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Unused dialog boxes


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Was looking at the exe through Resource Hacker and found these.


1. Unknown



2. Start screen (No Pics Needed)


3. Advanced Network



4. Game Session Selection (Better than the one in-game)



5. Player List



I don't think anyone on the forums has found this yet, if so, correct me.


EDIT: Found another one in the LEGO LOCO.scr file.



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I never thought about using Resource Hacker on Loco. What version are you using? I have a 3.6 version installed. Seems to be the last version made.

I'm also using 3.6. And yeah, it's just a thought that came to me.

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They're definitely cool, except I knew the 2003 one existed. In the screensavers menu, when you set properties for the Loco screensaver, that's the dialog that appears.

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I guess this is a good place to post this.


If some wants to go dumpster-diving read some long, very technical tutorials I found on how to add, edit (and possibly enable) menus from Resource Hacker, we might be able to get these, the LI, IXS, and any other dialog boxes enabled. You can also write some code to explode the exes with a bajillion command-line parameters (or a combo of both) and hope for the best. I plan on looking at this stuff in detail tomorrow and see what I can do.

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