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LR2 Texture Templates/Guide

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Here's UV maps of LR2's minifig model, gotten by rigging up Will's LibLR2 DLL to some OBJ exporting code in Unity (lol) and then exporting UV maps with Unwrap3D.






Those are at the same size as the in-game textures, aka tiny. Here's larger versions:






As you can see, they're kinda messy and asymmetrical, but the worst is the front of the legs... they hardly even tried for symmetry, and each leg is also mirrored:




Achu is the only character in the vanilla game with leg printing, so I guess they just never noticed his leg printing was mirrored and squished.


Also, here's a transparent legs texture I made (it's just the white legs run through Gimp's color to transparency feature):




Which makes it easier to make legs textures in any color (wow LICEcap really did a number on the color wheel here haha):




Now, for torsos. It's important to note that the torso model/textures also contain the neck, which is part of the head on real minifigures - don't ask me why they did it that way.


Also, while the UV map is intended to have both hands as the same color, if you have a large enough texture you can have them as unique colors, since the UVs for each hand aren't *exactly* in the same place. The smallest texture size you can do this with is 512x512, any lower and they'll blur together.


(You might have also noticed that the legs have two tiny UV islands, that you'd hope would let you color the left and right legs independently... Sadly, nope. One is the tops of both legs, the other is the rest of both legs.)


Here's a 512x512 torso template I made. The main torso decal area (red) is slightly wider than in vanilla textures - it's more accurate to the UV map, and avoids the side of the texture bleeding into the front of the torso, as happens with vanilla textures. The darker blue is unused space.




And here's what it looks like in-game:




Oh yeah... And the torso is mapped in such a way that it distorts textures.




And here's the whole model with a checkerboard pattern:




Good luck making your textures look perfect, haha.

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Interesting. Now I can add that robotic hand on my player2 template. . You have something like this for the Berg as well I'm facing some slight difficult with his textures

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makes sense. I mostly asked cause I'm dealing with white spots all over him while editing his textures so he's more dark

 I don't know the cause of this but it's a bit strange

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