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It Won't Die - Final Dawn To Make Return


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It's been several years; the project files have gathered a lot of dust, the physical drawings of the maps and the storyline whiteboard lost under the thing you call "my bed"...but thankfully, revival.

In the greatest revelation of Halo CE time, Kornman00, the worlds most awesome guy, released OpenSource; his own tools which exploit Halo CE, and give it power beyond that of games like Halo 2 or even ODST. And with some new training, I've started to learn how exactly everything fits together.

So, with the new OpenSource toolkit, and the fact I will be doing a Halo CE Tuition course for a friend as part of my compulsory Community Service to gain my HSC, Final Dawn will be coming off the "Indefinite Hiatus" list, and be going into Situation: Zero development. This is exciting for me, and it should be for many others...hopefully.

Firstly, this will not affect development of SKN, or the maps being made as part of the competition. This will likely cause me to be more likely to create better maps, due to this new found interest in developing. Secondly, I am once again accepting requests to assist in the creation of this game (CTXXTC and Eagle, I'm looking at you ;P). Lastly, this will mean all the Final Dawn concept stuff will NOT be released at the upcoming 7EPS memorial, and instead will become part of my own projects, instead of the new company.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for progress...in the meantime, I'll be re-creating everything better than last time...

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Tag editing is perfect. As soon as I compile the OpenSauce stuff and I've done my retreat and some other stuff, I'll contact you about helping. Thank you.

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