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LMS-Inspired Pixelart


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Back end is far to blocky.

And to undetailed for my tastes.

Firstly, I made it LESS blocky than the actual ship. This doesn't have perspective, that's what it's going to look like.

Secondly, it's pixel art. Don't expect individual rivets.

And lastly, I'm working off of blurry-as-hell screencaps from the cinematics, cut me some slack.

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For the program, I used Paint.NET (free download online, very useful) and made ample use of the layers function along with copy-pasting and varying levels of zoom. I found the cinematics on youtube, fullscreened them, and then took a number of screencaps of visible parts of the ship. After that, I used simple rectangles to block out the different parts and added detail from there.

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I thought the bridge had windows on the sides too. At least, that's what I gathered from the scenes that take place inside the bridge.

Nope. trust me, I've gone over the cutscenes.

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