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LEGO Loco Port forwarding


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I was discussing LEGO Loco with some other members on a private discord chat, and we were talking about how to set up an online multiplayer session. During the discussion, the possibility of running the game straight over WAN came up, as the game allows you to direct connect to an IP address. The only problem was that we didn't know which ports the game used.


Well, now we do. I went ahead and downloaded the sysinternals TCPViewer application and hosted a 2x1 multiplayer session. Then it was just a matter of finding which ports the game used.


Here's the ports the game uses and I'd assume need to be forwarded:



31415 UDP

59021 UDP

36837 UDP





Managed to test these. Unfortunately, LEGO Loco only has one specified port on both TCP and UDP - 31415. All others are randomly determined. As a result, it isn't possible to port forward for this game.

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Is there anything that can be used to force the program to use a specific port? This just reminds me a little of an old program named talkworld and how to connect to the new server for it you use portproxy to redirect the connection. Is there something similar to portproxy but the ports used?

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