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Axel's Mod 1.5 (Updated, 4/10/2015)


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IMPORTANT - Fixed CFG: https://rapidshare.c...118531/Lego.cfg


Note: This was originally some small thing I would do for myself, but it kept getting larger and eventually someone asked for my .WADs, and so I thought "You either get busy uploadin', or you get busy dyin'." So I talked to some people on here for last-minute suggestions, messaged Baz about it so I didn't have to put people through the trouble of downloading Baz's Mod and then my mod to Baz's Mod, and voila! We have whatever this is. I hope someone enjoys it. I think for best effect you should move your save files to start off, though this isn't mandatory. I'd at least do it mainly if I was getting this after only having the vanilla unmodified Lego Rock Raiders game. Anyway, the download link is at the bottom of the post, so if you want to be pleasantly/unpleasantly surprised, don't read the copy-and-pasted readme file here. It's also a hassle to take and upload screenshots with Lego Rock Raiders, but the main visual changes can be seen already in the few images I have uploaded, though some textures have changed. Also, to put the cherry on top of the visual and gameplay modifications, I modified sounds, for two reasons. One of the reasons is that, at least for me, you can't have two small transport trucks and expect both of them to play their engine sounds, for whatever reason. The other reason is that I like to fix things that aren't broken, and that's something that can either be really good in a mod or really bad in a mod. Anyway, once again, enjoy whatever I just posted here for you. And don't forget to tell Baz thank you for all of his hard work, I made sure to include all of the info on what he did before I included what I did. This note is longer than I intended it to be, just go on and do what you may now, and enjoy. :)

Axel's Unofficial Patch, V1.5
by Eaol (Axel)

Thank you,
-Lair of Rockwhales
-Create backups of your .WAD files
-Place the "LegoRR0.WAD", "LegoRR1.WAD", and 'LegoRR2.WAD" into your Rock Raiders install directory (the folder that contains LegoRR.exe).

-Eye View and Shoulder View are broken, so don't use them, have it crash, and then deprive yourself of the rest of the experience
-Rocky Horror occasionally crashes
-Excessive use of debug keys is not good for the game
-I have not fixed the textures for seams; the same minor glitch happens with them that happens in the unmodified "vanilla" game
-For some mysterious reason, when I told a Rock Raider while he was eating a sandwich to get into a hover scout, the game crashed
Notice: Read no further before playing if you wish to be pleasantly/unpleasantly surprised.


(This mod uses Baz's Mod Complete 1.5 as it's base, so he gets credit for all he did)

Here are Baz's Changes, listed before his update and then my mod.

Baz's Mod 1.0

1) Some levels rearranged on mission-tree depending on how their difficulties have changed since the original game

2) All Levels include improved Objectives, mainly to increase the number of crystals players must collect to complete the mission

3) All forms of Mining Lasers can now be used to kill monsters. That goes for both vehicle mounted lasers and the Mining Laser Building

4) Weapons now do more damage to Slimy Slugs, while doing less to Monsters

5) Levels with Rock Monsters and/or Slimy Slugs have many more emerging or hidden throughout the level than they used to

6) The pre-existing levels all contain more Hidden Caverns, Energy Crystals, and other content

7) Some pre-existing levels contain new or changed layouts

8) The 8 new levels each contain unique and original layouts with plenty of caverns and crystals

9) The new levels have alternate "Bonus Versions" that have been made more difficult and use a different Terrain than their normal counterparts; These can be accessed from the old tutorial menu which has been appropriately renamed in the main menu

10) The game interface now has a slightly darker style and rusted texturing; Parts are a modified version of Drageon's Grunge Interface, and others are of Baz's own creation

11) There now exists an improved ingame camera that can zoom in closer and zoom out farther

12) Fixed Erosion textures for Ice Maps and higher resolution world textures overall

13) Rock Raiders are able to upgrade to an extra level that improves their drilling, shoveling, & running speeds, and also improves their ability to endure damage from rock slides and other hazards

14) Rock Raiders now have fixed faces when viewing them in 1st person or shoulder view (to make them appear more like Sparks, as they appear in normal camera view)

15) The Upgrade Station now has another upgrade level UP2, which allows it to perform upgrades four times as fast (twice as fast as UP1)

16) The Mining Laser can now mine rock much more efficiently and do damage to Enemies (with the same stats as the Large Mobile Laser Cutter)

17) The Super Teleport now has another upgrade level UP2, which it needs to upgrade to teleport down the Chrome Crusher and the Tunnel Transport

18) The Geological Center now has another upgrade level UP3, which will increase its scanning radius to 16 squares

19) The Tool Store can now upgrade Rock Raiders faster when fully upgraded

20) The Ore Refinery can now be upgraded to UP4, which only takes one Ore to make a Building Stud

21) Major changes have been made to improve the Hover Scout, SMLC and LMLC vehicles

22) Vehicles now do not take as long to drill through hard rock

23) Modified vehicle upgrades and added new ones

24) Tunnel Transport is now a teleportable vehicle

25) Modified crystal costs for the teleportation of some vehicles

Here are Baz's Changes in his mod version 1.5.

Baz's Mod 1.5 (Complete)

1) Fixed a bug with the Tunnel Transport that caused vehicles not to be visibly carried

2) Resolved various mining laser inconsistencies, particularly with the LMLC

3) Fixed a bug in Run the Gauntlet to make it completable and added crystal count to objective

4) Fixed a bug in Back to Basics to make it completable, adding more crystals and recharge seams; more ice monster emerges and sleeping ice monsters

5) Further modified crystal cost prerequisites for certain vehicles

6) Rapid Rider now requires only 1 energy crystal

7) Fixed various errors with mission objective text

8) Slightly modified Water Works to separate caverns and modification of the heightmap

9) Addition of Monsters, depleting Oxygen Supply, etc. to Bonus Levels where they were not already present

10) Fairly large changes and fixes to Don't Panic!, adding areas & monster spawns, which are now Coordinated properly

11) Erode Works now spawns lava monsters

12) Fixed spoken level names to correct levels

13) Small fixes to a few levels, where the level's open cavern extended to the border of the map, which caused random bugs such as turning ground into water and solid rock into ground

14) Moderate changes to Water Lot Of Fun, including working monster emerges; Baz also made changes to the caverns so that it is much more difficult to reconnect cavern across water to base now; The height map is restored and improved

15) Minor changes to Lake of Fire to include Recharge Seams and sleeping Lava Monsters; Made it so the safe cavern is only accessible through the clever use of Mining Lasers; Increased crystal objective from 100 to 150 crystals

16) Added emerging monsters and bats to Fire 'n' Water

17) Ice Monsters can now cross water

18) Bug fix of Hot Stuff to fix emerge file with correct spawns; Also added some more sleeping Lava Monsters and did some small changes to the caverns and heightmap

19) Addition of bats and sleeping ice monsters to Air Raiders

20) Added Cyrem's improved Biome textures

21) Addition of more sleeping Monsters of all kinds in Rocky Horror, as well as tons more emerges; Caverns changed slightly to make the seam reservoirs harder to get to; Removed buggy crystal reservoir near the lake of lava (Lava Monsters sleeping there now); Crystal objective fixed to the correct number (was 349, now 350 as it's supposed to be)

Here are my changes.

Eaol's Mod 1.0 (Patch to Baz's Mod 1.5):

1) Used Baz's Mod, the most recent 1.5 version, as a basis (it's far superior to the regular game in my opinion)

2) Turned ceiling textures black so that there is no clear indication, aside from camera scrolling, of map extent in any given direction

3) Blended tops of walls with black roof to look more polished

4) Replaced the water textures, which are unique for each of the several biomes

5) Modified the lava texture

6) Disabled promeshes; 1st Person will hopefully be removed because it currently breaks my game and adds very little to gameplay

7) Updated rock biome

8) Updated ice biome

9) Updated lava biome

10) New pyrite biome

11) New sand biome

12) New gold biome

13) New Pyrite Monster

14) Modified all light spankler textures to be brighter and more interesting; this includes barriers

15) Replaced Action Stations alarm with one of McSqueaky's alternate sounds

16) Replaced a building ambiance with one of McSqueaky's sounds

17) Modified ranges of weapons and mining lasers

18) Replaced dynamite explosion sound with what I believe to be another McSqueaky sound

19) Raised sample rates of all sounds

20) Modified Rock Raider voices

21) Used some code from a member on RRU to reintroduce the "Yes sir", "Acknowledged", and so on RR sounds

22) Replaced handheld laser sounds with McSqueaky's laser sounds

23) Modified electric fence discharge effect and sound

24) Modified teleport sounds

25) Silenced tool tips, all narration, and so on; Might record new audio for the briefings in the future

26) All maps now have decreasing oxygen supplies

27) Rock Raiders now take longer (about 8 times as long) to lose enough energy to require sandwiches, in order to be slightly more realistic

28) Rock Raiders may now eat sandwiches at the Tool Store in addition to the Support Station

29) The Tool Store is now able to supply a small amount of oxygen to caverns; this should help aid in moving entire bases to safer areas by supporting a single Rock Raider alone in a cavern indefinitely

30) Water Works now uses the sand biome

31) Split Down the Middle now uses the pyrite biome

32) Fire 'n' Water now uses the pyrite biome and spawns Pyrite Monsters

33) The Hard Rock Life now uses the sand biome

34) Emerge creature for Search 'n' Rescue now reflects the back cover of the Lego Masterpiece case - Rock Monster - may replace biome with an icy-rock theme in the future

35) Explosive Action now uses the pyrite biome

36) Run the Gauntlet now uses the gold biome

37) Mine Over Manner now uses the gold biome

38) Down in the Dirt now uses the gold biome

39) All notifications for emerging monsters and slugs have been removed

40) Spiders no longer enter walls, but rather roam the cavern; Problem?

41) Expanded bat flocks to look more realistic

42) Modified Ore Refining sound

43) Changed uncharged energy crystals to a dull greyish color

44) Replaced landslide sound

45) New engine sound for hover scout

46) Modified engine sound for tunnel scout

47) New engine sound for tunnel transport to more accurately match the .avi cutscenes

48) Activated some unused idle Rock Raider animations

49) Regular Rock Raiders cannot drill loose rock or seams in addition to Hard Rock; this makes upgrading essential for later levels, though most of you have played so long that it almost doesn't matter if I let you know this

50) Modified some building and vehicle prerequisites

51) Upgraded Rock Raiders are required to build electric fences

52) Further modified behavior of hover scout so that it will remain autonomous in travelling the cavern to scan geology

53) Modified Emerging Rock Monster roar

54) There is a good chance I've messed with more but this is getting rather extensive and most other changes are likely minor - if they are special you'll likely notice them on your own

55) New sound for Tool Store

56) New sound for Geological Center

57) Modified unit speeds; second highest options menu-selectable game speed is optimal

58) New engine sound for small mobile laser cutter

59) New engine sound for loader dozer

60) New engine sound for small digger

61) Further modified dependencies to a large degree, bases will necessarily be larger and make more use of the buildings; more use of resources

62) Landslides are now extremely dangerous, and reinforcing walls is essential, even if temporary

63) The Power Station and Ore Refinery are practically required before any other buildings sans Tool Store

64) Addition of the Icy-Rock Biome for Seamless!, Search 'n' Rescue, Ice Spy, and Breathless

65) Bat flocks are now audible as well as visible

66) Modified crystal refining sound

67) New Action Stations! alarm

68) Changed tool tip colors from green to grey

69) Cirevamized default priorities (you don't have to adjust them for every map; unless perhaps you're not Cirevam)

70) Added more plink sounds for the energy crystals so that they don't all sound the same when you put them down

71) Modified tool tip text

72) Gave the Tunnel Transport and the Chrome Crusher a survey radius of 10 (geo-scanning)

73) Bats aren't as problematic because I felt they made unbeatable enemies and that it was extremely unrealistic that they would be that frightening

74) Modified mining laser sound

75) Lowered speeds on the Small Digger and Small Transport Truck for when they traverse rubble

76) Changed various movement stats to make different monster types more unique

Simply replace my .WADs with your backup .WADs. Voila!
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints? Bugs to report? Please contact Axel (yes, I am Axel/Eaol) on the RRU forum.
I'd encourage you to move your save files from the save file directory and start the game from scratch; this is also especially important if you haven't even been playing Baz's Mod before getting this package.

And once again, a good portion of the content is not my own - it's Baz's. I've contacted Baz about it and he said it would be alright so long as I gave him full credit for what he did and gave anyone else credit for what they did; to do this, I made sure I got down everything his mod did in addition to my mod to his mod. We're especially indebted to Baz for the map changes (aside from my biomes).


Download link:

Main mod: http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/lrr/overhauls/Axels_Mod_1.5.zip
Unofficial Patch: http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/lrr/overhauls/Axels_Unofficial_Patch_1.0.zip

What is already done:

1) Don't worry about it.

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Lair, I'm uploading it to Rapidshare; I was having trouble with other sites yesterday but it seems to be working now. Give me about half an hour, it's being slow.

Okay. Fix'd. Now, if that doesn't work either, let me know.

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The uploader is Amazon-hosted so make sure you're not blocking any scripts from them. Try it from a different browser if that isn't the problem.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This mod completely changes view and mood (character) of the game. In original rock raiders I felt that as a "next fun lego game" with happy raiders not worry about they are 10 000 000 000 000 kilometers from home and they possibly wont return. In your version there is more darkness in it, that wind (?) sounds inside caverns and distant answers of raiders "Acknowledged!" make it completely different than original.

But I have a problem. Game crashes before I finish level. I couldnt ever finish "recruitment" because game was shutting down before I finished mission. But that was in version 1.0. Now ive downloaded version 1.5. and I will see whats different.

BTW. New biome? Pyrite? Looks cool. I see that you are using also biomes made by others (I can be wrong, but I saw somewhere there also kind of sand biome). Your biomes looks cool. Ive finished my work a lot of time ago, and send my content to Lair, but I think you could check my acid biome Ive posted long time ago. Maybe you would use it in your work. Or everyone elso who want it - here is the new link:


Gameplay? I cant review before I finish.

Original Baz's mod (1.0) was good. In new version (1.5) it became annoying, when Baz put every cavern full of monsters and no recharge seam on the level. In my opinion recharge seam is necessary when there are too many monsters on the level. In my own levels I was adding it at least once in every level.

"62) Landslides are now extremely dangerous, and reinforcing walls is essential, even if temporary" - Good idea.

And I hope that not every level is as hard as "Hot stuff" in Baz's Mod. I think that type of level shoud appear at most 3 times in game.

I will write more when I will get more experience with it. I see good future for this mod.

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It's my own sand biome, I didn't use one from anyone else.

I'm not sure what causes the crashes. Sometimes it will crash when I pause the game but I still don't know why, or what I could do about it. At least the dynamite and sonic blasters don't break my game anymore, I guess that's an improvement.

Also, the Pyrite and Sand biomes were in the first version of the mod as well.

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Ive sucesfully installed version 1.5. There was no crash during play, Ive succesfully finished 1st level. I will play more somewhen. I have a question: In original RR, when certain Rock Raider loses all energy, he is "teleported SAFELY". That of course means, he will "heal" and he can be teleported again to the planet. In your version, Ive lost about 3 full upgraded raiders via landslides. I was trying to teleport them again, but game didnt do that. It was only incident or you had changed it?

Geological Center sound annoys me. It should turn off when Im turning off building.

Raiders are fast. Its awesome.

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Exkajer, the teleportation thing after RRs' 'deaths' has always been that way for me. If you don't want to keep training new Rock Raiders, try your best to avoid getting them killed. Also, I was fearing eventually someone would think to teleport down the Geological Center. I'll do something about the sound.

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you just made me remember a dream i had when i was a kid. i dreamed about something like the pyrite biome, watching the raiders moving around a whole grey place like that biome you created... its crazy o.o

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