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HELP! Lego Racers Graphics Problem!


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Hello. I need help with Lego Racers. When I play the game, it runs fine. Its just some of the picture do not appear right and some graphics are not good. Any help would be appreciated! 

These are some Pictures I have of the Problem.


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transparent textures aren't rendering as transparent for some reason, instead duplicating the texture of the "background" (the menu texture in the first two pictures, the sky in the third). I can't tell you why that's happening unfortunately.

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I remember this one!


By any chance are you running Windows 8.1 Update 1? That's a new issue that popped up in that update (but not present in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1). The game will not render alpha transparency. It is especially noticeable when building a new racer. Run the game with the -alphatrans parameter. It will force alpha transparency rendering.


Thanks, le!

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