obtain the head for relatively cheap and now I finally have all of the Rock Raiders Minifigures! I realized that I had not posted in like 5 years after stumbling upon RRN when doing some Lego research. I decided to post this as the conclusion to my quest for the elusive Cheif head! It is nice to see that this site is still active.
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  40. DOM098652

    How to install / use a LR2 trainer to play as Riegel's Mech & Berg?

    Thanks, I had researched the program yesterday but didn't have time to try it out and learn how it works. However, I've finally figured out how to get everything working so I'll do a write up below for anyone else wanting to do this: UPDATED: 1. Install LEGO Racers 2 from the CD disc - if you get the 'Not enough memory' error from the installer, you can either put the disc's installer into compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2 or use le717's LEGO Racers 2 installer to get the data from the disc to install to your modern PC. (The reason for the 'Not enough memory' error is because the game was released in 2001 and older PCs back then didn't have as much memory as they do now, so I believe if your PC has over 1GB of RAM, the disc's installer will get confused and refuse to install). 2. Download kajeuter's cheat table from the RRU file database here OR... From the Mediafire link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wr75wgd1i1d6zvg/Kajeuter%27s_LR2_Hacks.zip/file 3. Download and install Cheat Engine 5.4 or higher, I used Cheat Engine 7.2 ****BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU DOWNLOAD CHEAT ENGINE FROM! MANY DOWNLOADS CONTAIN A TROJAN VIRUS, EVEN ON CERTAIN DOWNLOAD LINKS ON THE OFFICIAL CHEATENGINE.ORG WEBSITE!**** I watched a YouTube video (link here) on how to download it from cheatengine.org as a clean install file, without any viruses or having to go through an installer. 4. Launch Cheat Engine and then start the LEGO Racers 2 game. Tab out of the game and go back to Cheat Engine, look for the computer monitor / screen icon at the top left of the program, it should say 'select a process to open' when you put your mouse arrow over the icon. Click the icon and here is where you will be selecting the game that you want Cheat Engine to apply cheats to. In this case, find LEGO Racers 2 and click on it to select it (should be highlighted blue) and then click the 'open' button. 5. Now that you've told Cheat Engine to apply cheats to LEGO Racers 2, you can now open kajeuter's cheats table into the program. To do this, again look towards the top left of the program and next to the monitor icon should be a folder icon with a green arrow which should read 'open a cheat table'... Select this and navigate to wherever you saved your kajeuter's cheat table download to and open it into Cheat Engine. 6. Now you have the cheat table loaded in, you will see all of the entries ranging from 1.1 all the way up to 10.0 you'll now want to refer to kajeuter's read-me file because it will tell you which entries you want to edit in order to edit the player's car and character. In this case, if you are wanting to play as Riegel's Mech or Berg, you will be looking at the 3.0 and 6.0 section in the read-me file. When kajeuter mentions 3.0 being for special cars, he is referring to all the entries that start with 3, you won't actually have a 3.0 entry in Cheat Engine. You will have 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 etc... all the way up to 3.8, the reason for this is most races in the game have 8 characters maximum racing at once, including the player. 'Car 1: Special' is always the player's car because your car always starts in position 1 in front of all the other racers at the lights. So from this you can work out that the 3.1 entry is the first of the 8 racers (always the player) and it is labelled 'Car 1: Special' (as mentioned, this is always the player's car). Whereas the 3.2 entry labelled 'Car 2: Special' would be the second of the 8 racers, which is one of the other 7 non-player controlled racers you drive against. 7. Now that I've made this more clear, you'll see in the read-me under the 3.0 section specifically for changing the cars, that the value for Riegel's Mech is '2' and the value for Berg is '4'. Look for the '3.1 Car 1: Special' entry in Cheat Engine and look for the number under the 'Value' category, you will see the default is 1. Double click on this number and you can change it to 2 for Riegel's Mech or 4 for Berg. MOST IMPORTANTLY now that you've changed the number, you will need to click in the box under the 'Active' category on the far left side of the 3.1 entry to check it, this will ensure the cheats stays activated. 8. I don't think it's necessary to change the player's character to use Riegel's Mech or Berg, however if you wanted to set your character to Riegel, look for the 6.0 section specifically for changing characters in the read-me file and you will see the value for Riegel is 46. All the same applies for any entries starting with 6, '6.1 Car 1: Character' will be the player's character, the other 6.2 - 6.8 will be the other 7 non-player controlled racers you drive against who's characters and vehicles can also be changed in the same way if you'd like. Look for the '6.1 Car 1: Character' entry in Cheat Engine and look for the number under the 'Value' category, double click on this number and change it to 46 for Riegel. Again, now that you've changed the number, you will need to click in the box under the 'Active' category on the far left side of the 6.1 entry to check it, this will ensure the cheats stays activated. After doing some more experimenting, it seems like changing the character in the 6.1 entry doesn't seem to have any effect on the player's character in Arcade or Adventure mode, however when going AFK in the main menu, the game plays a random race action replay which the player isn't seen in, but this seems to edit racer 1 for this AFK action replay... But this method will still successfully change the character of any of the other 7 non-player controlled characters that you change the value of, from 6.2 - 6.8. 9. Leave Cheat Engine open and now you can simply tab back into your game. I would recommend playing in Adventure mode, avoid Arcade mode if you can. Playing as Riegel's Mech or Berg in Arcade mode seems to be very glitchy and it likes to rubber-band the player back to random positions and get stuck under the map. It seems best to play Adventure mode, however there is a trick to doing this. Before you load into Adventure mode you must make sure the '3.1 Car 1: Special' entry has it's value set to '1'. This is because if you are in any of the world's hubs other than Sandy Bay (which is open free-roam), you will need to interact / talk with Sparky to choose EXPLORE to free-roam each world. If you load into Adventure with your value set at '2' or '4' playing as Riegel's Mech or Berg then you won't be able to interact or talk to Sparky to enter the Explore mode. This is why you must load into Adventure with the value set to '1' THEN BEFORE TALKING TO SPARKY, tab out and change the value to '2' or '4'. You can now talk to Sparky and enter the Explore mode on whichever world you are on and when it loads in you will be playing as Riegel's Mech or Berg. IF YOU WANT TO EXIT EXPLORE to change worlds then you must tab out before quitting Explore and change the value back to 1, or you cannot use any of the world hub's portals to return to Sandy Bay and go to another world. If you want to go to another world just leave the value on '1' and return to Sandy Bay through the portal, then go to the desired world fast travel and go there. Again, once you get inside the desired world hub, just tab out and change to your desired value before talking to Sparky and then enter Explore and you can play as Riegel's Mech or Berg on another world. If you want to free-roam on Sandy Bay, you will need to make sure you are in Sandy Bay in Adventure mode, save your game and exit to the main menu. Now tab out and change to your desired value and then continue game in Adventure mode and you will be Riegel's Mech or Berg in Sandy Bay free-roam. If you would still like to try Arcade mode, just make sure your desired values are set at the main menu and select Arcade mode. Pick whichever world, race and number of laps you'd like, it doesn't matter which name, character or car you pick, once you load in you will be playing as your desired car and character. Just remember, I experienced rubber banding and getting stuck under the map in Arcade races, but you can try and see if it will be any different for you. Enjoy!
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  41. lukas.tcn

    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts Recreations

    Hello everybody! Because this is actually my first post I just want to say "hi" first. I'm a crazy guy from Germany who wants to share his recreations from Island Xtreme Stunts with you. I've always been a fan of the buldings in Xtreme Stunts and of course my big dream was building Peppers house - Finally I realised it. Yes, I know, the ground floor color looks different ingame - it could be Medium Nougat or such but that color wasn't available back then and I don't really like it either. So, here it is: I also really liked the ambulance. Still need stickers for that. Since nothing looks transparent in Island Xtreme Stunts (does anybody know why?) I did it the same except for the windows. My next project is the hospital. Now I would love to hear your thoughts! Regards Lukas
    2 points
  42. trigger_segfault

    Chart of all editor ".blx"/".blk" icons used during LRR development

    The .blx and older .BLK map files are not an old .map format (as was originally speculated), but instead are a format that communicates between the level editor used by DDI and the output .map format used by the game. These files contain a set of 16x16 icons, and a pair of numbers that determine how the icons are grouped together in the level editor (such as separating CryOre Crystal/spawn counts from Ore/spawn counts.) None of these discoveries are particularly useful. But... Programmer art is beautiful! Extracted Icons All map type icon sets have been extracted into individual png 16x16 icons, and grids containing all icons (as shown above): The Slimy Slug predug icon is actually pretty great. It looks like a crossing sign.
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  43. Detroitika

    Rock Raiders Tunnel Speeder and Crew

    Hi forums! Went through an RR renaissance in 2018 with JimBobJeffers' post about running the original Rock Raiders on newer machines. Built a couple things, combo'd a couple figs. Going through another RR renaissance after listening to the Bits & Bricks podcast episode largely about this website. Nobody has seen my RR photos, despite the fact that I took them nearly 2 years ago! Here is a link to a couple more images on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/LUlSBbO Let me know what you think. There are a very small number of custom parts here -- black rubber bands, greebles from Brickarms, accessories from Arealight and Brickforge, and handpainted boots by me. I understand that might upset some people. so let me try to make up for it with this!: There is *no bley* in the build or minifigs
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  44. Raven319s


    Just listened to the latest Bits and Bricks episode and had to immediately join this forum. For the past several months I’ve been trying to create my own Open World, Free Build, unlimited adventure Lego Game. I’m only at the very beginnings but having a blast bringing my MOCs and official Lego sets to life. https://youtu.be/poDl-Wybfug
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  45. Crystalyzer

    Discussion: Closing the Discord server

    Hi everyone, So I've heard quite a couple of people say that they think the RRU forum is dead or dying, and that a lot of the discourse has moved to, Discord. Whilst I think this is a natural development - seeing as that Discord servers have been increasing in popularity and becoming more numerous all together - it seems detrimental to the continuity and the future of our cozy little Lego club. I'm aware of the benefits that Discord brings, as well as of the disadvantages of the forum. Discord supplies us with a much more instantanious form of communication and the ability to call, share screens, and engage socially in other ways. Especially when synergizing/brainstorming about user projects and mods, this is very handy. Having said that: the benefits that the forum provides us with that we don't find in the Discord server, outweigh those of the Discord server. Primarily the loss of conversations and what follows from discussions due to the temporal nature of chat channels, as well as no form of categorization being present (boards, threads, topics), seems to be the problem. Mostly everything on our Discord is temporary; fire and forget. Maybe this is not the case to some who are active every day, but it is to anyone who isn't amongst those few. I am curious about what everyone thinks of potentially closing the Discord server and moving back to the forum as our main means of communication. Also, if you have alternative solutions to the problems named above (that doesn't involve a Discord exodus) please share them; I'll add them here. Lastly: I myself am fine with there not being a Discord server and I know that our most dedicated raiders are pretty active on there. But realize that it's you who are the main forces in our community, responsible for creating most of the (interesting) content. The 90% least-active users don't read Discord everyday, so they miss out on the majority of new content and discussions that would otherwise end up on the forum. Compare it to gamers who stream: their most dedicated fans watch all their streams live, yet the majority of their views come from the clips/sessions they upload to YouTube (assuming they upload them at all). Only in our situation, nothing is archived or uploaded for everyone to see. You can see what this could potentially mean for the future of RRU. Kind regards, Crystalyzer P.S. I've added a poll with public vote results (to encourage discussion amongst ourselves). P.P.S. Just a disclaimer: I'm by no means an active user. I just thought this topic warrants a discussion, so I took the initiative and wrote the initial post.
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  46. Cirevam

    Question: Chaning the max amount of rock raiders

    Welcome to RRU. I believe changing the OxygenCoef for the rock raider will do it. Here's the relevant section in the CFG. Change -1.0 to -0.66 and you should be able to bring 15 raiders per Support Station. Pilot { Levels 4 RouteSpeed 01.500:01.650:01.850:02.000 SoilDrillTime 08.000:07.000:06.000:05.000 LooseDrillTime 08.000:07.000:06.000:05.000 MedDrillTime 12.000:11.000:10.000:09.000 HardDrillTime 00.000:00.000:00.000:00.000 SeamDrillTime 15.000:14.000:13.000:12.000 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OxygenCoef -1.0 CanStrafe TRUE EnterToolStore TRUE ShowHealthBar TRUE } Someone else can double check me.
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  47. lol username

    How The Legend of Mata Nui Was Found

    Update - Darvell found his copy, though it turns out it's actually the final October 22nd/23rd build as well: The disc's contents are indeed an exact match for the previously uploaded final build, so in that sense it's nothing new, but it's cool to see the disc label, and for the mystery of his copy to be solved.
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  48. The Brickster

    LEGO Island 2 buildings

    LEGO Island 2 buildings recreated in LDD
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