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So here it goes. I was doing all my daily reading of HEX and things, bit of testing here... bit of testing there. I was looking at the file listing of DR and I noticed a file named "DEVELOPER.CFG". :af: I thought. Back I went looking at the GTC to try and make out what the file contained. I made out that it was an INI file and that the first key was probably "[CORE INIT]". I also saw the word "DEBUG". So I made a CFG file in the same path as the original is in the GTC in hopes it may override it. I put in the info hoping that it might result in at least an error with some useful info. So started the game, nothing changed which wasn't really a suprise. So I quit the game and went back to the CFG I wrote. Then a miracle happened....

The game overwrote my invalid ini entries with the full set of default entries. So now I have the full uncompressed Developer.cfg file. I tried changing some entries, but the game keeps writing them back to the default values. Then I tried something else. It had a "DevelopersName" variable. I put in "Henry" just for kicks.... started the game... nothing happened then I quit. The game again wrote to the file... but instead it wrote a CFG setup for a "Steve" which had all different values in it. Now, "Steve" is one of the programmers for the game.

Sample: (Yes I tried turning the debug ones on)

[cCore, INIT, SINT32] (0 .. 5)		TrackVariation = 1

[cCore, INIT, STRING] (24)		DeveloperName = "Default"

[cCore, INIT, STRING] (100)		MapName = ""

[cCore, INIT, STRING] (100)		Language = "British"

[cCore, INIT, STRING] (100)		StartupScript = "empty"

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		AllowAllDebug = 1

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		cSanitaryTextDebug = 0

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		cConsoleDebugCom = 0

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		cControllerDebug = 0

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		cConfigDebug = 0

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		cVMDebug = 0

[cCore, DEBUG, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		KarmaDebug = 0

[cCore, RENDER, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		rRenderGemSpline = 0

[cCore, RENDER, SINT32] (0 .. 1)		VisRender = 1

[cCore, CONTROLCAR, STRING] (24)		ControlCar = "car 0"

[cCore, DEFGROUP, SINT32] (0 .. 64)		DefaultGroup = 18

Here are the 2 complete CFG's: https://www.rockraidersunited.com/files/dl-r430/

What does this mean?

- I have now confirmed where the decompressed file size is located (this applies to LR2 also)

- Now knowing the compressed and decompressed state of a file, this should make finding out what the compression is much easier. This effects LEGO Racers also provided they use the exact same compression.

- We got a sample of a developers configuration setup.

And yes, I checked LR2 to see if it also had a CFG, but it doesn't.

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:( I can't seem to recreate the Steve CFG writting. Can you tell me the exact steps you did?

In the hex, I found this bunch of strings grouped together:






















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