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Veronica Voltage

lol username

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On 4/10/2014 at 5:32 PM, Rocket Racer said:

It's great to see Veronica back again in LR2! Now, to figure out how to make her car given the available parts.  :af:

Managed to find a way

Something's telling me only the right people can find a way to modify the original car in the game. Would honestly replace the xalax cars with car models from the first game and Drome Racers but again only the right people can find a way on how this can be possible

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Updated the download link, the contents of the zip can now simply be merged with extracted game data, rather than requiring manual sorting. Also updated her legs texture; it's always been twice the size of normal LR2 leg textures, but now the back/bottom of the legs have been upscaled more nicely (bicubic resampling instead of nearest neighbor - in other words, those parts are less pixelated).

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