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There was a thread on a forum I used to frequent, wherein you simply ctrl + v into the reply box and post whatever comes up without any context. It could be hilarious at times. Thought we could start one here.

I'll start.

...yeah it's just the address for the server dynmap, nothing to see here.

(Mod note: Do not paste any passwords)

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Quisoves Potoo

There remains, then, the character between these two extremes,—that of a man who is not eminently good and just,-yet whose misfortune is brought about not by vice or depravity, but by some error or frailty. He must be one who is highly renowned and prosperous,—a personage like Oedipus, Thyestes, or other illustrious men of such families.

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Spoiler'd because it's looong....



Once upon a time, there was a troll who ate the castle so the

people... Shot the king... out of a... Whale and then he died

and This sentence ended. Now the castle... fell off a...

mountain and it... crushed a tree... and hit a... dog that

urinated so the dog... jumped on a... bed and the dog urinated

on... the bed and slept there until he urinated again. The bed

owner... was really pissed so he kicked... the dog off... the

bed and... it urinated on... Shadow's face and... he drank it.

When the guy ...eats Sonic's face (added note: the hedgehog,

not the member) he gets constipated and explodes into silver

the hedgehog... so sonic got... AIDS, and then sold himself to

a hobo so... he got mugged. Then the doctor (unknown if user or

just a General Practitioner) ate his corn (the plant) and then

cured his own herpes then he peed... on LZ because... he got

bored. Shoop da whoop... fired his LAZ0R on the dog that peed

in the bed. Sonic ran to... the special zones... and lost

his... *CENSOR!!!*and then... grew another one. TheDoctor got

technical... and he was kicked in the... nuts by the lazor LZ

fired that other time... when TheDoctor urinated off that cliff

[that] RtPU fell off. Then... everyone was very [either] sad or

angry... due to random... cows on the... road. Bob Saget...

jumped into a... vat of toxic flesh eating pingas... attacking

(presumably, could also be 'attract' a flying... cow that has

crashed into the... airplane that was landing at the... dorm

room where the President went... to get a health care plan. So

then the rockwhale Lair summoned Lair which caused Bob Saget to

go home and... watch AFV (America's funniest home videos) on

ABC with Cyrem. Cyrem was hungry so he made... a box of pies

dipped in [sauce?]... and ate Joe. So TheEPICtrainrider took a

cup of... sugar and stuffed it down Lair's... throat, so he...

barfed up a... Rockwhale baby on... Doctor Who's head. Then the

Doctor... cut the cheese... in the TARDIS... then opened the...

door when they... ate flesh eating monsters from the... galaxy

core. (# of words now set to five) Then Joe got pregnant

with... a giant mutant spider egg. After the great battle,

they... all went to have their ice cold soda's at the... crazy

cat lady up the magic bean stalk in the... CVS down the evil

street. Freddy lived on... a cloud that was full... of

Limburger cheese. Then a... giant moon hit the earth. Lord

Zakida ate some cheddar cheese and burped a song. So Shadow

tried it himself and Sonic (member) imploded. Then Shadow

farted on Rouge and Rouge kicked Shadow in his aesthetics. Then

Silver came to join the fight and got his hair pulled by Donkey

Kong! DK then ripped off Silver's hair. So Silver did

innapropriate stuff with DK (yup, Joe9412 here :P) then DK

killed Silver. Diddy smashed Rouge's face into Knuckles'

knuckles, then threw Rouge off and cried for she kicked... a

nest of giant killer... wasps who stung him in... the *******

so he ate... some smelly cheese and then... underwent

spontaneous combustion. A meteor... hit planet U making it fall

off the tree so... fast that it cracked in a box full of

sharp... spikes from the sonic games. So sonic reached in

and... Cut off his hand. Then... he ran and kept bleeding...

and then he got a pie in the face. Somewhere, a dog was

flying... and he dropped some poop... on Sonic's head, so he...

died a horrible painful death, but... was crushed by Bob Dole

before he died. Somewhere else  Shadow and Rouge were having dinner angrily. They finished and went to bed, then...killed each other. And Sonic... laughed when he read it in the newspaper the next day. Shadow was banned because he used ten words instead (of) five [He actually used eleven :P]. But Anonymouse went back in and was given a Portal Gun. Then he dropped a Companion Cube and cried. Suddenly, a big wave of electrified water came down on epic, reducing (his) post-count so TheEPICtrainrider stole a gravity gun and lost all his posts. So they grabbed some guns... and hit shadow with the handles, then they got rid of... Shadow's body by throwing it off a cliff and making it fall into... a bed of spikes which impaled his spleen. Shadow was sent to the land of no return, then he fell into Ban-land forever. Shadow took over Ban-land and was burninated by Unholy Dragon so Shadow ran like hell to leave the place, and... slay the dragon but a car hit him... and he was flung into Tails's house, then the alarm... sent for the cops to have a Merry Christmas and... and capture shadow for being a dork, so then Amy went...



I can explain, I can explain...

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