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I've been lurking on these forums for a while now, and I've seen a few of the neat developments with the extraction tools that have been created for LEGO Island, but they all seem to be focused on the SI files; the character textures and 3D models seem to be located in the various DTA files, and there are references to .gifs in the WORLD.WDB file. I guess I'm trying to ask if anyone has managed to crack these open? Or even identify the format? I've taken a look at the file header and I can't find any info about it anywhere, it's really quite frustrating. The guy that worked on the DLL a while back also found references to the various character textures in there, I wonder if there was any info on the file formats too.

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So far, I don't think anyone has attempted to extract from the DTA files, or the WORLD.WDB file.

Also, when I looked into the DLL back then, I haven't seen anything about those formats, but then again, at that time, I was only interested in what models and textures could be swapped around.

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