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Track viewer/editor (skb/pwb)


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A while back, I added some new features to this tool, but I was too lazy to polish it up into a new version.
I've decided to just release it, because I guess it's still quite useful.

Things I've added:
-Viewing of RRBs and static objects
-Better 120DPI scaling
-more stuff
As I mentioned, it's not polished, so there are some things that just do nothing (like the edit part in this screenshot).
Check the OP for a full changelog and the download link.

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On 2/8/2021 at 12:11 PM, Jack Bluebeard said:

Looks like the XNA Framework 4 isn't available anymore, how can one get this to work without it?

You're in luck! The Wayback Machine has that installer archived!

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Please, keep working on this, we beg of you! If we get to actually edit AI paths this will be quite a big addition to LEGO Racers 1 modding!

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