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Gamz Dude's Overhaul Beta 2


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Gamz Dude's Mod Beta 1



Well,the overhaul is now officially in Beta so that means a beta release or the public.

the beta can be downloaded  here


It's impotent to know that this is a Beta release not a official release so that means that there could be some bugs and glitches or other things that are not complete,and don't except all of the levels and goodies.


  Beta 1 has the following


Ugent - the extended dyinimite mod is broken so if you download the beta download this http://rrubucket.s3.amazonaws.com/old dynimite_970105.zip and replace the dynimite older with this one it will replace the new one with the old working one.


  1. The first 10 levels of the overhaul
  2. Water monsters in search, n,rescue
  3. Rocky Horror now has the boss monster in the massive crystal cache he he now this level wont be so easy anymore.
  4. one acid monster it's in Rocky Horror. 
  5. The path to power now uses the acid biome
  6. All vehicles and there edits are included
  7. All buildings and there edits are included
  8. Most creatures are included bats,snakes,and scorpions, are also added in the first levels as scenery
  9. All custom raiders are included
  10. The new drilling system.
  11. A lava slug it's in erode works
  12. Last the new loading screen is added

Things beta 1 does not have or include

  1. The Giant monsters, although they are set as emerge creatures in few levels you can't see any  placed in a level or in a level that has monsters.though the debug keys are enabled for beta testing purposes so if your in these levels it's a hold up or erode works you can emerge these creatures.You can also emerge the Acid Monster in the path to power.
  2. Surface or space levels or there biomes
  3. All the levels, still have 101 more levels total to go.
  4.  No defense missions
  5. Last no real challenging levels. 

Know bugs ,issues, or other problems.


 1. A breath of fresh air is broken or messed up so don't play it.


2. You may not be able to use the large vehicles ,due to the levels even the originals, not having enough crystals.


3.The large transport truck has a bug that if  the driver was not invisible the raider would stand up and not sit down like it was supposed to even though I used the same model and folder of the small transport truck.Therefore I made it where the driver is invisible ,so it will look weird. 


4. Rock Raiders disappearing and staying on the level stuck. This may have been cause I have not set my compatibly settings to work for rock raiders,but it may still happen,but the chance of it is rare if your not running rock raiders on windows vista,7,and 8. Always run it on windows 2000 or 95.


5. Last the random CTD <----- This will never be fixed as that is the game's engine problem not mine.


Other info- This is a entire data folder therefore it should be noted that you should not attempt to override the original data folder my advice is to rename that one.You should also rename your wads to prevent conflicts.



I recommend you run the beta in test levels mode instead of normal mode.


Also please give my any feed back about what I could do to improve the mod like level changes or other changes etc.


for all info go here the main wiki page which is here


Last enjoy :).




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Gamz Dude's Mod Beta 2 


Since it is Christmas I give you beta 2 of my overhaul this is my Christmas present to you.


Big changes have been made since Beta 1.


Changes from beta 1 and stuff beta 2 has



Bug fixes

  •  â€‹Bug fixed with speed raider where it wouldn't upgrade right.
  • Fixed chrome crusher scanner as it was not working.



  • Added three new biomes,volcanic,frozen,and fertile.
  • Added  three new monsters,volcanic,frozen,and fertile.
  • Added all crust surface and space levels and Upper Mantle levels.


  • You can enjoy up to 72 levels  which goes to the end of the upper mantle. 
  • Over half of the original levels have been redone.
  • Two defense levels
  • One Timed mission 
  • Ice Spy uses the frozen biome and you can spawn the frozen monster.
  •  A few challenging levels 



Things beta 2 does not have or include

  • All levels still have a long way to go.
  • No levels have the fertile or volcanic biome.
  • The fertile monster and Volcanic monster is not in any level.

Know bugs ,issues, or other problems.


  • Most of the bugs beta 1 had should be fixed,but some other bugs may exist.
  • The only real bug is the random CTD
  • Upper mantle chaos can crash some  

Download here


Last enjoy :).


For all info check the wiki http://www.rockraidersunited.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gamz_Dude%27s_Mod

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