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1 8 LMS Explorer ver 1.2


I surfed on eurobricks to find out more about povray. During that task I read about modo, blender and other programs until I stumbled upon a program called bluerender, which is a rendering program made by a eurobricks user. The advantage is, that you only need LDD and java 8. The other advantage is, that the rendering time is quite short (I usually had 40 - 60 mins for 3840*2160 pics, where I cut out white areas after the rendering and then resized them down to 1920*1080).
Another user also makes modified files for the bluerender, which can improve the image quality (apparently the rendering time is also longer, but only a few minutes I guess). There is also on option in bluerender to make 360 degree views of the model (just type in the number of pictures, that you need and make sure, that your model is in the center or the rotation will look weird. After that you put the pictures together to make a video or a gif file).

Long story short: I rendered some MOCs and I like the results so far (better then the pictures, that I made with povray so far I would say and I don't have to wait 10 years for a picture ; )  ). The program and the modified files (I also used those for my bluerender pics) may not be perfect, but for the 5th version of a private project it's probably pretty good.

And here are the two links (bluerender is from msx80 and the modified files from bublible):



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