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Roblox: Rubble Raiders/sandwich Raiders Returns!


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Game Progress:12%

As of 2/10/11, Work resumed on a HIGH-QUALITY, VERY WELL SCRIPTED(Coded), 100% original RR-based game. We all remember the lag/sound and music problems with RRO, (Rock Raiders Online, a RRU community project on ROBLOX) This NEW game, will be 20-player server, free-roam, LEVELED gameplay.

I was lazy though, so it wasn't until 10/3/2011 that work actually started, and I accomplished many things.

Basic Idea/Early Work (10/3/11)

I have several NumberValues in-game, when you drill a wall, RockHP in the wall will decrease. On 0 HP, an animation (bricks falling or something) will play, the ground beneath it wil turn to rubble (maybe) , and math.random, will choose 3 objects to be uncovered by the wall. Any of these 3 objects could be a Energy Crystal (coded), Ore (coded), or hidden sandwiches (coded). The system DOES NOT use a cheap, automatic leaderboard like Rock Raiders United Online (short lived roblox-based Rock raiders game), all Raiders must pick up the crystal/ore, (as a tool) and carry it to the Tool Store, which the game revolves around. It will increase yet another NUMBERVALUE, represented by a GUI. When a predefined goal FOR THAT LEVEL is met, the NumberValues reset to 0, and the next level is "spawned". All players are reseted. The reseted players spawn back in the RMS Vindicator teleporter room, the "game lobby". A GUI plays representing the Captain's briefing (basic GUI done for level 1), and teleports them to the Tool Store (for the now-spawned level) (ALSO; IF YOU DIE, YOU RESPAWN IN THE LOBBY AND CANNOT GO BACK UNTIL THE NEXT LEVEL.)


Hazards for levels include dynamite (does like 60 damage to a Raider within 15/10 studs (haven't decided yet)), Monsters (10 damage each contact, can be killed) Scorpions (rare, 5 damage each contact, incredibly easy to kill) and Spiders (step on them, they die, you lose 5 health)

Every ROBLOX Player's best friend, the automatic heal script, will be removed. As will their hats and clothes, replaced by a Rubble Raider Uniform. Health is replenished only by Sandwiches, which are one time use, and must be obtained via Support Station. Another way, is to (using a POINTS LEADERBOARD, that has NO EFFECT on the level score, which is shared) buy a helmet, raising MaxHealth to 120 or something, and healing you to that HP. Individual points (Which will be called Experience) can also be used to "train" to become a Explosives Specialist, giving you dynamite. Or you could be an Engineer/Geologist/etc.


In some levels, on a Building Pad, a GUI will also give the option of expanding the base. By placing Energy Crystals or Ore on a Building Pad, it can build a structure. Some level's ONLY OBJECTIVE will be to build so and so building.


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Due to now widespread antipathy against working with me or ROBLOX Lua, I guess I'll just have to do this on my own. Goodbye.

The only thing I hate about ROBLOX is their money-hungriness. I'm more than willing to help you with ROBLOX Lua, builidng, or anything that you may need.

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Due to now widespread antipathy against working with me or ROBLOX Lua, I guess I'll just have to do this on my own. Goodbye.

Wait what? No one said anything. Now this is making me want to go back to that... place.

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  • 7 months later...

If anyone has to worry, it's me as the owner.

The place steal exploit is back. : /

As for the leaderboard, I don't really give a crap about script kiddies getting a few extra exp points.

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They modify some files in ROBLOX Studio so that when they go ingame, they save the place as a file or something.

It's pretty rare, but it happens sometimes.

Not as many 'hackers' on ROBLOX.

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