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Galidor Quest Help


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Dunno if this should be on this topic or not but I am in need of some help.


It's the old game from Lego called Galidor Quest. I enjoyed playing it when I was little. After years I found it again but when I played it on Firefox it does tend to freeze at Boge attack or Sewers. But later on I found gameplay videos on youtube that date the recording to 2016 and it shows that someone went into the sewers. I read the description that you needed Firebird, so I went ahead to find the browser. I downloaded from biomediaproject the browser, shockwave 8, the xtras. but then I get this error when I try to play it on Firebird.




After I click "Yes" or "No" on it the game freezes and stays on the screen behind the error, it doesn't progress. I tried every method I could find, I even tried the compatibility settings.(first on win XP service packs 2 & 3 then setting it on 98) but they don't work either. Is there anyway to fix this or contact  Jrmastermodelbuilder? or is he tired of LEGO games already?


Edit: I forgot to mention that this is the only game I have seen that shockwave has failed. Other games like Spybotics Nightfall works fine.

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JMMB hasn't posted around here in a while, but if you try the contact email for  BMP or even tried getting in touch with another BMP contributor, you might be able to reach him. 


Best of luck getting the game running! I've never gotten too far into Galidor Quest but it's on my bucket list.

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